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"Leave it to Beaver" and Poop Butt Chicken - Tommy

posted 2/2/2008 1:58:14 PM |
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I grew up in a "Leave it to Beaver" environment in the fifties and sixties, the all American upper middle class all white neighborhood. America's greatest generation had saved the world for democracy in WWII and risen up from the experiences as children of the depression to fulfill the destiny of America being the greatest nation on earth.

From their experiences a children in a world economy that yielded widespread poverty in the worldwide depression of the 1930s, this generation was determined to not return to days of yesteryear. Certain foods such as turnips and beets that brought forth horrible memories, were banished forever from the dining room table. The credo was "my kids are not going to have to eat the crap we did."

We had roast chicken and fried chicken. Fried chicken comprised of white meat (breasts), legs, thighs, and wings.

At the school cafeteria when I was in the fourth grade, they served fried chicken for the first time. Each kid got one piece of chicken: a leg, a thigh, a wing, or a piece we didn't recognize (a back). It might have been okay if they would have removed the tails.

One girl sitting down from me pointed across at a little boy's plate and blurted out "He got a butt!" Everybody looked and another boy was eating his "butt" and the underside of it was exposed revealing ribs and little dark crumbly things inside. A girl across from him took note, pointed at it and exclaimed, "His has poop in it!!!!!". Kids examined their "butts" as the word spread about the poop laden chicken. Suddenly, one piece was thrown, then another, and before you know it, food was flying from all directions.

They cleared us all out and restored some degree of order. But then when we were allowed back in, several older boys found plates belonging to younger kids that had not yet been touched and helped themselves. Little kids began to cry and fights broke out.

They cleared us all out again and by that time the lunch hour was pretty much over. The next day the school was flooded with calls from irate mothers. We did not see any chicken for a long time, and when we did, you can be certain that there were no "butts".

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Feb 2 @ 2:13PM  
OMG!!! Mmmmmmmm fried chicken sounds good!!

Feb 2 @ 2:50PM  
I love beets.. and brussels sprouts.. but turnips? blech.

Feb 2 @ 3:19PM  
I guess I was lucky, I don't remember any butts. I grew up in St. Louis and the only grade school meal I remember was the Thanksgiving meal. In H.S. (I was in the largest in the state) we had home made rolls, french fies that were deep fat fried, and real meat in hamburgers. Now the poor kids have to eat wheat bread or rolls, everything is baked, nothing is deep fat fried. French fries are baked, grilled cheese is two pieces of wheat bread with a piece of cheese between them, warmed or baked in the oven. A burger is a soy burger and I don't even want to tell you about the pizza. No wonder we have more violence in school these days

Feb 2 @ 8:47PM  
OMG! Now that's funny. Hmmm....things haven't changed all that much today though.

Feb 2 @ 9:39PM  
Eating butts omg!

I needed a good chuckle!

Feb 2 @ 11:51PM  
Here ya go making me all hungry and stuff.

Speaking of fried chicken, doncha just despise the people who order a bucket of chicken at KFC and insist on getting all drumsticks?

Feb 3 @ 3:15AM  
Yup ..I remember those days...I used to put lots of brylcreme on my hair and tried for a duck tail...usually ended up in a big greasy mess...I was one of those guys that jacked around alot in class...making weird faces, noises, throwing spit balls...I'd always end up in the hall...actually come to think of it ...I haven't changed one bit...there was always some girl in pig tails that would say ...Oh grow up...and I'd turn all red in the face and be quiet for a few minutes...I remember one teacher had a nervous breakdown because he couldn't control the class...slammed his hand really hard on the desk and broke his hand ....of course the class erupted in hysterica laughter...never saw him again after I feel kinda sorry for the guy...he had no business being a teacher...a hard way to find out...oh the memories...I think we came from the same generation..when you blog about those times my mind automatically goes back

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"Leave it to Beaver" and Poop Butt Chicken - Tommy