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An attempt at an AMD Lexicon

posted 1/31/2008 11:13:08 PM |
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I felt it would be helpful for newbs to have a Lexicon of terms brandied about on this site. I'm new myself so, this is probably inaccurate and certainly needs feedback/corrections from those who have been here significantly longer than me. I want to confine this to the the AMD-only terms, not net-lingo in general. It needs to be cleaned up and humor injected into it, but here's the first draft if you will. The final draft should be funny but still keeping a sort of dictionary like tone.

kudzoo, green thingies, green thing-a-ma-jiggy, green smilies, (green) cookies (not sure but I think I've heard this one)
other terms for a kudo. for a more thourough explination, click the 'what is this' link next to the square, green smiley face (under the blog title)

da bear, the bear
matchdoctor, the administrator for this humble site. so called because of the picture associated with him/her/it/they. check out the help & suggestion forums to see him.
related: the beachball
medtech2 (an admin who fixes glitches, probably an IT guy's account)
A brief look through the vanilla site (see below) reveals that the aboved mentioned entities can be summoned through some sort of arcane method and actually communicated with.
Here, apparently they have friends.

to fondle, without the negative conotations of molesting.

Queen of the Trolls/she who is not to be named
a troll who long ago (that is to say, before my time) came on to this site and pissed a bunch of people off.

according to WordNet a clique is "an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose." On AMD, it is used (freq. in a derogatory manner) to describe some combinations of the people who blog and leave comments on a blog frequently.

This site. Rather the community of this site form Pervia. Members here are the denizens of Pervia. Does this make us pervians?

vanilla site
regular 'matchdoctor'

wanna fuck
usually 'a wanna fuck email'. a message sent containing an out of the blue proposition for sex.

somebody announcing that they are leaving the site (in a huff?)

having passed the total number

dim dicks
synonomous with douchebag. coined when somebody was too lazy to use the aforementioned term.

Beyond this, it would be nice to collect the various titles flying around here. But for now, there you have it. Not sure where the final version would belong. (In the blogs or forums?)

any and all comments welcome, especially corrections and additions.

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Jan 31 @ 11:24PM  
Well one thing..there are two beachballs.. they is twins.. indistinguishable.. like thing one and thing two.. and they are HAWT!

We are indeed Pervian denizens of Pervia!

Molesticating is the national sport of Pervia! The act of Molesticating.. is Molesitification.

And a couple I haven't read in a while...

CGL Benjamins. (couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fist full of benjamins)
The Busty Brigade ~ A hmm well rounded group of lusty lady crime fighters who, assisted by their sidekick, Nipple Lad, make it their mission to keep Pervia Mr. Winkie free.

I know there's more but it's late and I'm old...


Jan 31 @ 11:28PM  
dangit.. I hadda come back and give ya the kuuuudzooo!

Feb 1 @ 12:07AM  
**stompstompstomp** a huff, but also in italics.. and usually to be seen again anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days later, after having been deluged with emails begging said stomper to please come back.

BTW...this is only effective is a stomper actually cancels their account. Sending bulletins and writing blogs about how one is "leaving the site at the end of the (day, week, month, year...)" and then showing up after the time has elapsed is just plain silliness. Doing it more than once is stoopid. But happens. Alot.

Feb 1 @ 12:31AM  
I can't stomp off ...even if I wanted too...I've got a large panty washing business here and I haven't finished molesticating the clients

Feb 1 @ 12:39AM  
Don't forget the bustymobile............Ynot's Car..........that he use to chase women around and molesticate them he stays home for all molestications..............


Feb 1 @ 1:12AM  
one thing that was left off the list cause I don't know what it means... sexatary. Is that a word or only a specific title? I know Dede has a sexatary and I read a thread that included the appointment of somebody (can't remember who) to the role of (general? or nooner's?) sexatary.

Feb 1 @ 1:25AM  
to use a blog or a forum thread as a chat room. Against the rules (I think), but fun for the whole family.

Feb 1 @ 3:08AM  
I'd say you have done very well. Here, a kudo, cause I am fresh outta midgets....

Feb 1 @ 3:09AM  
douchebaggery unsavory activity usually associated with online drama or trolls

two shits and an apple a standard unit of measurement

Wanna Fucker One who believes the advertisement and sends wanna fuck e-mails or posts wanna fuck blogs

Admin general term for any associated with site management

BeachBall MDTech

Kudzo or GreenThingy kudos

Rant expressing anger in your blog

bullshittery out right lies told for malicious reasons

Scams or Scammers indigenous name for what is commonly called bots or site girls on the rest on the web

I'll add to it is I think of 'em

Feb 1 @ 4:08AM  
Excellent blog.Very educational and informative. it will be very useful for new members, educate and save them time.I know some of the lingo here , but some of it is still Greek to me, lol.Thanks for the termonology.As quickly as new words are created, it should keep you busy updating the " AMD Dicitionary ", lol.Have a great Friday and weekend.Here is a kudo for you.Peace.

Feb 1 @ 4:13AM  
I just noticed I had 69 views, right now. But then I clicked on myself and now I probably screwed it up.
This has more of an encyclopedic tone to it but as an example of a semi-completed definition (others will be shorter):

or Internet Troll, a species of animal indigenous to internet social sites, identified by its propensity to contribute nothing of use to discussions, make inflamatory comments and/or generally stir up pots of shit. It is widely believed they derive their sustenance purely from drama (most likely of thier own creation). Many have theorized that they have a primal need to feel important that can only be sated by pissing others off, however, it is important to note that little scientific data exists on these elusive creatures. No troll has ever been tagged and released back into the wild, so thier mating/nesting (if such exist) and migration patterns are unknown. None have been captured or killed, thus no physical descriptions can be given.

Feb 1 @ 4:54AM  
blog hog flooding the front page with excessive blogs NOTE: this was only deemed unacceptable during the brief period when there were actually a shit loads of bloggers

post hoe person who excels at forum posting and/or blogging

attention whore a person known for a love of attention. Two varieties exist, good attention whore, loves positive feed back. Bad attention whore thrives on drama.

Lurking Larry Someone who just watches but does not participate

Feb 1 @ 4:55AM  
Can I start inventing new ones here?

Feb 1 @ 5:13AM  
feel free to add new coinages if you want.

I noticed ya'll referring to somebody as Larry (I think it was one of your blogs) was this the guys name or a Lurking Larry?

Feb 1 @ 5:25AM  
His name is Larry his screen name was something tex... among several others apparently...

LMAO I was nothing but nice to the guy, but he got a mad-on for me Yanno don't even know why...

Feb 1 @ 5:30AM  
How many views you got now?


Feb 1 @ 5:33AM  
1. abrreviation of "You Know"
2. Noun, a near-omniscient being beleived by some (primarily Canu) to be canu's dick.
ex. (of both) Yanno, I've been thinking recently.

Yanno, I think I saw him (Larry) on a few of Ponme's blogs (I went and looked to see what things were like in the great before time, and to see if I noticed any terms I was missing).

Feb 1 @ 5:42AM  
Here, apparently they have friends.

They did, there are different men behind the curtains now, though know one speaks of the many admin changes, save for me, because if the get rid of me, I'll just pop back up like trolls do...

LMAO you catch on fast Yanno...

I didn't "get" what the term meant when I first read it, no one would answer me, so I high jacked the word.. only then did anyone answer me... now everytime some starts a sentence with the word Yanno... I smile cuz they be talking to my dick!

WLBS Whiny Little Bitch Syndrome sickness discovered by Dominus to explain all the crying ass guys who can't get laid

MPDS Mutiple Profile Disorder Syndrome Sickness I discovered where sufferers create many profiles and eventually forget which one they are signed in under and leave a tell tale comment or e-mail

False Flag attack This is when someone normally a reg makes a phony profile just for the purpose of Douchebaggery or Bullshittery...

Feb 1 @ 5:44AM  
wow you got a lot of views....

Feb 1 @ 5:45AM  
uhh... 385. so far...
I'm only responsible for about 15-20 of them...
I think I gave myself some kudzoo.... can't remember.

I went and peeked at the vanilla site earlier today. Apparently some over there feel it's poor form to even comment on your own blogs...

Fuck'em though (it's funny cause they can't say 'fuck you' back).

Feb 1 @ 5:51AM  
I've been kicked off the vanilla side more times than some have been kicked off here... seems its a different world there... they can come here start shit and leave... oh but If I give chase I'm evil?

WTF WLBS abounds over there! I stay here where I can think I'm a king a queen a dragon, a gerbil or even a god.... no one cares!

Feb 1 @ 5:53AM  
Oh for a short time there was a moderator, who didn't want blogs used for discussions lmao it was discussed on his blog

Then the management changed again, so I'm back.... the new admin knows drama sells online so they turn a blind eye

Feb 1 @ 5:54AM  
I was puzzled by MPDS myself. I kept trying to make Multiple Personality Disorder Syndrom make sense. I caught the gist and figured the specifics weren't important.
I figure the veiws and green things for this blog are somewhat important (it is intended as something of a public service), just so it don't get lost in the onslaught of morning blogs. I rushed this blog a bit cause I wanted to make sure it didn't die the miserable death of being put out in off-peak hours.

Feb 1 @ 5:54AM  
Oh just wait right now its just my refresh button pumping your page views everyone will wake up and read this later....

I want to cement its place on popular list so people can read glossary of terms!

Feb 1 @ 5:56AM  
I'll get people to randomly bump it to keep it up for a time.... or try to.... Yanno don't even listen these days...

I gotta go make the other green stuff... play nice now

Feb 1 @ 5:58AM  
Ah, so "you know" means "yanno" on here eh? Now I know.

Feb 1 @ 6:02AM  
Main thing I noticed over there (drama seems to be ebbing, there was more discussion of drama than drama that I saw) was everybody taking themselves so god damn seriously. Playtime is for playing. And if you want to be a gerbil or a god, all that means for me is get a gerbil/god (or maybe even a gerbil god) to play with. I mean seriously, I don't want to set the rules for you (the general you) and its good for both of us that I don't. okay vanilla site rant over.

Feb 1 @ 6:06AM  
see even the old timers on here can learn something about this site. I've learned a crapload from this blog myself

Feb 1 @ 6:18AM  
You really missed something by missing out on Larry or texdoc, or whatever his name was....he would be prefectly normal and fairly nice for a while....then bammm, he would attack with a passion.
He was at his peak when I first started hanging out here, and was very amusing, in a sick kinda way.
I enjoy your blogs, and am glad you are joining us, by us, I mean me and all of my other personalities.
Let me see if I can find you a greeny

Feb 1 @ 10:58AM  
Oh I remembered a couple more!

Drama Tweens ~ Those between 18 and human who wanna always be whining about something, pitching a fit or just basically stirring the shit.

TWINKS ~ all caps.. TWeenage Idiotic Ninny Knowitalls.

Trollkin ~ The followers of said Troll

Trolleum Jelly ~ The slicky oozey goo that Trolls leave behind.. makes good lipgloss for BJ giiving.

Hottzy Clone ~ a specific Troll and her many many faces

Aunty E ~ and it's not drugs.. but I think she likes em a bit too much. Aunty E loves to come in and scream at everyone about how wonderful she and her daughter are and how the rest of us are complete losers. (if she is a shining example, I prefer being a loser)

Feb 1 @ 4:52PM  
He was at his peak when I first started hanging out here, and was very amusing, in a sick kinda way
Oh Linda you just got in on the tail end of one of his mild spells!!! Trust me he had much worse ones!!!
Careful there my lil squirrely girl, she's like Beetlejuice if you say her name three times she appears!!
Trolleum Jelly ~ The slicky oozey goo that Trolls leave behind.. makes good lipgloss for BJ giiving
And damn hard to wash off my spurs too!!! Ah! Those were the days!

Feb 1 @ 7:01PM  
You see my friend, bloggers who write well, on a small site can not only influence people, they can create the language.

Once a lingo is established it is more than a community it is a culture you're building. I learned that at Victory Junction Gang Camp two years ago... They were building culture... I guess it carried over to this site...

Its all fun...

Feb 1 @ 7:11PM  
*runs through blog with shirt on fire screaming*

Do not use Axe near open flame!

Feb 1 @ 7:22PM  
Crazee Rib

The reason why women are crazee...

I caught nothing but hell from gals over this one! I rehashed it to see what kind of havoc I can wreak!

Feb 1 @ 9:53PM  
bumping to add a comment to a forum thread for the sole purpose of bumping it to the top of the page or to add a comment to a blog to make it appear on the last commented upon page.

Does anyone know if the bear actually reads things put on the forums or does he just check things out when abuse has been reported?

Sep 15 @ 10:06PM  
Does anyone remember who the founding members of the Busty Bragade were? And who the honorary member was??

I loved reading this, it brings back so many fun memories!

Oh and another thing, how about the term Whig and what it meant to a certain member here?

Greenie for you!

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An attempt at an AMD Lexicon