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I need help!

posted 1/31/2008 4:04:24 PM |
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No, not the mental kind! I only have about 6 weeks left to come up with a name for my baby. I'd love any suggestions. I never realized how hard it is to name another human being. I'm taking this naming thing very seriously. I don't want to name my child something they're going to get made fun of for in school, ya know? A few of the ones i've come up with are Jordan, Emma, and Eden. Am I over-thinking this? Is it really that important? HELP, please

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Jan 31 @ 4:08PM  
I named my son Jesse because in Hebrew it means Gift from God. After losing two prior to him, that's what I felt he was....a true gift!

Jan 31 @ 4:09PM  
Naming a child IS a serious thing. The baby will be stuck with that name, unless she decides to change it, for the rest of her life.

Personally, I like Phoebe. It's kinda kicky, but old fashioned at the same time. It was the name I would have used had I been blessed with one more after my daughter Chloe was born. Thought those two names really went well together. Plus there are a ton of cute lil nicknames you can take out of Phoebe... Feebs, Bee, Beebee, Feebers, I'm liking it more and more, too bad I'm too old to have another one, LOL

Jan 31 @ 4:09PM  
*notice how I failed to mention that 18 yrs later I'm ready to see if I can exchange that gift???* Best of luck to ya Belle!

Jan 31 @ 4:13PM  
I can relate to LBS...i lost two myself, so choosing a name was important to me...Kevin Sebastian, Samantha Nicole and Nicholas Michael. And I never really had any second choices in my came to me and they stuck...good luck. Once the baby is born, you will love any name you give him or her.

Jan 31 @ 4:13PM  
or Billie

Nothing else is a real name in my world!


Just don't pick a dumb name like free baby seals it will all be good...

remember chose a name that when you yell it, it will be clearly your kids so they will know you're yelling for them!

Jan 31 @ 4:20PM  
Naming a baby is very important, he/she has to live there whole lives with that name. I like original, but not freeky. No what i mean?

Jan 31 @ 4:21PM  
i have 2 and named then after i seen them for me it was looking at them and knowing what name fit.

Jan 31 @ 4:32PM  
I didn't know what I was I had two boy names and two girl names picked out.

When I saw him for the first time...I knew who he was!


Jan 31 @ 4:40PM  
I like Jordan... Hebrew for 'one who rules'. If you are leaning this way... go for it.

Jan 31 @ 4:47PM  
Frank Zappa named his kids Motor Head, Moon Unit, and Dweezle. Whatever you name your baby will have to be better than any of those.

Jan 31 @ 5:07PM  
It is an absolutely important thing.. the child's name does in a sense define him/her. I like Emma .. or Emily.. or even Eden.. or even Macy which means gift of the Gods.

Jan 31 @ 5:10PM  
Emma is a pretty name.

Jan 31 @ 5:17PM  
When we named ours we used our initials TAM for me and DKM for her.....of course now she's the ex..oh well......but I've always wanted to have a daughter named Elizabeth a Danielle instead...we don't win when it comes to the name game.

Jan 31 @ 5:20PM  
I have the same problem too...So, don't feel bad. My daughter will be 8 when this one comes along. When I was preggo with her, I had all kinds of girls names ready and a few boys names. The ones I didn't end up using were McKenzie and McKayla for girls and Dylan for a boy. Jordan is freakin' cute too, either for a boy or a girl! I named my little girl Sierra.

Now it's my 2nd time around, this time with a boy, due to come out on St. Patty's Day and I'm Irish. I still have NO name. I have picked names and I end up liking them for about a week and then hating them after that. My dads name is Patrick, so I might just name the baby appropriatly for St. Patty's

But, still...I hate every single boy name we have come up with. Patrick is so plain, I kinda wanted something a little different, but not too off the wall.

Good Luck!!

Jan 31 @ 5:21PM  
I don't think kids get picked on about their names as much as we used to. At least that's what my kids tell me. I named my oldest son after Moses' father-in-law, Jethro. He has never come home crying about any of the other kids making fun of his name. If you like more than one name you don't have to limit yourself. My daughter has five name and second son has four. Their friends think that it's cool. I give bonus points for uniquness in name.

Jan 31 @ 5:27PM  
Stick with a classic name. Less making fun of and easier to remember.

Alexander,gabriel, Damien,ect.

Don't go more exotic than Darien.

Jan 31 @ 5:41PM  
I like odd names like Shyanne or summer but dont do like my mom and call the baby a certain name just to piss your parents off cause thats what she did to me she called me jennifer cause her dad hated english people.......... Make sure its a name you like for a boy i like Nicholas and Jordan those are cute but im sure you will know as soon as you see the baby

Jan 31 @ 6:04PM  
Make yourself a list of about 7 to 10 names you like.....Wait until the baby is born, and the first time you hold her/ will know EXACTLY what name to give.....

Jan 31 @ 6:06PM  
I have an Ivory Rose, a CeLena Dian and ..the one my mom named cuz I was out of names.. MeriGrace Kerissa.

Jan 31 @ 6:18PM  
I do believe names are important..yet the more you mind fuck a name the tougher it get's to choose one. I named my son (who is now 15 )a name that is unique and when called no one else turns. I had decided that I wanted him to have a name that was not common and he actually did not get teased or picked on growing up.
I asked for his name to come to me and it did, almost magically....
Best wishes and may the name of your child come easily to you.....

My inspiration came from a llewlyn book that fell from a shelf...

Jan 31 @ 6:26PM  
You didn't really say if it was a boy or a girl...I changed what I was going to name my kids so many times..For girl names I have Carrie Marie, Shannon Nicole, Brianna DeCoeur ( I didn't pick the middle name my husband did )...Carrie I call Carrie Berry or Carebear, Brianna I call Anna...I don't have a nickname for Shannon...My boys are Eric Junior ( which I hate but my ex refused anything but ) and my other son is Cristian Marius...Marius is a name I adore myself..I think Dakota is a nice name but nobody else in my family did... What about Reese? That's a nice name to... Good luck to you and you will be fine picking a name..Go to some web sites and go through a bunch of names...Pick a list of what you like and when you have the baby look at the baby and see what fits the face to you best ... Oh also.. Try to watch out for the initals...You know you don't want the initals to spell something!!

Jan 31 @ 7:03PM  
First of all congratulations to you on your impending birth. There were some really good suggestions made. I love Irish names and therefore named my daughter Shannon. What ever name you choose keep in mind that this wee little one will one day have to learn to spell his or her name. I work with a very diverse population of very young children and some of the names are so difficult for them to learn to write. Some of the names are even difficult to pronounce. Nicknames do not help either, when they are in school they will have to learn to write the name given on the birth certificate.

Jan 31 @ 7:04PM  
Naming your child is so important and Hard!!! I had picked out several if I had a girl:
Shelby Elisabeth
Isabella Rose
Carson Leigh
and Madison Katherine....Yep, she's Maddie

For a boy I LOVE the name Colin Patrick, very Irish but Love the name

Good Luck finding one for yours....Many Great Names to choose from!

Jan 31 @ 7:27PM  
do like i did, i saw a old tv show many years ago and a lady signed in as kippi, that stuck in my mind so i named my daughter kippi shae nicole. just to be different.

Jan 31 @ 7:40PM  
Personally, I like the idea of naming a child after persons you admire/love. Or, a name whose meaning has attributes you would like to bestow on your child. I seriously think whitecat is on to something. Ask to have the name come to you but try not to force it. And, I think Sunny is right...when you see her, you will know who she is. Might not come immediately, but you;ll know her name as you get to know her. I still like something along the line of your mother's & grandmother's names.

Jan 31 @ 8:32PM  
Boys names: Thor, Scorpio, Stavros, Shawn, Patrick

Girls names: Shawnee, Shawn, Holly, Natasha, Nena

Satire names just for the laugh of it. Bubba, Elmo, Waldo, Homer, Virgil, Elly Mae, Berth, Ethal.....

Jan 31 @ 8:47PM  
I have to say that I like Jordan... Of the ones you have to choose from.

I had all boys, and adopted a couple of girls, who were already named.

If I would have given birth to a girl, her name would have been Tyann Daisy.

Good luck hon!!

Jan 31 @ 9:18PM  
I've attended many native american naming ceremonies...everybody gets together and sings songs and prays ...the name just naturally appears.

Jan 31 @ 10:02PM  
When we named my son we took a vote. His father and I both sat down looked at the baby name book and wrote down the ones we liked. Then compaired lists and wrote down ones that matched. We worked together to pair up first and middle names we both liked from that list. We ended up with 4 pairs we made a ballot and let all our friends and family vote.

Feb 1 @ 12:11AM  
I am excited for you...I see people come in with new born babies and it makes me think I would love another one...But it is too late now...I am not young anymore..And I don't have a man to make one with...Oh yeah..I had my tubes tied

I had Chyanne Elizabeth for a girl...No one liked that name...

I had Jerad for a boy. The middle was either going to be Lane(boy) Laine(girl)

I ended up with Alysha Laine...Most people would spell it Alisha..I had to be different on the spelling of it...I had just found out I was pregnate when my favorite uncle passed away...His middle name was Lane...That is how my daughter got her middle name..

Once I did decide to pick the name I had to figure out how to spell it different..
Most people think it is Allisa..And it is not..

Good Luck...

Feb 1 @ 1:31AM  
I like ksk's idea.

My father named me Paul on account of how he wanted a name that wouldn't be turned into a nickname (He was John/Jack, his brothers were William/Bud, Michael/Mike, and he has a sister named Susan/Susie).

I've always been partial to the name Amanda (latin for "ought to be/should be/is loved") as a girl's name.

Feb 1 @ 6:28AM  
Funny thing of the names I had picked for a boy was one my Mom favored...Justin Michael. By the time my son was a teenager...he knew two people close to his age with that name!

Feb 1 @ 7:08PM  
Now that we got the baby name thing cleared up... can I joke about your title?

Feb 2 @ 6:03AM  
All of the babies in my family are named after "someone", my middle name is Jo, after my moms favorite sister, Betty Josephine. I have a cousin named after me,,,Jennifer Jo,
Personally, I would try to avoid names that are offense intented to anyone, when I was trying to decide on the right name for my own kids, I said the name with Supreme court justice in front of it....

Feb 2 @ 6:50PM  
Gee Canu I just don't know how you came up with the name Billy/Billie Straddle did the same thing putting his name in there too

My first choice was Aubrey Rose, or Aubrey Rosemarie, but no one else seems to like that one.

L4E, yep we've talked about how i'd like to use my grandmothers middle name, or a variation of my mothers name, i'm just wondering if that might be confusing for the baby.

I'm sorry if I didn't specify what sex the baby is, she's a girl.

I've seen a lot of beautiful names suggested, i just hope I don't give myself a headache trying to figure this out!

I do like the suggestion of picking out a few names and then waiting til I see her to make a definite choice.

Thank you to all of you that commented.

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