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Just something I dont understand.

posted 1/31/2008 1:46:20 AM |
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This is just something that I myself dont undertand. I'm not knocking anyone, or pointing anyone out. Nor do I even have anyone in mind. I just dont understand why it is that people put pictures of animals, nature, ect. I have even seen a picture of a glass of milk, and a half eaten cookie. Whats up with that? not a picture of them, or anything that would even resemble them in any way, shape or form on a presonal profile. I'm not just talking about this site, because I do know there are people on here that want to keep themseves anonymous, for obvious reason. But, I see this on profile sites all through the internet. Once again, I want to make this clear. I'm not looking for trouble, just answers. Thanks

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Just something I dont understand.


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Jan 31 @ 2:00AM  
I guess it's just people trying to express something about themselves - perhaps they really like cookies or milk.. I guess...

Jan 31 @ 2:30AM  
Some pics express a persons personality.

I have the lady reading up at present.

I love books and love to read. I have a pic I took of a winters evening I think its pretty.
If a person looks at my profile they can see me but that gets boring after a while.
At least that is my reason

Jan 31 @ 2:58AM  
It has just become a part of cyber culture for some to chose an "avatar" over a real picture.

Jan 31 @ 3:11AM  
I have both up.............and depending on what mood i am in ...........will depend on what my primary photo is............but i do like it when someone post pics they post some of themselves along with the animals, or whatever...........but then i would pass on all the naked pics..........but thats just me

Jan 31 @ 3:20AM  
I'm a Hornytoad...... thus my Pic is a Hornytoad!!!
I'm not here to get laid! I'm here to make friends...!
My 2 cents!

Jan 31 @ 6:31AM  
IMHO, I have always thought it was so the profile would appear on searches that only show profiles with photos.
I have never done a search here, so I dont know if "photo only" is a search option or not

Jan 31 @ 9:19AM  
I used to have pictures of myself up. They attracted a bit more attention than I wanted though. I have them available, however, so if someone really wants to know what I look like.. I can do that. I got tired of all the (married but eating their cake) gents from my area finding me in public.


Jan 31 @ 11:26AM  
Sorry to double post, but I need to clarify something. I have nothing against married men having cake... but I do expect that the wife will be ok with it or nothing happens. I'm honest with my partner and I expect the same from anyone I should choose to share myself with.

Jan 31 @ 12:29PM  
Because some people are just here to have fun and
not really interested in meeting any you whackos!!

Jan 31 @ 1:18PM  
Thanks for your input JAVA, but that wasnt the question, and just what is it in your eyes , that makes me a whacko? This blog wasnt intended to be mean or anything but for fun.

Jan 31 @ 1:26PM  
Well let's face it, any pic at all accomplishes several things over a profile with no pics whatsoever.
1) if someone searches by photos only, "poof" you'll show up
2) here at least you stand out more from the "grayface" crowd with a pic whether it be of a squirrel, cat, sheep or boots. It's easier for someone to remember you in the blogs, forums and such if they have something to associate to you.
3) I think like several said it may be that they do not care to post a face pic here, perhaps not comfortable posting yet another dick/tit pic they post something that shows perhaps a bit of their personality and or mood.
Hope some of these answers were helpful and good luck to ya here!

Jan 31 @ 1:35PM  
Around here, somethin's better than nuthin'

Jan 31 @ 3:11PM  
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe I need to change my pic again!!!

Jan 31 @ 3:12PM  
Get over it and Move on

Jan 31 @ 4:13PM  
Once again..... This blog was not posted to start problems,it was just for fun, and give people somethng to read...Its called entertainment. so, there is nothing to get over. honestly, and I have said this to some of you as a reply back. I could care less if your primary pic was one of a half eaten bologna sandwich. its conversation. Geez. I dont even know why I try sometimes. you know what. just forget it. I no longer even care.

Jan 31 @ 4:25PM  
I have seen profile pics of things that have made me laugh ..sometimes it shows me that the person has a sense of humor. Other times, and I have encountered this, some people are just not confident with their appearance and break the ice with an amusing picture of something other than themselves. I guess it is just a matter of personality....Either way...if it grabs ya and makes you smile then its a good thing...right?

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Just something I dont understand.