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Losing your virginity in the chat room

posted 1/30/2008 8:31:57 PM |
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"Come in darling." Nelie said in her eastern european accent. She wore a simple black and purple trimmed robe with a six in wide belt around her waist. Her large breasts obviously wore no bra and her hands were wrapped around the pool cue. She had chin legth brown hair, thin lips and her large brown eyes looked over the pool table at the stranger who had just opened the door to the pool room and steped inside.

"Yes please join us!" Biru said as she let a smile grow across her face with her large lucious lips. Her hair was long, blonde and curly. Her figure was like that of an hourglass with perky breasts all of which was accented by a white silk dress. She too held a pool cue, in one hand and her other rested in the pocket of the pool table.

The third woman remained silent as she looked at Araman and sized him up, impressed with the weaponry she could tell was hidden under his cloak. ((yes I lost my chat virginity in a DND game)) She had long red hair and soft green eyes. She wore a white silk shirt a pair of thin purple pants and a pair of thigh high black leather boots with silletto heals.

The man who had just entered was Araman. He wore a suit of studded leather armor, carried a long sword, dagger and quiver of arrows with a short bow stuffed in it on his belt. His eyes and hair were dark though they were covered by a face mask. He looked at the women with some level of suspicion as he had to fight his way this far into the mansion.

"Come join us!" Biru said cheerfully. "Play with us."

"What are you playing?" Araman asked already relaxing by their unoffensive nature.

"Pool darling." Nelie said, "Do you know how to play?"

"No I don't." Araman said.

"Then come here," Biru said, "Let me show you how its done."

Araman's one weakness was attractive women and these three screamed their sexuality to the world. He came closer and stepped up to the green felted pool table. Biru handed him her pool cue and said, "Now relax honey, I'm going to put my arms around you to show you how to line up your shot."

Araman indeed had never played pool before and it was not until Biru had her arms gently wrapped around his guiding his hands to the proper positon that he looked as if he knew what he was doing.

Unnoticed to Araman Nelie waved her hand slowly and cast a spell causing the door to slowly swing shut and once it was closed she twisted her wrist to lock the door. Then She said, "Oh no darling, that is a horrible shot, let me show you a better one." She made her way around the table and said to Biru, "Darling let me show him."

"Very well Nelie." Biru said as she let go of Araman.

Nelie wrapped her arms around Araman and positioned him for another shot, "There you see darling," She said.

"Yes that is a better shot." Cala, the red head who had remained silent thus far spoke up.

"Now darling," Nelie said, "We smack the white ball and try to put that numbered ball in the pocket." She started to guide his hand holding the butt of the cue back and forth and then guided him to smack the cue ball. The cue ball struck its target, but the numbered ball did not fall into the pocket.

"Too bad." Biru said.

"But you get the point now don't you darling." Nelie said as she ran her hands up his arms and onto his back. Araman turned around and she placed her hands on his chest. Araman looked her in the eyes and she looked back smiling. She ran one hand down his chest and stomach and stopped on his crotch and began to rub, event though Araman was covered in this leather he still got the point. He pulled down his mask and kissed her.

Cala moved over to his side and began to rub his neck and shoulders. Araman looked past Nelie and saw Biru who looked him back in the eye and then turned around. She began to dance as her angelic voice sung a melody with now words. She swayed her hips to and fro and wrapped her arms around her neck and ran her hands down her body to her hips and then back up again. Then her hands ran across her waist and onto her but, she ran them up her back until they were inbetween her shoulderblades, there she started to untie the straps that held her dress together.

Nelie pulled away and moved to Araman's side opposite Cala and began to unbuckle the straps that held his armor together. Araman reach up and untied his cloak letting it fall to the floor. Biru backed into him as she untied the last strap on the back of her dress and let it fall off her shoulder, but held it up in the from so only her shoulders and the small of her back was exposed. She rubbed up against him and he began to help Cala and Nelie unbuckle his armor. Soon they had his chest undone and they lifted it off of him.

Biru squated down still turned away from him and rubbed the back of her head in his crotch and then rose up letting her dress fall off her, she was now completely naked. She turned around and reached up to his head. She pulled off his face mask and wrapped it around his neck. She pulled his head down into her breasts. Araman did not resist and licked and sucked on her skin finding a nipple and strated sucking. Biru threw his mask to the side, and turned away. She continued to dance her dance of seduction. Cala and Nelie started to work their way downwards unbuckling the straps to his leather pants. Meanwhile Biru continued to sing and dance her dance of seduction.

Cala and Nelie rose back up when his pants were unbuckled. Araman reached over to Nelie and unbuckled her belt and it fell to the floor. Her robe fell open and Araman reached inside finding her breats and began massaging them. His other hand had found its way to Cala's breats and she was rubbing his chest, back and neck.

Cala grabbed his hand and placed it so it was gripping the collar of her shirt and said to him, "Be a man, get this shirt off of me." So he gave a tug on the shirt, she laughed as all he did was pull her forward, "Come on get this thing off!" He took his hand away from Nelie's breast and gripped her shirt with both hands and gave it two quick tugs the first one broke the seam and the second ripped it clean in half.

After her shirt had been torn open Cala pulled Araman in front of her and sat on the table. She put a foot on his shoudler and the other on his chest digging the heal into his peck. "Take these off!" She practiaclly ordered, and he obeyed. She pulled the boots off one at a time and tossed them to the side. Then she pulled him close to her and shoved his head into her breast and smothered him.

Biru began to sing a different tune and all of the sudden Araman was compelled to turn and face her, he could do nothing else but listen to her sing and watch her dance despite the fact that Cala's hands were running up and down his back.

Biru pulled him back to where his was and peeled the leather pants down to his shins, took off his boots and then took his armor completely off. She rose back up

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Losing your virginity in the chat room