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Is he or she physically attracted to you ?????

posted 1/27/2008 3:42:41 AM |
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Nearly everyone comes into contact with people on a daily basis.Some for the first time, others on a regular basis.Many times we enjoy that persons conversation, and company.We sometimes wonder are they physically attracted to me( people are often attracted to someone they meet but sometimes afraid to say so verbally out of fear of rejection, so they may keep wondering and never ask, or say anything beacuse they are unsure of the other persons interest in them ).There are physical signs ( body language ) the way a person moves , talks, their actions, etc.That give silent signals ( 7% of communication, is verbal 93% is non verbal, body language the way a person moves etc. ) We speak volumes to each other all without doing so verbally, if we only pay attention, we can decipher so much through non verbal communication ( body language ).We do so subconscously, not even realizing it.Sometimes, i believe some fear taking chances, out of fer of rejection, ( by knowing the signals, we may avoid that) when we should not everyone geats rejected at times, wealthy , poor, young old, even the famous do, it is nothing to fear or be ashamed of, life is about taking chances, just thin of the alternatives playing it safe, how much you miss out on out of fear, than one one day e look back, filed with regrets, life is a participation sport, not a spectator sport.You never know what may happen if we take chances, or what we may miss out on, by doing so life can pass us by and so can love and opportunities, for pleasure.

The following are tips and clues that he or she may be physically attracted to you.
They are:

Men send out the following signals when they are intersted:

Extended eye contact.
Grooming behaviors ( straightening their tie if they are wearing one, pulling up their socks etc.).
Upright stance or posture.
Standing with their chests thrust outward and shoulders back. ( think of a giant preening peacock ).
Ego driven comments about their successes in life ( jobs, cash, their cars ).

He may have one hand in his pocket, with his thumb sticking out , or tuck his thumb in his belt.

Women give off these nonverbal cues:

Extended eye contact and smiling ( just like men)
Leaning inward or toward you.
Exposing her neck,hands or palms.
Flipping her hair ( with her hands or a twist of the head ) or twirling it playfully.
Crossing and uncrossing her legs. ( On a lighter note i remember Sharon Stone doing that in Basic Instinct Sorry had to interject a little humor , lol my apologies )
Fondling Cylindrical objects like the stem of a wine glass, straw , pen, or cigarette.

According to one article that i read, there are four major signs that someone is attracted to you.The article stated that if you see one , it is a good sign, but that if you see all four ( the first four below ) it is "compelling evidence " that someone is into you.

Here are the signs:

Lifted shoulders: Biologists call this involuntary movement the " cute response ".It reveals a softer , almost childlike side to a personthat's meant to let the other person know that you're open to him or her.

Pigeon toes: Turning the toes inward is a sign that someone is both attracted and somewhat intimidated by you.They're unconsciously shrinking their body so as to appear less threating.

Palms up:A person who is interested will typically have the palms of their hands face up when gesturing or at rest.This act displays openness and vulnerability both signs that the person is friendly and approachable.

The forehead bow: If aperson tips their head slightly forward and looks up at you from under their brow , they're inviting you to come closer.

There are other major signs too.

Dilated pupils: If someone is looking at something or someone they like, their pupils dilate ( get bigger ) , according to University of Chicago studies.It's a completely involuntary response, that has nothing to do with the amount of light in a room or even the same part of the nervous system that normally controls this.

Feet pointing toward you: " Watch the feet of the person you are attracted to.People who are attracted to each other subconsciously try to " line up " with the other person.Where the toes point , the heart follows "

Thanks for taking the time to read this, i hope that all find the information useful, and put it to good use ,and give everyone insight into who may be attracted to them physically..May we all find peace,love, happiness , health, prosperity , all the blessings of life.God bless.Remember " As long as we have the precious gift of life most anything is possible.If we simply have faith, and believe in ourselves and others ( we support each other ) we can accomplish almost anything we set our minds to".The human mind is an amazing thing.

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Jan 27 @ 6:26AM  
Very interesting!!!
Ive been told that I was far as knowing when a woman was interested! This may help!!!! Thx!
Tosses you a kudo!!! Good blog!

Jan 27 @ 8:47AM  


Jan 28 @ 12:47AM  
Thank you Onehornytoad69 for the reading my blog, for the nice posting, compliments, and for the kudo.I agree the information is very intersting.I understand it can be very difficult to know if someone is physically attracted to you, beause not everyone wil come out and just say so because they are nut sure if you are attracted to them.You are very welcome for my posting it, i honestly hope that it helps you.Best of luck to you , i hope that you find the ladies you are looking for.Peace.

Jan 28 @ 12:50AM  
Thank you Shy_Sexy_Kitten for reading my blog and for your nice comment.You are very welcome, my pleasure.Best of luck you, Peace.

Jan 28 @ 12:52AM  
Thank you to everyone who read my blog, and thank you to whomever gave me the other kudo i appreciate everything.Peace.

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Is he or she physically attracted to you ?????