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BJ's ...Good, Bad or Is There A Difference?

posted 1/27/2008 12:22:20 AM |
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Okay, I know this has probably been asked at least a dozen or three times on here...but I'm bored and there's new people so.......let's find out again....

I got an email not too long ago telling me there is no such thing as a bad bj. He said as long as he gets off, it's all good...and he can always get off....

I've also heard that as long as her mouth is close enough for him to feel her breathe and then feel her mouth touch him, he's going to cum...

One person told me he can't get off with oral, regardless. No woman has ever been able to make him cum with her mouth.....He doesn't see what the big deal about them is..

And I've heard it takes too long to cum so it doesn't usually happen orally....

And the earlier blog....she's bad at it....
So I have to ask.......

Is there--in mens minds--such a thing as a Bad BJ?
Or is it like the one guy said, as long as she's close and her mouth is wet?

Ladies, have you ever been with a guy that didn't like oral? Or couldn't get off that way?

Is there such a thing as good or bad when it comes to a blow job?

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Jan 27 @ 12:31AM  
I've never had a guy complain about my technique.

I have had guys tell me prior to giving them a BJ that they have never, or rarely cum from them. Sometimes I think they say this to "challenge" a woman to give it her best shot. I always give my best shot, so if they came, great, if not... meh... not MY problem, LOL

I suppose if she used her teeth a lot, there aren't a lot of men that would enjoy it.

Jan 27 @ 12:32AM  
Oh, and that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ was typed by Brat, not Brit. Just thought I should clarify that

Jan 27 @ 12:40AM  
I am sure there are varying degrees of competency
But I have yet to meet a man who said he didn't like them.

Some men say they can't cum that way. I think they don't want to for whatever reason.
My philosophy, you give it your best, they either cum or they don't but I did my bit

Jan 27 @ 12:53AM  
my bf looses all interest when i accidentaly drag my teeth but that rarely happens. and i would think that it wouldnt feel good if you couldnt get past just the head.

Jan 27 @ 1:06AM  
Well i have been told lots of times I give great BJ's but hell what woman hasnt

I did have a lover who really didnt care one way or another whether he got wasnt that important..........he enjoyed them but i have no idea whether he could cum that way or not cause i never got the chance to find out.........

I do know a few things have to be careful with your teeth, if they tell you what they like most--do it, butt and balls is part of the fun... , AND Ynot wont pull over.............

Jan 27 @ 1:57AM  
Bad BJs exist but they almost have to be intentionally bad -- like purposely biting or grinding it into bits. That said, I'm one of those guys who can't get off from strictly oral (or even oral + hands), but the sensation feels great!

Jan 27 @ 2:10AM  
I have had bad oral. But you see, not everyone always had knowledge of what good technique is, or pays attention to their partner.

There are people who swear that "there is no such thing as bad sex" but I will beg to differ. Case in point, I will not ever do drunk women. The oral, if they can manage that level of dexterity, is sloppy at best and outright painful or disgusting at it's worst. Even simple sex acts usually just wind up with them lying there and moaning if they don't pass out altogether. And when it's wake up time it's insulting if they don't remember you.

I have had the benefit of a lot of experience and study (yes, you can actually study sex techniques...there are huge amounts of books on the topic.) And most of the time if you meet someone who doesn't have good technique, most people are always willing to learn something new when it comes to sex. However, there are always one or two egotists where it's a pearl-necklace-before-swine situation.

And hell no, you can't make me beg forgiveness for that play on words!

Jan 27 @ 2:57AM  
well personally i have never been givin an above average bj so i would just have to agree that it's pretty much all the same with exception to teeth or just plain being sloppy...

i have never been able to get off from a bj except by putting myself on the very tip before climax and quickly having her switch orifices...

it's like a nice oil massage... it's just gonna feel great and have sexual relief within but usually not sexual release...

Jan 27 @ 3:42AM  


Jan 27 @ 5:46AM  
One of my exes loved to be orally stimulated but he never reached orgasm that way. Another ex would literally cum within seconds of my mouth touching him. One of close friends who lives a swingers lifestyle and pretty much has experienced every sexual act known to mankind can not get off that way. His GF has made it her mission to one day help him have this experience. She promises to throw a hell of a party when it finally happens.

Jan 27 @ 6:04AM  
Every woman that I have been with that "Liked" giving B/J's.. thought that they were the best!!! ..........
To me.. I would rather give than recieve..but if she likes doing that... Ill gladly let her!!!
Most of the time.. If I cum or not.. its me, not her! A man has to really take in what she is doing... feel every touch..lick, etc....just really get into it! Its a mental thing!
But,If she has me close to cumming... and then changes her "technique". than Its like going back to square one.. if ya know what I mean! So most of the time Ill let her know, not to stop doing what she is doing!
Plus... Like I said in the Other blog today....
If the woman wants the man to cum quicker.. than..she should do that 1st!
Could save her a lot of time!!! Just saying......
My 2 cents!!!

Jan 27 @ 6:45AM  
I'm going to side with Dominus on this one...

Yes there are lots of guys who seem to think there is no such thing as a bad anything, I call them "guys who don't know the difference."

It is possible to suck to hard, use to much teeth, heaven forbid, it is not the throttle of a motorcycle, ease up the grip lol...

As far as getting off, it the sucking sucks (this is a fun topic ) it ain't happening...

Jan 27 @ 6:59AM  
Hm, men always make me stop coz they don't want to cum so soon. Think that answers it.


Jan 27 @ 8:25AM  
the only way i could consider it bad is if...she's obviously not really into it and is doing it because she feels obligated to, in that case i would rather not have it done. the only other turn off is a great BJ but she doesn't swallow, kinda turns me off immediately after...but i think it's probably an individual thing in the big picture. a woman that is REALLY into it and loves the taste will most definitely have the advantage, especially if she likes cum all over her face

Jan 27 @ 8:41AM  
Difference between a good one and a so so one is Communication... My FWB neighbor asked me how I like it....I told her as we went along or she did lol. As far as I am concerned shes perfect..

Jan 27 @ 8:51AM  
Yes there are good, bad and great ones and unfortunately I've experienced them all. ones are when a woman figures out that teeth aren't a problem for me...I actually love a good hard bite and gnaw especially around the base...oh well different blog lol.

Jan 27 @ 8:57AM  
So most of the time Ill let her know, not to stop doing what she is doing!
That's a good thing..for both of you.

if they tell you what they like most--do it,
Yeap.....or what's the sense?

"there is no such thing as bad sex" but I will beg to differ
So do I..there is such a thing as bad sex...on both sides...

hell no, you can't make me beg forgiveness for that play on words!
How about if we take the forgiveness part out... J/K, Dom.

IAN!! Ewwww. that's just way beyond gross...

Jan 27 @ 9:13AM  
I love a womans mouth on me, but has been a rare treat for me. Dated one woman a couple years back who loved giving them, but was so sloppy it turned me off.

Jan 27 @ 10:22AM  
Hmmm didn't know there was such a thing as a bad blow job

Jan 27 @ 10:54AM  
BJ's are just another form of sex....some people are good at it, and others not...just like when you ladies have a man go down on you...some do it well, others not...

But, back to BJ"s...Technique really isn't as important as whether or not you are enjoying what you are doing....Trust me on this one, ladies...if you are enjoying it...he is enjoying it....and if you aren't enjoying it...then it will fall into that catagory of "a bad BJ"

Jan 27 @ 11:01AM  
bad blowjobs do occur.........

Jan 27 @ 11:18AM  
okay IF i can get past those terrible teeth Mica posted Just like Sums said you can have bad BJ but you can also have bad sex!!! I mean sorry fellows just cause YOU think you know how to eat ummm yanno you don't always do it right but that is for another blog (hint hint CL)

Jan 28 @ 8:47AM  
I've had good and bad. It depends on her enthusiasm about it.

Jan 28 @ 12:12PM  
I don't cum if I am laying on my back but I have never had a bad BJ, receiving one that is (Brit)

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BJ's ...Good, Bad or Is There A Difference?