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Face sitting =)

posted 1/25/2008 11:06:08 PM |
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tagged: fuck, pussy, oral sex, straddle

How many guys love when a woman sits on your face? Ladies, is this a turn on to you like it is to most of us guys?

This question is for both men and women on here.....what's your idea situation for with the setting and four play concerning face sitting with your lover? Please share your story with us all if you like face sitting.

Mine would be her wearing a loose mini skirt with black or light blue silk or satin panties. While I'm in bed she comes over to me facing me and gently straddles my face and humps ever so lightly while holding the bed posts to where she doesn't apply all her weight on me so I can breathe. Then after a while she decides to lay on top of me with my face still straddled and gently grinds a while with those panties on. Soon after she takes those panties off and gets right back on me with my nose and tongue inside her wet pussy eating her out and cleaning her off with my tongue after she's cummed in my mouth.

Another fantasy would be her and her gf's sitting all around on the floor surrounding a small table playing cards, something like poker. Some are wearing skirts, others shorts and pants. Her friends want some cushion or something to sit on, so they use some of my stuffed animals Kim uses to tease me with to sit on. Kim is wearing a skirt and wants to sit on my face while she plays poker with her friends, so I slip on underneath her and she gently straddles my face and enjoys both me and the card game.

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Jan 25 @ 11:15PM  
Btw, this is my 355th blog. I know, Dayna, go ahead a say it.

In another 15 minutes or so I will be heading over to Kim's, and I have a feeling she may straddle my face as I eat her out. Damn I'm horny!!!

Jan 25 @ 11:15PM  
Wow, those are some good ideas hun!!! I know of a couple guys who really like their face sat on, and I am fully willing to oblige!!

Jan 25 @ 11:17PM  
Please tell us a little more deatils on how you would like that, Loveableone.

Jan 25 @ 11:27PM  
Ehhh....I know I've mentioned it before in your blog comments, I just can't bring myself to sit on a guys face...No matter how much they really wanted it.....

Jan 25 @ 11:30PM  
Meagan, I know over the phone you told me that a year ago, but you also said that you wouldn't have a problem straddling a stuff animal during fourplay.

Jan 25 @ 11:33PM  
Btw, this is my 355th blog. I know, Dayna, go ahead a say it


now to get to your question on your blog..........i love it and i will squirt all over the place........hellava mess............great orgasm..........

Jan 25 @ 11:33PM  
My face gets sat on quite often ____________ I never say no ___

Straddle my face ___ No buns intended

Jan 25 @ 11:59PM  
Can't do it. Just not comfy with it at all!!

Jan 26 @ 12:03AM  
I very seldom sit on anyones face...I usually use a chair or fluffy pillow, however I did ask a lady at the grocery store if I could sit on her face and she slapped me ..her husband didn't look too pleased either...I think from now on I'll shop at another store...

Jan 26 @ 12:05AM  
Sit on my face and tell me that you love me
I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you too
I love to hear you oralize
When I'm between your thighs
You blow me away.

Sit on my face and let my lips embrace you
I'll sit on your face and then I'll love you truly
Life can be fine if we both sixty nine
If we sit on our faces
In all sorts of places
And play till we're blown away.

Monty Python


Jan 26 @ 1:23AM  
Oh I wish my face was a bicycle seat,
I'd never run out of things to eat!!

Not sure who sang that, mighta been Benny Hill?

Jan 26 @ 1:45AM  
I can't suffocate a stuffed least I don't think....

Jan 26 @ 2:07AM  
I always offer a lady a seat...

I mean... it's the polite thing to do, right?


Jan 26 @ 3:02AM  
Walk into a crowded bar, and then hear a gal say to her friend."there's no place to sit". Then say..."hey darlin, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit"! Never been slapped yet, came close tho! Some have no sense of humor.

Jan 26 @ 4:12AM  
Just got back home. I was right, I got what I wanted tonight.....Kim straddled my face for about a minute. Even though she wasn't too much in a good mood tonight because of her car having some car problems, I did manage to make a deal with her to do in exchange for a foot rub with some lotion involved. Normally she's so horny to where she will take it upon herself to straddle my face for around 10-15 minutes right before we get really freaky.

Jan 26 @ 4:24AM  
Oh Man I Love it when the Woman I'm with does that!!!!
But, she has to know what she is doing, unless she is really SMALL! Its like what you said....
holding the bed posts to where she doesn't apply all her weight on me so I can breathe.
Gotta breathe, yanno!?
and I REALLY love this
..........i love it and i will squirt all over the place........hellava mess............great orgasm..........
Oh Baby!!!
That just drives me into a Frenzy!!!!!!
Damnit Man.... This shit is making me Horny!!! lol
Lets Eat!

Jan 26 @ 4:32AM  
Oh Baby!!!
That just drives me into a Frenzy so aptly named yourself................

Jan 26 @ 5:51AM  
How many guys love when a woman sits on your face?

dude this some kinda trick question

i just lay back and tell her......''have a seat baby "


Jan 26 @ 6:44AM  
I kow having your nose straddled is YOUR thing lmao... its your screen name after all...

I like more freedom of movement personally nothing wrong with your way mine works better for me...

355 blogs... If I hadn't had to delete mine before some were printed and used against me in court.. I think I'd be up over 500 or so.... I gotta catch up lol....

Jan 26 @ 6:59AM  
My favorite comment to when a guy says, "Sit on my face."?:

Why? Is your nose larger than your dick?

I about died when my sister said that to a guy at a party. He was embarrassed and got pissed. Aw, too bad, huh?

Jan 26 @ 7:34AM  
remember on broke back mountain baaaahaaa means "wanna fuck?"

Jan 26 @ 7:49AM  
I really enjoy a great face sitting.

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Face sitting =)