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Would you stay with your love, or leave if you hated their hometown?

posted 1/25/2008 4:34:17 PM |
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tagged: love, straddle

Just curious to know how may people that found love and moved to that person's hometown would stay there, even if they hated it and it felt like the area was sucking the life out of them, and that there wasn't a lot of opportunities to offer, but yet there wasn't a whole lot going on for them before they moved for you. Is love worth good and bad even if it you were stuck in an environment that you hate? As for me, even though I would love that person very much, I would not want her to be unhappy in life, but yet I feel that I couldn't give that person up even though I have a family that I am very close with and a daughter (even though she's 19) that still needs me. I would really try to find a way to still be with that person. I don't know of hardly anyone that wants to be alone in life, especially after meeting someone who they really connect with and love so much.

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Jan 25 @ 4:44PM  
I moved to Ohio almost 7 yrs ago to be with the man i eventually married. First time I had ever really moved from my family, always lived within 50 miles of where i grew up.............and now i am in an area I hate..........but i am hopefully moving this spring.......if we were together.........i would stay here.......because I made the choice to move here in the first place..........but now.........i dont have really that much here........if i loved someone..........i would be happy wherever they were.........and i would hope he felt the same way about me...........

Jan 25 @ 4:45PM  
I think there is always compromise....move to a different town, one that is a little larger and has more to offer. You don't have to be within a 10 mile radius of your family. Maybe be an hour away, it's still close, yet has more to offer the other person.
If I loved the person, I would work it out and if that meant moving 60 miles or more, I would do it in a heart beat. Just talk it out...hell pull out a map or look on the internet.

Jan 25 @ 4:54PM  
I hate your hometown too

Jan 25 @ 5:02PM  
Canu, at least I don't live in the south.


Jan 25 @ 5:11PM  
....Commitment.....It's a hard thing to face....even harder when it's one sided....If you truly love someone, and that someone truly loves you, then WHERE you are becomes as insignificant as a dust mote in space....So you make the commitment to be together........"...Wherever thou shall go, I too shall go....Wherever thou shall lodge, I too shall lodge".....Good luck, my friend.

Jan 25 @ 5:25PM  
Strad if I truely loved someone and knew they loved me, I would live in a closet. There must be some kind of compromise. I can't say my family being by me would make me decide not to move with someone I loved. If you are serious about her, then you and her will become (and are) a family with your own lives to live. Good luck in your decision and your choices (if this is about you).

Jan 25 @ 6:21PM  
Today is today........tomorrow, well that is to be determined. You seem to be willing to change your lifestyle as she did. Or are you? I guess that is the question.

Jan 25 @ 6:41PM  
If I really was crazy about the person.. where we lived would not be too big an issue.

Jan 25 @ 7:03PM  
Some of this could also be tied in with the person's family. Also, could the person make a move occupationally without giving up too much.

Jan 25 @ 7:14PM  
I would hope that we could be happy together near his family....But if I was absolutely miserable and it wouldn't go away, I would hope he would be willing to compromise.
Rest of my answer is in your email......

Jan 25 @ 8:10PM  
When I met my (now) husband, twelve years ago, I hated the small town that he lived in. I got myself out of an even smaller town when I was younger, and now here comes this bastard who owns a house in this other small town, and I'll be fucked if he didn't make me fall in love with him.

Well, shit. I moved in with him a year later, cursing this town and everything in it. There isn't even a freaking Wal-Mart or a damn movie theater. Luckily, it is only about twenty minutes - half an hour to the next town for suck pleasantries. Still, even my old hometown came up with a Wal-Mart and an Applebees. Not here. We didn't even have a liquor license until last year. All we could serve in restaurants was beer.

This town is considered 'historic'. It's run by old horses, old money, old whiskey, and old hags,

Eleven years later, I love driving down our country roads and seeing cows nursing their grass or the workers on the farm exercising their horses, pointing them out to my children along the way,

I love the way that there is still greenery downtown, and that there is still an old fashioned drug store downtown and a pool hall where women really still aren't welcome at the old man's drinking hole. Sure, they want you to come in and get some food. But they expect you to scoot on out after you're done. Ain't no place for ladies, it ain't.

I grew to love this as a place to raise my kids. The school system is wonderful, there are boundless activities for little bitty ones, such as dance schools and the like. And we just got a brand new rec center.

It took a year for my old man to grow on me. Several years for this place, this house, this town, and the old black man with the yellow teeth who sweeps the streets (still with a broom) with a filter-less camel hanging out of his mouth.

Yeah, this town was him, It suits him to a T. I just didn't know it, but it fit me just as well as it did him. I'm in love with both.


Jan 26 @ 6:47AM  
I would live in a closet

Sorry jokes about this WILL be forth coming!

Jan 26 @ 1:29PM  
Yanno Straddle you gotta think about the sacrafice that is being made. Where is the compromise?? Does the people in question live together?? If not why?? If one can move to the others hometown why aren't they living together?? Is there children involved is that child being cared about by the new person??? Lots of questions and no answers soooooo love is a awesome thing but if you don't live together what does this new person do all the time??? I'll tell be bored out of their minds!!!

Jan 26 @ 2:42PM  
Canu I was just stating a point that I would live anywhere on this planet if I had the love of a wonderful man!!! . If you can't be good with the jokes atleast be gentle...........

Feb 1 @ 3:40AM  
It's down to compromise, compromise, compromise.. if they loved you they offer to move to a slightly better town or area.
thats wot love is all about..

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Would you stay with your love, or leave if you hated their hometown?