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Strange but said to be true...............................

posted 1/25/2008 3:14:45 AM |
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Top 10 bad things that are good for you:
According to


The newest bad kid on the block, beer has long been overshadowed by its healthier alcoholic cousins. While no one’s suggesting you switch that glass of antioxidant-rich Pinot Noir for a tall glass of lager there’s still that beer gut to worry about new research has suggested that moderate beer intake can actually improve cardiovascular function. Now if only a scientist will discover the health benefits of ballpark franks and chicken wings. Heaven.


If you’re one of those people who tends to bottle things up, only to explode … don’t hold it in so long. Studies show that bursts of anger here and there are good for the health, and can be an even more effective coping mechanism than becoming afraid, irritated or disgusted. Anger, like the consumables in this list, however, is best in moderation: stay angry for long periods of time and you’ll be plagued with a host of health issues, like blood pressure, sleep disorders and lung damage.


Java is one of the most debated substances around. Is it good for you? Is it bad for you? Both? The consensus, now anyways, seems to favor those who enjoy their morning jolt unrelated studies claim coffee is a major source of antioxidants in our diet and can help lower your risk of diabetes. Something in the beans is also thought to ease the onset of cirrhosis of the liver and pancreatitis, good news for those who like to party hard all night before their morning caffeine boost.

LSD ( Lysergic acid diethylamide )

We’re definitely not in the business of advocating drug use. But check out this interesting science: In heavy drinkers, small doses of LSD have been thought to help bypass the rock-bottom stage of alcoholism and prevent relapses. These studies some decades olde were done in closely monitored, clinical settings; many patients haven’t had a drink in the many years since. It’s an interesting finding that needs a lot more investigation, and not a remedy that should ever be tried at home. Meantime and this may come as no surprise in a recent study of 36 volunteers who took an LSD-like drug in a lab setting had them reporting mystical experiences and behavior changes that lasted for weeks.


Exposure to the sun’s rays is necessary to survive, but can also kill you in gross, cancerous quantities. Asthmatics, at least, could benefit from measured doses of ultraviolet rays, according to scientists. Sunlight suppressed the immune reactions that cause asthma in some lab studies with mice and could be used to treat humans afflicted with the disease in the future. And sunlight even if indirect, such as on a shaded porch is known to boost the mood. Extra sunlight can help office workers avoid afternoon drowsiness, a recent study found. There’s still no excuse to head outside and bake, however.


They’re creepy, slimy and altogether ooky, but maggots can save your life. These squirmy larvae are science’s newest wonder-cure and were approved in 2003 as the Food & Drug Administration’s only live medical device. Placed on serious wounds, maggots mimic their “wild” lifestyle and munch on bacteria and dead tissue, stimulating healing and helping to prevent infection.


It’s medicinal, we swear! Marijuana, often associated with memory loss, is ironically now being hyped as a way to stave off the ultimate form of memory losseAlzheimer’s. Recent studies on mice suggest that anti-inflammatories found in the drug prevent the clumping of brain proteins, one major cause of the disease. So when should you start preventative therapy? We suggest waiting for the human studies to wrap up.


A crucial ingredient in the diets of the world’s heart-healthiest populations like those Bordeaux-guzzling Frenchered wine has long been known to have potent anti-cancer and artery-protecting benefits. The key, some studies indicate, is an antioxidant found specifically in the skin of red wine grapes, called resveratrol. The latest studies even link resveratrol to greater endurance, a reduction in gum disease and Alzheimer’s. White wine, which is fermented after the skins are removed, is less beneficial according to some studies.


Chocolate lovers rejoice: study after study lately has touted the magical benefits of the indulgent treat, which is packed with the antioxidant flavonols that prevent certain cancers and keep your arteries from clogging. The most recent news? These powerful chemicals may even increase blood flow to the brain, warding off dementia. Just stick to the highest cocoa content possible bars packed with sugar don’t help your health one bit.


Scientists have found that the benefits of sex go beyond immediate, ahem, gratification and satisfying the goal of procreation. Besides the obvious evolutionary purposes, we can all take pleasure in the news that having sex is an easy way to reduce stress, lower cholesterol and improve circulation throughout the body. As if you needed another excuse.

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Jan 25 @ 6:27AM  
Very interesting article. I'm curious about the LSD part. Is there more information about this particular study? I'm kinda confused when in the withdrawl process they are saying the LSD was administered.
I wonder what the FDA has against leeches. Maybe nobody's tried to market them since the FDA was created? Maybe there's something I don't know about them that makes them dangerous, but I've always heard that while disgusting they're safe.
Finally, an interesting note about possible medical use of marijuana. It was thought that (amongst other uses) marijuana might be useful in combating glaucoma because glaucoma is a contraction of the blood vessels in the eye, and marijuana dialates the same blood vessels. However, after a test was done (I might be able to scare up a source, but I doubt it), it was shown that contrary to simple logic, it doesn't work. Why? I have no idea. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this research.

Jan 25 @ 9:07AM  
Where s the beef?

Jan 26 @ 1:42AM  
I agree Aspiringwriter, it is a very interesting article.I did a google search and i found a link to an article that discusses the early study and new research.Here is a link to view the full article you have to pay a fee or subscribe to the website.
I understand i do not fully understand the process myself.I did a google search and the FDA in 2004 allowed Leeches ti be used in medical procedures, involving regrafting of limbs, to draw away pooled blood and allow the body to supply fresh blood to the limb.Here is a liink to the FDA article.

Lol i think leches are disgusting never encounterd any hopefully i never will.I did know of the use of Marjiuana for treating Glaucoma, however i was not aware of that it did not work for treating the condition.I agree the reasearch should be interesting.Honestly i do not se how LSD could be safely used because of all the negative side effects, hallucinations, etc.I have heard you can flash backs for years after using it.The article i read stated that a single dose of LSD was adminitered in the study.Marijuana is suppossed to be much worse than smoking cigarettes i have heard that smoking on marijuana cigarette is the equvalient of smoking one pack of tobacco cigarettes.Also that marijuana has many more carcenogens than regular cigarettes.I also read an article stating that the street drug Ectasy may be useful in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD )/Ectasy also is said to be very damaging to the brain hard to believe it could be safely used because the damage from my understanding is irreversible and long term.Who knows.Thanks for reading my blog, the article and thanks for you comment.Peace.

Here is another article about the LSD research.

Jan 26 @ 1:46AM  
Lifizabitch.Where is the beef??? Depends on what kind of beef you are talking about lol . I think one kind was mentioned under SEX , lol.The other kind must not have been bad enough to be good for us, lol. JK.Thanks for reading this blog, and the article.Thanks also for your comment.Peace.

Jan 26 @ 1:50AM  
Thanks to everyone who read, and or reads this blog, and or article.Thanks also to all who comment or wil lcomment and thanks to whomever gave me a kudo.I appreciate it.Peace.

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Strange but said to be true...............................