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posted 1/23/2008 4:44:34 AM |
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It's really not 2 often that I get outraged, being az I am convinced that this country iz really being run by a group of renegade oompa loompas who really only want a chance 2 get back at "that fucker Wonka", but this time The Powers That Be have really outdone themselves. WTF could I possibly be talking about? What could possibly have gotten my ire up this fucking much? Well, I'm glad U asked, cuz I'm going 2 tell U anyway.

An independant study wuz just released which concluded that false statements preceded the war. No big whoop, right? I mean...we all knew that, didn't we?

Sure, we knew, but did we really know? I mean, I don't think I knew that the deception wuz either this organized or this complete, 4 instance. Not that that should make a difference. "Oh...I didn't know they were totally jerking me off!" What am I, a fucking moron? But check this out. The study also concluded that there were 935 false statements over a two-year period preceding the war. That's fucking incredible. 935 fucking LIES! Not only that, but Bush or administration officials stated unequivocally on at least 532 occasions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or was trying to produce or obtain them or had links to al-Qaida or both, which they did not. Are U fucking joking me here? People are dying RIGHT NOW becuz of this shit!

Az a direct result of these LIES (I understand that "false statements" iz a bit more palatable, but let's fucking call them what they are) almost 4000 US service men and women have been killed, and countless Iraqis slaughtered, not 2 mention their country being thrown N2 complete chaos. Guess what, people? That's more people than were killed in the fucking WTC attacks 2 begin with! All 4 what? Oil? I don't see what else it could be over. It certainly wuzn't 4 the love and undying respect of the Iraqi people, that's 4 sure. But here's the punch line, folks! That oil iz oil that we will NEVER fucking get without another even more costly war with Iran, who iz just waiting 4 us 2 pull out of the conflict so they can move in and mop things up. The capper iz that we have done such a bang up job over the last four years that they will probably be able 2 do it with the popular vote, thus saving themselves the trouble of having 2 dig up some old map of the Persian Empire which includes Bagdad az part of the Persian homeland.

I just want 2 know one thing. How iz this not a crime? They FUCKING IMPEACHED CLINTON 4 getting some pussy! Oh, I know there are those who will say he wuz actually impeached not 4 fucking the fat broad, but 4 lying about fucking the fat broad. Well, if that wuz illegal, then HOW THE FUCK IZ THIS NOT ILLEGAL? Clinton did what he did first 2 get some pussy, then 2 get away with having got some pussy. These cocksuckers did what they did 4 profit, plain and simple. The good old US greenback. Well, millions of them, anyway. But I ask U, how can these self serving MONSTERS not be indicted 4 fucking MURDER? U say no 2 murder? Well, it iz at the very least manslaughter, right? How about criminal indifference, if nothing else? With all the stupid fucking laws still on the books in this fucking country U cannot tell me that this fucking shit iz legal! IT FUCKING CAN'T BE!

If I give a fifteen year old a shitload of liquor and he goes out and gets N2 a car wreck and kills someone, am I not legally responsible? How the fuck iz this any goddamned different than that? Oh yeah! They had fucking INTENT! That's how it wuz fucking different! And yet, that would be a fucking crime and this izn't? That's fucking INSANE, people! HOW THE FUCK IZ IT POSSIBLE THAT I AM THE ONLY ONE WHIO SEES THIS?????

I am flabbergasted. I am simply fucking flabbergasted. This iz borderline fucking evil, people. This iz the kind of shit that America iz supposed 2 champion against. 4 the first time in MY FUCKING LIFE I am actually embarrased 2 be an American. That's fucking sad. Something has 2 be done about this, people. I can't be the only one who fucking cares.

Keeping U posted


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Jan 23 @ 8:28AM  
You know you’re not the only one that cares or sees this shit.
But are you ready for this…..It’s not even all about oil.
Here’s some stats for you.

November 2007 Import Highlights: Released on January 15, 2008
Preliminary monthly data on the origins of crude oil imports in November 2007 has been released and it shows that two countries exported more than 1.50 million barrels per day to the United States. Including that country, a total of five countries exported over 1.00 million barrels per day of crude oil to the United States (see table below). The top five exporting countries accounted for 74 percent of United States crude oil imports in November while the top ten sources accounted for approximately 89 percent of all U.S. crude oil imports. The top sources of US crude oil imports for November were Canada (1.919 million barrels per day), Saudi Arabia (1.530 million barrels per day), Mexico (1.484 million barrels per day), Venezuela (1.227 million barrels per day), and Nigeria (1.215 million barrels per day). The rest of the top ten sources, in order, were Iraq (0.508 million barrels per day), Angola (0.408 million barrels per day), Colombia (0.197 million barrels per day), Algeria (0.184 million barrels per day), and Ecuador (0.154 million barrels per day). Total crude oil imports averaged 9.948 million barrels per day in November, which is an increase of 0.172 million barrels per day from October 2007.

Canada remained the largest exporter of total petroleum in November, exporting 2.428 million barrels per day to the United States, which is an increase from last month (2.411 thousand barrels per day). The second largest exporter of total petroleum was Mexico with 1.581 million barrels per day.

So if it was really about oil should we have invaded Canada?
I know what I think that W just wanted to finish up Daddy’s war and was looking for any excuse to do so. And one couldn’t be found then make shit up and run with it!!!!

Jan 23 @ 8:29AM  
Not only that but according to some accounts he has already set into motion a bill pardoning himself from violating the war crimes act.

Makes you wanna barf don't it? Hey Borty... get the cot ready man.. I'm comin to Canada.

Jan 23 @ 8:53AM  
Dude, you gotta stop worrying about this heavy
political and world events shit. It's a sad waste
of your talent to write about this kind of drivel.
Try reading something like this instead:

Jan 23 @ 9:36AM  
Hey Slippery Dick, glad to see that you have realized that politicians lie to get what they want! What a REVELATION! Both sides do it and will continue to do it as long as we both shall live. Maybe if Hilliary is elected you can go to the oval office and service her like hubby got serviced. A piece of advise, worry about the things you can control, not the things you can't! Get out and vote and let the pieces fall where they may.

Jan 23 @ 12:39PM  
I knew the Iraq war was about oil and our poodle of a prime minister went ahead with it. Gas prices in the UK are almost 4 times higher than those in the US but who benefits? The government in taxes. We do produce our own crude oil but as it is of very high quality it is used to make plastics instead of being refined to make gasoline.
The Germans were able to refine coal to make gasoline during WW2 but the allied forces destroyed the plant without learning any of it's secrets. Had we have done so, with the large coal resources we have in the UK, we would have been able to refine the coal to make gasoline and might have benefited from lower gas prices.
It is my humble belief that all politicians should be put on an island and left to fuck up things without involving the rest of the world. To my mind the only good politician is a dead one as they can't fuck up the world for the rest of us. (Brit)

Jan 23 @ 2:58PM  
Pay no attention to the strange little man behind the curtain... he is unimportant.. only I, the great and powerful OZ ... yeah.. watch that little guy behind the curtain.

Jan 23 @ 4:18PM  
Dude, you gotta stop worrying about this heavy
political and world events shit. It's a sad waste
of your talent to write about this kind of drivel.
Try reading something like this instead:

Dude, put the bong down...

I still think 9/11 was an inside job too... Bushler and Reichmunster Cheney wanted to beat war drums!

I'm pissed too D.S.

Jan 23 @ 11:09PM  
I found the study to be a bit misleading. It was based on 20/20 hindsight based on what we know the facts to be now... no WMD/no Al-Quaida link.

Was it lies by the people to whom the false statement count is attributed? They claimed this information was what they considered to be from reliable sources. If they truly believed these to be the facts, the accused didn't lie. The previous administration also believed the same intelligence about WMD. A lot of what was said in the lead up wasn't anything we hadn't already heard from the beginning of Desert Storm throughout the Clinton administration.

Now this isn't in defense of the administration at all nor a dispute of anything said to this point, just saying that I think this study just gives statistics for number of times wrong things were said rather than to prove there was an administration level conspiracy.

Feb 4 @ 7:56PM  
What's wrong with oompa loompa's running the world??

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