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posted 1/23/2008 3:31:17 AM |
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About 1 year ago a new neighbour moved in next door to me, she had a couple of kids but there was never a father to be seen, she kept herself to herself and we on the odd occasion passed pleasantries over the garden fence. Recently we got chatting and she told me she was divorced and the father of the kids had moved away from the area and she was lonely because most her mates had got married and either moved away or never seemed to be up for any fun, i found out she was called Lisa and that she was 28, she was a pretty girl with long streaked brown hair and a rather large pair of boobs, she was slim and always looked very sexy showing plenty of cleavage. It was a nice hot summer afternoon and i decided to take a break from doing accounts and went outside into my garden with a bottle of beer, i sat there in my shorts and t-shirt when i heard a voice "Hiya Andy, mind if i have a chat" , i turned to see Lisa in a pair of shorts and a very tight t-shirt showing off her lovely boobs, she smiled at me and we chatted about the lovely weather, i then asked if she would like a cold beer, she quickly replied with a "yes" and i popped into my kitchen and got a cold bottle from the fridge and went outside, she had quickly moved over to my garden over the low fence and was sat in a chair with her legs apart and outstretched, she looked very sexy and my eyes seemed to be drawn to her at all times, i handed her the beer and she took a large mouthful and started to giggle, her whole face lit up when she laughed, i asked her what she was laughing at "i'm been silly, but when i came outside i said to myself i bet i can get a beer and he will not take his eyes of my tits", i smiled at her and told her they had small magnets in them and that my eyes could not do anything other than look at them, she giggled once more "if they had magnets you would be drawn to them and would be touching them" i smiled at her and moved a little closer putting my face directly in front of her chest, she smelt gorgeous and i just wanted to kiss her boobs but i thought that was too forward and i moved away and sat in a chair opposite her with a small table between us, i took a swig of my beer and asked her if she had a man in her life "your a bit nosey, why do you want to know" she responded, "well i don't want to upset anybody if i make a move on you" i said half in jest but meaning every word "your gorgeous, i can't believe you don't have a bloke in your life" i told her, she grinned at me "flattery will get you everywhere" she said with a big grin "in my bed or yours" i said half joking but in hope, she went quite for a minute but her eyes looking straight into mine, she stood up and walked into my house holding her bottle "come on Andy lets see if your all mouth and no action" i quickly jumped from my seat and followed her inside. Once in the kitchen i grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards me , our lips met and we kissed passionately, i pushed her towards a work top still kissing her our tongues entwined, my left hand took the bottle from her and placed it on the work top away from her, my right hand was rubbing her inner thighs whilst my left slowly squeezed her boobs, she was holding me tight around the neck and pulling our mouths together, i managed to get my hand inside her t-shirt and played with her hard nipples, i pulled away from her grip and quickly took hold of her shorts and slowly lowered them, she stepped out of them, she was wearing a pair of electric blue thongs, i planted a small kiss on her tummy and then slowly peeled away the thong to reveal a fully shaven pussy, she opened her legs slightly holding onto the kitchen work top with both hands, i quickly moved my mouth to her pussy and kissed her gently tickling her clit with the tip of my tongue, she tasted sweet like honey, i stood up and lifted her up onto the work top, her legs dangling over the side, once again i buried my head between her legs and started licking her pussy lips and pokeing my tongue inside her whilst rubbing her clit with my left middle finger, she was getting very wet, her juices starting to flow from her, my tongue lapping up every drop, she was starting to pant in quick short breaths "Lick harder, i'm going to cum" Lisa muttered, i pushed my tongue hard against her clit and flicked hard against her, she shouted "more, more...harder, yes, yes i'm cumin" her juices ran into my mouth, i licked all around her wet lips getting every last drop of her honey, i looked up at her, she was red in the face with a huge grin "you know how to lick a pussy Andy" i smiled at her and pointed down to the bulge in my shorts "later" she replied "i must go and pick the kids up from school" probably looking rather suprised i said ok, she quickly put on her thong and shorts, we kissed and she said she would see me later, out the back door she went and back to her house, i had licked her pussy to orgasm and now she had left, i went to the fridge and got another beer wondering when i might get to give Lisa a good fucking, would it be later that day or never. A couple of hours later i was in my garden watering the plants with the hose pipe when i realised i was been watched, i turned around and there was Lisa and her mate Mandy stood watching me, i turned towards them and shouted "Hi", they both said hello "What you doing after watering your plants" asked Lisa, i smiled at her and said "You with a bit of luck" they both burst into fits of giggles "sounds good to me" replied Lisa, i put down the hose and walked over to the fence, Lisa smiled at me and Mandy said see you later and went back inside Lisas house, i held my hand out and Lisa climbed over the low fence and into my arms, i gave her a kiss on the lips and lead her inside by the hand, once inside the house i gave her another firm passionate kiss and told her how much i wanted her, we dropped on to my leather sofa in the lounge, my hand quickly moved to her upper thigh whilst we kissed, i stopped kissing her and lifted her t-shirt over her head, she was now naked from the waist up, i let my mouth slowly suck on her nipples, flicking them with the tip of my tongue, they where quickly rock hard, with my right hand i started to pull down her shorts, she lifted her ass off the sofa and helped me take them off whilst still licking and sucking on her nipples, her hand came out and rubbed my semi-hard cock through my shorts "i want you inside me" she muttered, i stood up releasing her nipples from my mouth, she leaned forward and pulled down my shorts, my now hard cock pushing out the front of my CK boxers, she pulled my boxers down and released my hard cock, she pouted her lips and kissed my cock alomg its full length "take me from behind" she demanded standing up, she turned to face the sofa and put both hands on the arm with her ass pointing towards me, i moved behind her and slipped my left hand between her thighs and towards her pussy, she opened her legs

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Feb 11 @ 6:09AM  
MMMMMM.... You've got me interested in knowing how this ended! Is there more??

Feb 13 @ 8:14PM  
Very well written, would like to hear the end...but also, if you broke it up into some paragraphs, it would be easier to read- just my 2 cents!! Thanks and have a great day!!

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