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Serious Health Insurance Issues

posted 1/21/2008 1:48:53 PM |
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I've been doing a little research, lately....Mainly because a few days ago, my son brought in the mail, and as luck would have it, when he tossed an envelope to me, it bounced on the table and hit my thinking switch....a dangerous thing cuz I am getting mighty bored lately...

The aforementioned letter happened to be from the hospital in Florida that performed my open heart surgery back in November....A complete rundown on all charges and costs associated with my 9 day "vacation" there...I won't mention the total amount, other than to say, it was quite large....

My cost?......$250.00......Yes, wonderful people, I have fantastic insurance....

Now, to my point.....Did you know that over 47 million people are without health insurance?......and this does NOT include the people on welfare, or people who are grossly uninsured....These are people who for whatever reason, simply cannot afford the premiums of health coverage...

Insurance companies are doing NOTHING about it
The Federal and State governments are doing nothing about it

So, I have come up with a solution...radical, yes....heretofore unheard of, ...yes....
Would it involve a lot of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice on everyone's part?...YES would work....the single key to making it work would be total cooperation....

Suppose, on a given date, in the not too distant future....everyone, and I mean EVERYONE....dropped their health insurance coverage....all on the same day...whether it is a private policy, or a group policy from work.....

Imagine all the big insurance companies faced with having to pay out BILLIONS, with no income to replace it.....Do you think they would be willing to address the issue then?

Imagine the horror when all the politicians in Washington realize that the millions given to their campaign funds yearly is no longer there....You suppose they would be willing to take some action, instead of just giving it some lip service?

Well, that's my solution to the problem.....what's yours?

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Jan 21 @ 1:56PM  
Wow! You do realize you're probably going to get slammed, right?

Wisconsin is working toward that end - kind of...starting with kids. A lot of people are pissed off about it, but I think it's great. On January 1st, there was a $1 per pack increase for cigarettes - statewide - that's going toward funding this. It's a start, anyway!

I'd love to say I contribute to this cause (this new WI initiative) but I quit smoking 15 days ago!

Jan 21 @ 2:05PM  
LOL...Let 'em....but they better do their homework first...
Congrats on the non-smoking...I became a non-smoker on the 27th of November, 5:30 pm....

Jan 21 @ 2:54PM  
sorry to say I am one that is grossly underinsured thru my job IF it was affordable I would rather pay for it myself!

Jan 21 @ 3:53PM  
Support Kucinich for president...

He supports the only health care reform plan that WILL work for America!

Jan 21 @ 3:55PM  
What's insurance? I have only once ever had a job that was good enough to pay insurance or even allow me to pay insurance. (not counting forest fire fighting cuz they always take care of their own)

I was looking around for health insurance.. it would only cost me 240 dollars per month and a 7500 dollar deductable to buy health insurance.. and then it would only cover say 60% of a doctors visit. In my case it would be cheaper just to pay the damned doctors most of the time.. but most of them wont even LOOK at you if you don't have insurance.

I really hope that the democratic candidates are serious about setting up a nationwide healthcare service. I doubt it.. but it would be nice.

Jan 21 @ 4:23PM  
I suggest everyone paying $1/$100 earned into a heath trust that easrns interest and 80% of costs are funded out of that so everyone has a 20% co-pay.

And stiffen penalties for frivoulous lawsuits.... that is one of the reasons healthcare is so high in this country. The sue happy lawyers and unscrupulous people filing malpractice suits. I believe there is a case for them but it had better be a case of negligence not something beyond anyones control. The malpractice insurance some doctors have to pay is so bad.

My doctor is not even allowed to treat anyone for free because they can't afford to pay. Medicare said it's fraud if he does. So he charges them $5 and lets them pay it off if they don't have it. Love small communities.

Jan 21 @ 5:18PM  
Some Interesting comments, so far.....Nacho, I sympathize with, and understand your plight...People in your situation are EXACTLY why I wrote this blog...

Congress recently passed an increase in the Federal Minimum top out at $7.00 per hour....wouldn't it have been better to pass a requirement for ALL employers to provide health care coverage for employees?..Regardless if they have 1 or 1 million?

Do not be taken in by the promises of various candidates for "health care reform"...These are the same people who have been in and around Washington for 20 years...and have done nothing....Now that they need your care becomes an issue.....

Sorry, not meaning to start another rant in the comments....I do not have "health care" issues...I am one of the lucky ones....But I have friends that do....and THAT tends to piss me off....


Jan 21 @ 9:18PM  
Now I cant really comment on the topic of the blog as I am Canadian and that is just enough said - BUT, on the topic of cigarettes - most stores sell a package of cigarettes for $9.45, so that was the best reason I quit smoking in October of 2007! Good luck on everyone trying to quit!!!

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Serious Health Insurance Issues