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What were you doing...

posted 1/21/2008 1:12:29 AM |
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...a year ago?

I can pretty much track what I was doing a year or more ago by looking at my blogs. Yea I know...don't dwell in the past, look to the future...blahblahblah...

But sometimes I like to go back and see what was going on...

For instance...a year ago today...or actually yesterday now...a bunch of people on here put on a show of solidarity and mass posted a blog called "We're not gonna take it anymore!" Remember that? Some people got really pissed about it, but alot more joined in.

Another thing I was doing was getting ready to move. At that point I didn't know when or even exactly where...just that I was moving to NC. I had already been down here once, and was planning on another visit (the one when we found our house!). I was trekkin' to Walmart looking for boxes...letting little kids with their wheelie shoes and adults on their scooters drive me crazy and learning valuable lessons from sweet old men...

Now granted, my moving down here to be with Billy was the best thing I've ever done...but some people did get hurt. There were things said and done, previous to the move, that could've been handled better. But things inadvertently came out in the open and well...a year later everyone is pretty much happy with the way things have turned out. After all...we're all adults...right? The offended parties have since moved on...and while we're not all best buddies we manage to get along.

hmmm..seems like there might just be a lesson in here somewhere...yanno?

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Jan 21 @ 1:14AM  
A year ago, I was just starting to fall in love with this silly British guy

Jan 21 @ 1:22AM  
I was still in Boston, unaware of the boredom that awaited me in Cali.

out of curiosity, what weren't ya'll gona take anymore?

hmmm..seems like there might just be a lesson in here somewhere...yanno?

I think if there is Yanno already knows it, he seems like a smart guy, even if he is a bit of a prick.

Jan 21 @ 1:34AM  
Oh...that blog was sort of a call to arms against the trolls and shit-stirrers of that time period. There was a bunch...or maybe just one with MPD...I dunno. It was a long time ago...but the reason for the blog (which was posted I believe by 14 or 15 different AMD members) was to try and get people to ignore the trolls instead of feeding them...or something like that. I don't really remember's late and I'm tired...

I'm going to bed now! Ya'll behave!

Jan 21 @ 2:36AM  
Funny hind site being 20/20 (or at least 20/40) Seems like we really had ONE troll, many profiles though..

Sad what boredom can produce huh...

Wait'll Feb I'll post a what were you doin blog

Jan 21 @ 4:26AM  
Oh my gawd....I think I was doing exactly what I'm doing right now.. insert...twilight music now

Jan 21 @ 4:29AM  
One year ago this time I successfully escaped planet AMD for two months before falling back in again. I guess I'm eternally AMD'd.

Jan 21 @ 4:30AM  
Yes Prof. Borty I remember well ... you were washing panties and feeling curiously aroused.

Jan 21 @ 5:34AM  
1 year ago hmmmm? Hell I dunno what i was doing!
But I know me...and I was Prolly I was prolly sending "Wanna Fuck" emails to any woman with in 200 miles of me....
Naaaw that was 6 months ago... CRS is a bitch!!!!

Jan 21 @ 5:52AM  
What were you doing...

hmmmm chasing and molesticating all da womens in the i'm just doin it with one at home....saves my fingers alot of work.....

Jan 21 @ 6:19AM  

Yes I remember those blogs well. I was virtually new on here, had only been on AMD for a month. You and Billy were among my first friends on here. I had joined AMD in December and had received a warm welcome from many nice people on here and made many friends, seen quite a few pair up and get hitched since then.

Jan 21 @ 8:07AM  
I laughed when I read my blog for new years 2007 from last year.
There was a certain lass from Michegan who vowed to keep her heart to herself that then promptly gave it away to certain Brit, not that I would mention names.
Another who vowed to spend less time here who actually did keep that vow for several months before reappearing as he missed us so much....minus his famous finger pic.
Often what seems a drama today will be forgotten a year later. I guess we all need to learn not to take so much to heart but live each day for itself and how much pleasure we can find in it.


Jan 21 @ 9:10AM  
A year ago now, I was working hard, and lurking in the blogs, learning, watching, as I didnt post my very first blog until February 9th!!

Jan 21 @ 9:30AM  
I was a whole nother animal then.

Jan 21 @ 9:44AM  
Let's see...a year ago...I was being harassed by a psycho, was having tearful but excited phone calls from some redhead in love (not to mention some sweet conversations with her hillbilly boyfriend)...What else? I was having naughty adventures that continue today (well, tonight, I hope! ), and I was unemployed and miserable. Now I'm employed and happy!

Jan 21 @ 1:02PM  
A year ago I was helping Ynot after his surgery and visitin with his mom and laughing at the way those two went after each other

Jan 21 @ 1:04PM  
A year ago I was...

Living in Washington state.
Living with a woman who had no concept of how to show emotion or communicate.
In between jobs as I had yet to find the one that proved I'm worth $40k or more a year.
Absolutely miserable on, essentially, a daily basis.

Today, I'm living in Indiana again, back where I belong.
I don't have a special someone right now, nor do I want one right now or expect to ever have one.
I am working, after what seemed an eternity, but I certainly don't get paid enough.
Not as miserable, by any means, as I was a year ago, but I'm certainly not as happy as I could be.

All in all, a year has made a big difference and I can't really complain since I have a roof over my head, heat, a running vehicle and a job.

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What were you doing...