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Hot, Steamy, and WETT!!!! (Part 2)

posted 1/20/2008 5:12:01 PM |
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tagged: erotic story

(Continued from Part 1)

I stared at him longingly, and all of a sudden our lips met. We kissed a slow, wet, passionate kiss for what seemed to last for hours..... when are mouths parted, I looked at him, smiled and agreed..... he took me by the hand, and lead me to the elevator. All the way to his room we never uttered a word..... we got to his door, he slid his card through, opened the door, and extending his arm in an outwardly direction said "Ladies first"........

****Part 2 starts here*****
I shyly slid into the room, and he followed. The room was just a nice as the lobby, and bar. It was one of those fancy places that had silky bathrobes for you to wear....... having to use the bathroom, I excused myself. I washed up a little bit, decided it was time to get out of the heels, so slid my dress down over my shoulders, and then slid into one of the silky robes. Deciding to surprise my new friend I left the bathrobe untied, and left my thigh highs on.

As I opened the bathroom door I heard voices. As I rounded the corner, I came to a quick hault when I saw both the hostess from the restaurant and the gentleman sitting on the edge of the bed. Not knowing what to do, and being most of the way naked, I quickly spun around and headed back towards the bathroom. The gentlemen said "Sweetie... it is fine.... come here"..... with hesitation, I turned back around and headed towards him. He put his arms out, and took me by the hand.

They both sat me down and explained to me that I had dropped my license in the restaurant, and that the hostess new that if she could get it back to the gentleman that he would return it to me. She knew that he was staying at that particular hotel, because of the conversation they had had before I had arrived. As they sat explaining the whole scenario to me, I couldn't help but notice the hostess and how her eyes were wandering to my naked body. When she realized that I had caught her, she told me how beautiful I had looked in the dress that I had had on, and would I mind if she tried it on. I told her to go ahead.

When she emerged from the bathroom wearing my dress, I couldn't help but feel even more turned on.... her breast being bigger than mine flowed out of the top of the dress, and made me want to touch her. Not thinking, I did just that.... between the wine, and the moment, I lost all control...... as I fondled her breast she layed me down on the bed, and told me that she brought her video camera and wanted to take video of me masturbating.

With no hesitataion I began to play with my already soaking wet pussy, and swollen clit...... as I continued to spread my lips so that she could get a really good view, I saw that her breasts and nipples were continuing to swell and I asked her to take off my dress, as I was afraid that she was going to burst right out of it. She said that she didn't mind, but I needed to get the gentlemans permission.

Having forgotten about the gentleman, I quickly scanned the room with my eyes to locate him. He was sitting over in the corner, just watching the two of us, and looking like a cat on a hot tin roof...... he said he didn't mind, so within seconds she had handed him the camera, and she had the dress off, and had come over to the bed and was sitting across my bare belly.....

Her scent was one that I had never smelled before, he moist pussy was touching my sweaty skin, and then she reached down to fondle my breasts..... she told me how beautiful they were, and asked me if I thought the male in the room would like to have his cock sucked by me..... loving to suck cock, I agreed.

The gentleman put the camera down, unzipped his pants, and out fell the most gorgeous 10" cock that I had ever seen.... and it was about to go in my mouth.... Mmmmm... he strolled over, placed his crotch over my face with his dick in my mouth, and while facing the hostess. The whole time I was sucking, she continued to play with my tits, and asked the man "Aren't these nice tits"?, and he would reply.... "Beautiful, beautiful", and he fondled hers........

When I had sucked him for a good long time, I heard him tell her to get down and lap my pussy..... as she took one taste and then another, the gentleman removed his cock from my hot mouth, kissed me, and then looked in my eyes, and told me that he was going to go and fuck her twat as she ate my pussy..........

Her pussy was so wet that I could hear the wetness and his cock sliding in and out even over all the moaning and groaning that was happening in the room..... as the gentleman was about to cum, he pulled out of her hole, and told us both to open up ......... as he shot his huge load into our mouths, we both swallowed it all down, the whole time looking into his eyes..... continuing to still look into his eyes, we looked at each other, and we kissed each other swapping his cum back and forth for what seemed like hours.......

After cleaning up, we agreed to get together again next month, this time in the kitchen of the restaurant .......... we all parted ways, and I walked around with cum taste in my mouth and pussy on my mind for days!

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OMFG gotta go take a shower

kudo before I leave great story!

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It's HOT in here!

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Hot, Steamy, and WETT!!!! (Part 2)