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Horrible Weekend ::copied from my vampire freaks journal:::

posted 1/17/2008 12:40:39 AM |
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tagged: bad, sick, accident, bitching, weekend

Hello again kids, it's been awhile since I scrawled something here, so I thought I'd post about my lovely weekend. Let me see, Sunday I get this call saying I have to run home and put wheels on my car I'm trying to sell, because the gentleman buying it wants it by 10 pm. Now, this is grand for me, because I can get some extra money in my pocket, but it's a time crunch. The ole lady (who i'm ditching soon) gets upset that I have to leave and says she should never make plans with me, etc etc. Anyhow so I hurry to get home, we start putting the tires on all is going well, we have a jack under each corner to divide the weight, we get 2 tires and secured. Then the third one which is the back drivers side tire gives me a bit of an issue, so I start to crawl under it to check things out. Mind you know it's incredibly icey and slick out at this time, somehow that jack on that corner decides to slip and shoot from under the car. That corner crashes down nailing me in the back and decides to keep dropping, so I brace my arms and legs and push and try to keep it as even with the other jacks as I can, while my stepdad gets the jack under there and jacks the car back up. So I get out, I'm hurting but I say lets just get them on, so we do, then the man buying my car pays with a check!! So I write up a contract really quick basically saying if it doesn't clear I can nail him for check fraud and it has all his info. Finally after about an hour of pain, I go to the ER, find out I have shock trauma to my back and neck end up in a brace for 2 days. Fun fun.......

In the mean time now I cannot move my arms from the elbow up due to my brace. This made for all kinds of fun shaving, eating, etc...I don't recommend anyone trying to go through a couple days this way. Back to the subject, I was removing my socks during this time and a toenail of mine which has a fungial disorder (Lovely yes?) decides to catch on the sock and when I jerk it off decides to rip out where the flesh and nail connect. That was nice, a deep growl, some blood squirting everywhere, yay more fun for me. So I finally get the bleeding stopped and the nail fixed and all. Then I go to cash the check, and there's a 6 day hold put on it because it's from a different bank. So I have to wait til Saturday to see if I have to press charges against this guy or not!

Now comes down to yesterday, I woke up and got in the shower and had an unbearable pain in me gut. In fact it was so horrible it was making me yell or scream in pain. Now for those who know me well, know that is pretty bad, for those who don't know me that well....well, I drove a nail into the side of my hand into the cartlidge just between the bone one time, grabbed it by the head and yanked it out then shrugged. So yeah, this pain had me worried I thought my appendix had burst or something. So we went to the doctors office they said they're work me in, and there was a 2 hour wait, I was getting sicker in the doctors waiting room. At this point and time I looked over at mom and said, "You know if it is my appendix, I'm gone right now you realise this?" so she decided we'd skip the hospital and go to the ER. So we did and they thought it was the appendix too, and that was kind of scary. Then they did some xrays and bloodwork and it came back as just a severe bacterial infection in my stomach. So after a bunch of iv's for rehydration, one in the neck so they shaved my beard off -.-, and one in the arm, they tried for the hand but it blew out. They shot me full of meds and sent me on my way with some scripts. Just when i got home I got a package from me mate Cyn, tore into, grabbed the red panda plush she sent me and passed out from medication. Missed work today due to it now too............

Anyhow kids I think I'm gonna go get sick again. Happy Nightmares...

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Horrible Weekend ::copied from my vampire freaks journal:::


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Jan 17 @ 3:29AM  
Hey, are you on OKcupid?

Jan 17 @ 12:21PM  
What a horrible few days

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Horrible Weekend ::copied from my vampire freaks journal:::