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Attention fatties!

posted 1/16/2008 10:24:22 PM |
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Ok, this was on another dating site I'm on, but I feel the need to repost:

From some douchebags blog. My response is after the -----

Okay, I have no issue with big women.

However, there are far too many who seem to be totally fucking unaware of themselves. So allow me to dispel a few myths.

1. You will never look good in a tube top.

2. If your shirt is tight around your stomach, but not your breasts, congratulations, you look pregnant.

3. Putting out twice as much, twice as soon as skinny girls does not make you any cooler. Only popular with chubby chasers, not people who will respect you.

4. When you declare, unprovoked "I'm a big girl and proud", you've just told us that you're self conscious about your weight.

5. "BBW" sounds like something related to hamburgers. Translates roughly to "I need to justify my weight".

6. If your pants create a "Foopah", it's time to buy better fitting pants.

7. Dark makeup makes you look both hideous and completely mentally impaired. Especially bad: Black and purple lipstick.

8. Busty would suggest your breasts are big. Not that everything got bigger, so your breasts became proportionally larger.

9. If your top makes excess fat hang out on the outer side of your shoulder straps, congratulations, you've killed every erection within a five mile radius.

10. Short skirts look fuckin' wrong. Combined with the fattest of legs, congratulations, you've got the same feet as everyone's favorite Blue Bomber, Megaman!

11. I'm a guy that digs big booty. Even I don't want to see your thong.

Like I said, I'm not getting down on big girls, in fact I'm on quite good terms with quite a few.
But seriously... don't make everyone suffer.

my response:

Ok... some of the shit said here is the ramblings of a skinny man who's never been with a voluptuous woman.

1. I semi- agree. Most people don't look good in tube tops, because the best way to wear a tube top is to 1) not wear a bra and 2) most people who wouldn't wear a bra don't have the best titties.

2. Yeah, I agree, but this can be said about skinny girls in the itty-bitty-titty-comities as well. No tits, and she just ate. Congrats you just achieved the same thing.

3. The term "chubby chasers" isn't a group of guys who just wanna fuck fat chicks. It's a term for men who describe their tastes in women. I'm a chubby chaser, mostly because I don't find skinny men and women attractive. Not because they make me feel fat (my ex is skinny) but because I actually prefer the look of bigger people. And not gargantuan. There is another term for people that chase those sizes.

4. Who just blurts out in a conversation "I'm a BBW and proud"? Most the time, it's when people around them are talking about sizes, and they feel the need to express themselves. Most women, if they are self-conscious about their weight, will not say anything, or leave the room. If they are saying it, they probably do feel comfortable with their weight and are happy with themselves.

5. Uh, no. BBW is a wonderful term. I'm a BBW, because I AM a beautiful, voluptuous woman. Just because your inner fatty hears BBW and gets a hungry-hard-on doesn't mean everyone else has a problem with it. Just like some people proclaim to be something that they aren't many women proclaim to be a BBW and they are just big and not beautiful, or chubby and pretty.

6. Yeah, I agree.

7. Eh, I agree somewhat. I like goth(ish) girls/guys so I like the black lipstick on some people. Dark purple lipstick is actually better, because it has some colour to it. And it depends on how much eye makeup. Does she look like a raccoon? Then yeah, she needs help.

8. Busty is another misused term. If you saw a fat girl and she has HUGE titties, if she was skinny, she would STILL have big tits. I know people who are big, have gotten bigger, and their tits barely change, or don't change at all. So busty does imply that their boobs are proportionate to their body or bigger.

9. Meh, sometimes it looks horrible, but even on smaller girls, you can't escape the way a shirt makes you look, or where the fat pushes out. Sometimes if I'm unhappy how a shirt pushes my fat, I'll wear an over shirt. But if she doesn't want to, so be it.

10. I don't really like skirts, but I LOVE big legs. I like seeing them in all types of things, sans the mini shorts that push th ass out or the daisy dukes.

11. Eh, well I don't like seeing any bitches thongs, so I can't really argue with you there.

Yeah, I can totally say niggerniggernigger, but I have black friends, It's ok! Shut the fuck up. I doubt your "bigger friends" would agree with everything you'd have to say here, and even if they didn't you sound very outspoken/forceful with your opinions and I doubt they'd want to argue with you face to face, so they would just agree, and you win. But fuck that. That's not how I am.


what do you guys think?

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Jan 16 @ 10:28PM  
Just because your inner fatty hears BBW and gets a hungry-hard-on doesn't mean everyone else has a problem with it.

*giggle* I liked this one!

Jan 16 @ 10:36PM  
sounds like you gave someone hell for all of us

Jan 16 @ 11:36PM  
Wow....What an asshole!! I'm a BBW and proud!!

Jan 16 @ 11:40PM  
What a fucking asshole. Just trying to feel better about himself. Does he have a pic? If not he's probably an ogre. I should talk. I don't have a picture. But for other reasons.
I hate how judgmental people can be. I didn't read the entire thing, but I read quite a bit of what he said.

Jan 17 @ 2:23AM  
Woo glad that you gave that douchebag hell. He deserved it, it's not the outter looks that's important, it's the inner ones! But most guys can't see past physical appearances. Never judge a book by it's cover. And appearances can be deceiving.

Jan 17 @ 3:13AM  
The funny thing is, the title of his blog was "Attention fat bitches"!

Jan 17 @ 7:28AM  
i agree with you.
he doesnt know much about bbw
so he shouldnt write something like that
even when i was kinda thin i had big boobs
it runs in my family

Jan 17 @ 7:58AM  
It's bad enough when you get an unknown saying crap like that.. try having a 'friend' saying it..

some friend.

Props to you for taking a stand!

Jan 17 @ 11:12AM  
Sounds like someone tried to fuck big girls for years...and couldn't.....I can't wait to hear his blog when all the skinny ones turn him down also......

Jan 18 @ 12:04AM  
Give him some more hell when the ass decides to respond. LOL He deserves it. I adore BBW, hell my wife is a BBW. I just don't think he ever had the pleasure of haveing a BBW in his arms LOL. laterz

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Attention fatties!