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Ever wonder...

posted 1/16/2008 2:45:33 AM |
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tagged: whig

if any of it really matters? I mean, I watch these fucking yahoos on TV trying 2 seduce me, lying 2 me, saying anything and promising everything under the sun just 2 get me 2 pull that lever on their behalf, and I have 2 question whether or not it really makes a fucking difference or not? Honestly speaking, they are all pretty much the same guy - except one of them has titties. Normally that would be all the convincing I needed 2 win my vote, but I just cant see myself backing someone so obviously evil (don't believe that bitch iz evil? Just ask Susan McDougal what she thinks. Oh, that's right! She duzn't know anything, duz she? Or, if she duz she izn't talking about it...).Besides, I like my evil sugarcoated, thank U very much! That way its easier 2 choke it down.

Not that evil really gives a shit what I think. I seriously doubt that Hillary iz losing any sleep wondering what she has 2 do 2 garner the DickSlippery vote (Here's a hint: low-cut blouses and mini skirts). I'm sure she has a fucking team of political advisors who are concentrating on neutralizing what they are refering 2 az "The Slippery Effect".

Now that I have dropped out of the race (VOTE WHIG. BITCH!) they have all realized just how important my influence actually iz. Take this blog 4 instance. I'm sure that it iz going 2 be read by at least a dozen people, and that translates directly N2 contributions 2 their respective campaigns. Or the lack thereof, rather. We are talking about literally tens of dollars here. U can't win a fucking election with no goddamn money, son! If U could Dennis Kucinich would be a fucking lock.

But, regardless of who wins the election the fucking polar caps will still be melting, the overall temperature of the world's oceans will still be rising and there will probably still be a mile-wide chunk of iron out there somewheres, hurtling 2wards Earth at 30,000 miles per hour! No matter who takes the oath of office, there will still be children in Iraq and Afganistan who are dying. Some of them will even be ours. Nothing we do on that Tuesday in November iz going 2 make a whit of difference about any of that shit, will it?

But duz that mean we should stop trying? Should we just give up and stick our heads in the sand? Sure...if we want 2 get out asses shot off! Otherwise, we had best get our shit 2gether and start fixing shit B4 polar bears start digging through Manhattan garbage cans looking 4 a meal (Hey, get out of there! That garbage iz some US veterans dinner, goddamnit! He killed beau coup VC 2 pay 4 that shit...), and fucking penguins start fighting seniors 4 space in Boca Raton.

But in all honesty I think its already a wrap. When U consider the state of the Greenland Ice Sheet it has 2 make U wonder if any of it really fucking matters. Somehow I doubt that it duz.

Keeping U posted


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Jan 16 @ 3:23AM  
Hey I'll give you three of my four votes if you give me a cushy g'ment job.... just saying...

Jan 16 @ 5:28AM  
Well kids I told u he was an opinionated mtherfkr!!!
God love him...

we have buttons....

Jan 16 @ 7:07AM  
It matters to me dammit! They need retroactive reverse voting in case your candidate doesn't do as promised.

Jan 16 @ 8:31AM  
We, the voters, have always had the power of recall.....Granted, it's complicated...but it's possible, and HAS been done....

Jan 16 @ 8:54AM  
one putz is as good as another putz........

Jan 16 @ 10:41AM  
The only way there is no change is when people give up trying to make a change. Each person can make only a small difference however many together over time can effect great changes.
Keep yelling, bloging, volunteering for the things you care about and do vote.

Jan 16 @ 3:47PM  
I'mma run ads for you D/S

We'll draw a line in the sand and make a stand (till dinner's done!)

Jan 23 @ 4:20AM  
Oh did I mention we have cookies and special brownies!!! too.....

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Ever wonder...