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Signs of Blog Addiction

posted 1/15/2008 5:58:50 PM |
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10. You check your blog stats a LOT. You occasionally get up in the middle of the night and sneak a peak.

9. Your significant other suspects you are having an affair with your blog. Even when you’re alone with your special person, you do find yourself thinking what your blog might be doing right then…

8. You “mental blog” while driving or on the train, and sometimes even when you are alone in the shower.

7. You filter everything through your post-writing. You can’t watch a movie, see a play, read an article, or share a sweet moment with your special person without thinking of whether it’s blog-worthy.

6. You suffer from “blog envy” when another blogger posts something juicy before you do. You suffer “comment envy” when said post gets 40-something comments – the jerk!

5. You “binge blog” 3 or 4 posts at once—only to feel guilty and empty afterward.

4. You ditched all your real friends for blog friends, because, well, “they understand.”

3. You think, “I can stop at any time.”

2. Your lunch hour has become your “blog hour.” You keep a few posts tucked in your desk in case you need them during the day.

1. After 5 minutes of meeting someone really interesting you ask, “So - do you blog?”

This blog was not meant to offend the masses just annoy an individual I dont need to mention a name

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Jan 15 @ 6:06PM  
Okay, so numbers 10, 8, 7, 6, 3 hold some truth with me. But I don't have a blog addiction, sweetie. Now look, Canu has been blogging all over the place over the past two weeks, and I'm sure Sunny doesn't give him grief like you do me. Right, Sunny?

Here's a kudo!

Jan 15 @ 6:08PM  
That's a good description for Shawn. That's exactly what it should say when you open up the AMD Dicktionary for him....LMAO!!! KUDOS!

Jan 15 @ 6:12PM  
Gee, thanks, Meagan!

Btw, Kim and I talked earlier over the phone when she called me and called me a blog addict. I told her let's make a bet that I can give up blogging longer than she can smoking. She doesn't believe that, but yet she wasn't willing to take the bet.

What do you all think, should she make that bet with me?

Of course I wouldn't be able to blog for like, what, two days after she loses.

Jan 15 @ 6:14PM  
I’m so glad I don’t have this addiction.
Just don’t start one on Chocolate addiction!

Jan 15 @ 6:16PM  
I deny having a blog addiction, but I will own up to my chocolate addiction.

Jan 15 @ 6:20PM  
S' aright Straddle, just blog about'll feel better.....

Jan 15 @ 6:25PM  
DarkKnightWalking that was a great comment!!!

Jan 15 @ 6:28PM  
Okay, DK, my 351st blog coming up then.

Jan 15 @ 6:44PM  
Well Kim, I wasnt going to say anything but since straddle is telling me in his blog that i have an addiction (him making comments in his blogs is one way to get more comments........ ) i just want to say for the record............

Only number 8 applies to me............I dont have a significant other...

but heres a sign to print off and tape onto shawns chest.............

And just because hes being a turkey..........i am going to keep opening your blog and making comments on it so that it rates higher in popularity than his does.....

Jan 15 @ 6:45PM  
Oh My i have to make a nother comment cause i forgot to tell you i was giving you a kudo..............

Jan 15 @ 6:49PM  
but heres a sign to print off and tape onto shawns chest.............

Printing off a copy right now

Jan 15 @ 6:52PM  
BTW Dear... 9 and 1 apply to you as well

Jan 15 @ 6:55PM  
Wow what an awesome blog kim...............another comment for you, kim

Jan 15 @ 6:58PM  
@ Dayna

Feel free to post as many comments on Kim's blog.

Btw, I thought it was a funny blog, and yes, I even gave her a kudo earlier for it.

Jan 15 @ 7:01PM  
Btw, I'm heading on off to watch some election results before American Idol comes on and Kim comes on down here.

See you soon, sweetie!

Jan 15 @ 7:04PM  
I will be over in a few with your new sign

It fits and ya know it

and you better have cookies

Jan 15 @ 7:12PM  
Btw, I thought it was a funny blog, and yes, I even gave her a kudo earlier for it
I knew that Straddle.............. Here kim heres another comment................

Jan 15 @ 7:13PM  

Now I'm gonna go off and mentally write my blog response.

Jan 15 @ 7:48PM  
i wuz gunna write a blog...........but the 12 step program i am on 4 blogging addiction ...........has me a meeting 2 nite

Jan 15 @ 7:59PM  
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just described me!!!!!! (grabbing my face and looking in the mirror with a hand on each cheek and my mouth open like the kid long ago from Home Alone)!!

Jan 15 @ 8:32PM  

Shawn having a blog addiction is like saying he has a chocolate addiction or foot fetish. We all know he is as inocent as they come.

Jan 15 @ 8:35PM  
What can I say....I drink

Jan 15 @ 8:50PM  
whew!!! I feel better now. I'm not a blog addict.

Jan 15 @ 9:36PM  
I'm good.....No addiction here.. though I was worried! lol
I'm thinking that maybe there are other signs? Ya think? These are good dont get me wrong... but.....
Tosses you a Kudo.. because I can!

Jan 15 @ 11:54PM  
Please not ..walk and blog....a public sevice announcement.

Jan 16 @ 3:07AM  
You nailed ME!
but you forgot a few

Comments self just to keep the blog current

begs for kudos just to increase its standings

Posts the same blog on two sites then flips back and forth to read both sets of comments

Secretly perfecting formula to ensure all posts go to popular page

Pimps your blog on other pages

Considers all other blogs to be false blogs!

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Signs of Blog Addiction