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Would you jump to your death, or burn alive?

posted 1/15/2008 4:44:34 AM |
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tagged: life, death, fire, straddle

This is something that would probably be asked in Psychology class. Ever since I saw what happened on 9-11, that question will always probably be debated on which would be best. Some people being afraid of heights, well, that situation may have changed your mind that day and they may have jumped to their death. Others don't like fire, but who's to say they wouldn't have taken their chances on not jumping. This applies to any situation other than what happened on 9-11. I still have the Cincinnati Enquirer the day it happened. In it was a special section devoted to that days event. The newpaper showed a lot of pictures that day of the burning towers, people jumping to their deaths, and the rescue workers working hard to save the innocent people in this tragedy. I'm not really sure what I would have done, but in all likelyhood I would have stayed in the tower and taken my chance instead of jumping (I mean, who on earth would have ever thought the towers would collapse? ). What would you have done?

This question can also mean in any other situation with a tall building and a fire where chances were slim to none of getting out of the building alive and at least 50 stories up with no water down below to cushion your fall.

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Jan 15 @ 4:58AM  
burning alive is considered one of the most painful ways to die. where as jumping to my death would be exhilerating (sorry can't spell today), until everything (relative to me) simply ceased to be. Both offer a potential to take others out with you, being on fire the easier of the two to use. What can I say? I love a challenge.
On a slightly less, or maybe more, morbid point. I remember some guy jumped out of one of the towers and basically hopped his way to the ground through the stream of debris. By breaking his fall repeatedly, he managed to live suffering only a broken leg.
Finally, Re: jumping to your death, its not how far you fall, its what you land on/in. A friend whose physics is much better than mine explained this to me one day. If you fell from free orbit and landed in a foot or more of snow, in theory, you'd be fine. If you fell into the ocean from free orbit, the pico-second so much as your hair touched the water, your bones would shatter like glass, before you mercifully died. Concrete, well we all know what that would be like.

Jan 15 @ 5:01AM  
But on 9-11 all that was an option was concrete and vehicles.

Jan 15 @ 5:24AM  
true, still I'd enjoy the ride down.

Jan 15 @ 5:37AM  

Jan 15 @ 5:40AM  
I'd jump to my death.

It'd be too painful to be burnt alive, plus it takes forever to lose consciousness and i'm too much of a wuss to handle that much pain.

At least if you jumped, your descent to the ground would be painless.Landing would be a breeze because you'd pass on impact. The worst case scenario is that you survive, only to live your life as a cripple.

Jan 15 @ 6:12AM  
I'd jump

Jan 15 @ 7:57AM  
Skirting the provided options as usual I'd say carry a cyanide capsule in your wallet and avoid choosing between two horrifying alternatives. Maybe invest in a parachute too.

Jan 15 @ 8:09AM  

Jan 15 @ 8:26AM  
well the first thing would be start praying for courage then jump

Jan 15 @ 8:40AM  
Its very hard to say unless you are in this situation.Lets hope we never have to make a decison like this.

Jan 15 @ 9:26AM  
I'm with secretpassions.. let's hope we never have to find out. I'd prolly give myself a heart attack out of panic.. so the point would be moot.

Jan 15 @ 10:19AM  
What a depressing question. Get back to your weird and deviant
sex blogs, Ok?

Jan 15 @ 11:10AM  
i'd find a spiderman suit and climb down the side of the building...........

Jan 15 @ 11:43AM  
It is simply a matter of time and pain.

The rate of fatality skyrockets above 20 feet. I used to be in a field where I worked on 18 inch wide beams 90 feet above the floor. One mistake and (at the time) there was a 185 pound pizza with my drivers license in the back pocket...a thousand one...a thousand two...a thou...splat.

Fire can be slow and excruciating.

Kind of a no brainer, Shawn. If you think about it, how common is suicide by jumping compared to by fire?

Jan 15 @ 12:25PM  
Neither are attractive options.
Depending on the height of the building the fall can last for a long time. People that fall when their passenger liner explodes for instance can fall for several minutes and they may not lose consciousness though you'd hope that the thin air and shock of it all would render them senseless.
If a person is used to falling, an experienced skydiver or acrobat, aerialist that would probably be the best option but for an average person the choice would be agonizing. Though I think death by falling/impact is the more humane of the two.

Jan 15 @ 12:35PM  
Of course in a 9/11 type situation there would probably be enough twisted metal and broken glass that you could cut your wrists and just fade out. Or if you live in a conceal carry state maybe you or another would have a handgun and could go out real fast.

Jan 15 @ 12:40PM  
Jump! Jumo! Jump! but hopefully not land on someone and kill them , too.
Fire is NOT the way I want to die...only drowning would be worse.

Jan 15 @ 1:34PM  
I would plunge my own fingers into my liver! Death by liver fingering!

Jan 15 @ 3:01PM  
eeeeewe can I cover myself with honey and roll on a fire ant nest?

Jan 15 @ 4:09PM  
Well i was going to try to make a funny out of this but i failed.......... What happened at the twin towers was horrifying enough to watch, i cant even imagine what those ppl went thru..........hopefully the ones that did die in fires.......had already passed out by smoke inhalation.......but for me........i dont know, i guess maybe at the last second i would probably jump but up until then i would hope to be saved.........

Jan 15 @ 6:12PM  
Jump....I'm big enuff that I could possibly hold out my shirt and hope for a parachute kinda landing......Thank God for being a BBW....My padding for the landing!!

Jan 15 @ 6:15PM  
@ Sunshine79's comment

Damn, Meagan, I can't stop laughing after that comment now.

Jan 15 @ 9:10PM  
Jump? Or burn to death? Wow...if those were my only options...I would jump....after having a long and serious argument with myself to get up the courage...but then again...with flames ready to burn my ass....wouldn't take much arguing.

Jan 16 @ 12:39AM  
I would jump after I was on fire so I could burn to death in midair!!

Feb 1 @ 3:38AM  
Better to go with a quick bang rather than a slow sizzle,

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Would you jump to your death, or burn alive?