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posted 1/15/2008 1:01:34 AM |
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Ya no, I go away for the weekend, it was my granddaughters 13th birthday. I had such a good time, she is so beautiful at 13. I made her favorite cake, her favorite dinner.

I came back today, get on the puter, looking at the blogs that everyone has done since I been gone, then I start seeing peeps wanting my position. WTF is up with that. I'm not dead, I don't think, but let me feel myself just to make sure.........BRB!!

OK Sorry that took so long, but it felt good,and I had to redo the feeler thang!!

Anyway, then I read I be Dayna's Blog.............OMG I told her I was doing this, I told her a week ago. So what happens when she sees me on line, I get all kinds a stuff like, where you been etc.... I mean come on, I TOLD HER!!!

Oh btw, I feel pretty damned good if I do say so myself, wanna feel. OH wait back to the bitching thang! NO ONE IS TAKING MY POSITION, I WILL DIE THE KUDO WHORE, AND NO I'M NOT DEAD, I JUST FELT!!!

I be Dayna, I can't believe you forgotted I had that planned, I mean we event talked about how special the 13 birthday is for a child!!!!

OK so I'm back and let the green thingy ma bobs commence from now till I died dammit!!!!!!

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Jan 15 @ 1:09AM  
Oh Dede..........the shame I feel..........i forgetted.....i got confuzzaled.....I so sorry........I give you a kudo.........if i had a fake profile....i would give you nother kudo........but i dont......i thorry..........i will come back in 24 hrs tho and give nother kudo..........can you ever forgive me?


Bad dayna bad bad dayna...........tho one thing about can always tell me secrets cause i never remember long enough to tell them to anyone........

Jan 15 @ 1:09AM  
kudo #1

Jan 15 @ 1:10AM  

I guess it was #2

Jan 15 @ 1:16AM  
Oh gawd Dayna, get off ur knees unless your ummm ummm ummmm you know!!!

Your forgiven already!!!

Jan 15 @ 1:19AM  
I knew the begging would get you.................


Jan 15 @ 1:30AM  
if you get to feel ... do i get a scratch and sniff


Jan 15 @ 1:32AM  
I be DeDe....

I was collecting kudo's for you while you were away....But a few people..Names not mentioned... Was trying to come to my house and bribe me with help packing for the box of kudo's....

Jan 15 @ 1:37AM  
.But a few people..Names not mentioned... Was trying to come to my house and bribe me with help packing for the box of kudo's.

*Waits for package from I be Tammy*

Jan 15 @ 1:58AM  
Dede...I fought them off and slapped them with wet panties ..and still they came...

Jan 15 @ 2:06AM  
*Waits for package from I be Tammy*

I will ship it tomorrow....

*whispers to self...She is not getting that box, I am using as a bribe*

Jan 15 @ 2:33AM  
Excuse me, I must interject some AMD law here...

Kudos are a form of attention, therefore as AMD's very first, most beloved, attention whore, It is my right to get ALL the kudos!!!

Who all gave you kudos, I'm getting a list together!

EVERYONE tag your blogs canu for a couple days now that people are counting!

Jan 15 @ 3:13AM  
Is Canu dreaming again????

Jan 15 @ 3:43AM  
I hacked the kudo distribution algorithm and I am willing to

Jan 15 @ 5:44AM  
all i know is you left....i fell asleep and she painted my car

Jan 15 @ 6:38AM  

Jan 15 @ 6:48AM  
anything for peace and quiet.

Jan 15 @ 7:33AM  
Welcome Back.... DeDe.....
I must say I sure did miss seeing those Beautiful Bewbies!!!
Ya know, I'm a Ass man...but your bewbies are winning me over!!! WTF?
Tosses you a Kudo... cause I want too!

Jan 15 @ 8:34AM  
well you should have done a doozie of a blog before you left kudo whore! I mean come on you are done to third so ummm guess you better either start writing or bribing

Jan 15 @ 9:17AM  
I think I might need to test the not dead theory myself.. c'mere.. let me feel.

Jan 15 @ 11:13AM  
wait your turn squirrel............

Jan 15 @ 2:49PM  
*tapping foot impatiently thumbing through the book...*

See right here rule number 12, sub section D paragraph 56 clearly states "in the event two or more members are in dispute over kudos, or their equal distribution there of of said kudos, the kudo whore must either willing surrender disputed kudos, or give one female midget in exchange."

Rules are rules hehehe I want my midget now!

Jan 15 @ 8:28PM  
OMFG Dayna!!! Those pictures are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Sis!!!!!!!! Missed seeing ya here dammit!!!!!!!

And a belated Happy Birthday for your granddaughter

And here's your green thing-a-ma-jiggy....been saving it just for you.

What???? I was saving it...............honestly!

Jan 16 @ 1:00AM  
Umm I runned outta kudos every day while you was gone but now that you're back here's one I found special fer you

Jan 19 @ 1:33AM  
Tell " Tewters" I said hello

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