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Got Fears???

posted 1/14/2008 7:32:06 PM |
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Just sat here thinking about the things that I am afraid of, and they range from little things like mice and snakes to bigger things like the day I have to face the death of my parents, and my children becoming seriously ill or getting seriously injured

....... BUT.... However... If I had to pick one damn thing that I am afraid of the most, it is drowing.

I hate going swimming. Now this is probably because I never learned how, or because my dad passed his fear on to me.

Whatever the reason may be, I don't like to stick my head under the water. I begin to panic, and hyperventilate ...... sounds stupid right?????? But showers don't bother me at all.... so.... what are you afraid of??

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Jan 14 @ 7:38PM  
Believe it or not I hate spiders. However, I can't kill them. I do try to catch them with something and release them outside away from the house.

Jan 14 @ 7:46PM  
Falling.. not a little fall.. the big pavement poisoning, deceleration trauma type falling. Scares the bejeezus out of me.

Jan 14 @ 7:46PM  
My biggest fear in life is something happening to my daughter, son in law or grandchildren. Close second is that someday I will get alzheimers and not know any of them. I will be with them but not know who they are or remember them.

My phobia is those things that come out at night with pointy teeth and fly........I even hate the word.... Ewwwwwww

btw,,Happy Belated Birthday!!

Jan 14 @ 7:47PM  
Yep...spiders, big fat hairy spiders. Pretty much any kind of big creepy, crawly bug with long yucky legs and spiny tenticals.

And high the Mighty Mack...and the Sunshine Skyway...prolly the GoldenGate too. I can ride across them with little problem...but can't drive across 'em.

And heights...had a hot air balloon pilot try and tell me "there's no sensation of height"...bullshit! I'm 100 feet in the air...I'm gonna fall!

And midgets...that's another story...

Jan 14 @ 7:54PM  
Bugs and crawly or slithery critters don't bother me, and I am going to have to go with CL on this one - the loss of one of my girls, or their being injured in some way that I am helpless. Sorry but this bear has a mean growl when somebody tries to do harm to them.

Jan 14 @ 7:59PM  
casually.... thanks for the Happy Birthday!

sundance.... hell.... I would be scared of midgets too.... most especially after reading canu's latest blog!!!!! lmfao!!!!!!!

Jan 14 @ 8:03PM  
What about the fears I can't name out loud? The ones I don't want to admit to? The ones that wet my pillow when I cry about them in the still of the night? I'm not admitting to any of those.

Jan 14 @ 8:05PM  

Jan 14 @ 8:19PM  
Gonna sound funny, me being a Michigan native..but I fear crossing the "Mighty Mac"...(Mackinaw Bridge for those who don't know what I'm referring too). Yep...I've had that fear since I heard the news story some 20 years back of the woman whose little Subaru got blown over the bridge because of the high winds. I can't swim to save my life..and that's quite an expanse of water that bridge goes over.

Jan 14 @ 8:26PM  
I won't lie...I'm afraid of water too. Taking a shower is fine for me, but what scares me is going into really deep water, especially a place like the ocean. I think my fear stems from the fact that I'm basically helpless in water; I can swim, but not faster than something like a shark. Not to mention, being stranded in the middle of the ocean would SUCK. One can only tread water for so long. I'm not too fond of spiders either :-P.

Jan 14 @ 8:27PM  
Death, snakes, heights, prison and getting in a fight. Only because I have a bad temper and I'm afraid I might accidentally kill someone. I'm not a violent person. But the last fight I was in I repeatedly smashed a guys head into a wall. When I get angry I lose control. I never laid a hand on a woman though. Does anyone else have this fear?

Jan 14 @ 8:35PM  
looking4ever..... deep down, I think that we ALL have some of those fears that you mention... yup.... I know I do.....

lookingforsomefun..... I don't think that I will ever piss YOU off..... lol!!!!

Jan 14 @ 8:39PM  
I have a big snake you dont have to be affraid of , want to hop on it for a ride and break your fear ?

Jan 14 @ 8:44PM  
Fuck I forgot about airplanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. Being a passenger in someone else car. I don't trust other people's driving because I'm not in control. Police because most of them I encountered are corrupt. They always have a power trip and they can do what they want. They can take you to jail for jogging and not having your drivers license on you. If they don't like you, or you have a little bit of a attitude towards them, they can just make up shit and throw you in jail. I hate cops. The law is fucked up. Sorry.

Jan 14 @ 8:48PM  
I wouldn't hit a women. I'll let a women beat the fuck out of me. I'm a pacifist for the most part. I think fighting is stupid. But I will defend myself if I need to. I usually try and talk my way out of a fight. But if some guy punches me, that's when I lose control.

Jan 14 @ 8:53PM  
I'm absolutely terrified of spiders & heights.

Jan 14 @ 8:55PM  
Besides something happening to my child or my family, my biggest fear is walking on anything I can see threw!! How crazy is that! No rope bridges, no grating....I have panic attacks seeing others do it!!

Jan 14 @ 9:09PM  
this is (Keith) the things that SCARE me is loosing my parents, somthing happening to my kids or grandbaby... or not being able to keep my wife happy... she is a great woman and takes real good care of me... good blog... thanks...

Jan 14 @ 9:19PM  
missing either of my grandsons weddings............

Jan 14 @ 9:35PM  
The IRS !!

Jan 14 @ 9:41PM  
I have a phobia about dead birds, probably because as a kid we'd go to Lakes Huron and Erie and there'd be dead birds and fish all over the beaches (1960s and '70s). I'd even have nightmares about being under piles of the things.

I have mostly gotten over my fear of heights but as a kid I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs taller than me if I could see through them.

I'm also afraid of Looking4ever.

Fortunately I think the worst fears we have are not likely to happen to us as we take precautions to avoid being in those situations.

Jan 14 @ 9:52PM  
Well besides loosing my girls....heights and snakes!!!

Jan 14 @ 10:21PM  
don't have any phobias, so just the usually my death & imminent danger type fears. I get twitchy around bees (ever since I accidently stood on a hive when I was a kid), but I actually really kinda like the fuzzy little guys (or gals, eunuchs, or what have you). Wait, now that I think about it a little more, I am scared of heights, but then again, I'm also drawn to them. I wonder what that says about me.

Jan 14 @ 10:27PM  
I'm with Casually & Words on this one. Alzheimer's runs in my family and starts at a fairly early age and only effects the women. That's too frightening for words

Jan 14 @ 10:47PM  
My fear is my mom getting alzheimers, and not remembering me - being a care aide I work with lots of elderly and their families - it is devastating for the families - and as for my fears - I am afraid of bears LOL, guess that comes from growing up near the woods. I can also somewhat relate to lookingforsomefun152 about the getting into a fight thing - so I never lose my cool, as I would hate to see what happens if I did!

Jan 14 @ 11:21PM  
oops...... I suppose that I should've spelled drowning correctly!!! Some damn teacher that I am!!!!!! lol!!!!!

Jan 14 @ 11:22PM  
my greatest fear is living my life alone

Jan 15 @ 12:11AM  
Wasp's & Bee's. When I was 4 years old, a bumblebee crawled up my pants. When it could go no farther, it started stinging! IF I see them first, I can overcome it (to a point) but when........ well, you know...... you're sitting outside and out of the blue one will buzz right by your head......... I just FREAK !

Jan 15 @ 1:22AM  
Failure,heights,losing my memories,eventual,now I've went and made myself sad.

Jan 15 @ 2:12AM  
I'm scared...

Jan 15 @ 8:48AM  
What about the fears I can't name out loud? The ones I don't want to admit to? The ones that wet my pillow when I cry about them in the still of the night? I'm not admitting to any of those.

Yeah L4E I have to agree with you on this one.. and they really suck to think about them in the daylight hours

Jan 16 @ 5:56AM  
The fear of being alone shivers me but hell Im not afraid to say it......
just the idea of some fucker smashing the hell out of my melons freeks me out...

Jan 16 @ 8:26PM  
Spiders....Ergh. Ihate them. Even little baby ones make me panic. Ihave really bad eyesite, and one morning at about 5am I hobbled half asleep down the hall to use the bathroom, flicked the light on and saw what appeared to be a large piece of rolled up black hair on the ground. I bent down to pick it up, only to realise to my horror that it was THE HEEEE-YEEEWWWWWWWWJJJIIISSTT black spider I have ever seen...with these icky spindly black legs..ewewew. My flatmates received an early awakening in the form of a hysterical me, screaming at the top of my lungs to "kiilllll it.....aaaaaaeeegh!"

I have a mortal fear of dying without achieveing anything....

And heights....HATE EM

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