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Muse, but not amusing

posted 1/14/2008 6:19:07 PM |
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When I first joined AMD 5 years ago.... I was looking for some of that there "FREE SEX". (Still looking.... .. but that's beside the point) For a long time I would only log in a couple times a year to see if there was someone new in my area, or to check out the new photo's. (in the old days, you could email for one week on free trial, then it was "pay to play" but photo's were always accessable)

Then sometime last year, AMD announced they were changing their price structure. You could now email for free! BUT..... you had to be "gold" to view photo's.... unless you were a current member in which case you were "grandfathered" in IF you logged in at least once a week. Ok....... I wanted to keep my viewing priviliges..... but I really didn't have a good reason to log in EVERY week.

Then..... I discovered the blogs! That was not quite a year ago..... if my memory serves me correctly......
Anyway....... I was quickly hooked. The topics varried and if one didn't interest me, 3 others would. Some fun, some flirting..... occasional nuggets of wisdom and insight and things generally flowed along. Not sure at what point folks started getting snippy, but it was noticable over time. Things hit a real low point this summer (won't go into THAT) and it's been trying with mixed success to climb back up out of that morass.

Around Christmas time I wondered if this diversion had run it's course and it was time to find a better place; if it existed. I decided to start spending more time on "vanilla" match doctor blogs. They have a larger member base and at least 3 times the amount of blogs per day so it's pretty hard for a part timer to keep up. But in the past few weeks I've noticed they are not much different from here. They have a fair share of moderately intelligent folks that write on all sorts of topics and jokes. And, they have their share of the vocal minority; left wing lunitics, right wing storm troopers, mental migets and other assorted shit stirrers.

I was catching up today after spending the weekend with family and I see there was a poo flinging session over the weekend. While it didn't rival AMD in intensity or obscenity laced tirades, it was enough that a couple people resigned, including one of the blog moderators! So much for finding a haven in the storm.

So........ that's it. No questions. No conclusions. Well, a question of sorts with no immediate answer. I wonder whether this slide into Jerry Springer territory is ir-reversable or fixable.

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Jan 14 @ 6:27PM  
I blame Al Queida

Jan 14 @ 6:32PM  
So, when you coming to see your cousin again? It was your cousin, right?

Jan 14 @ 6:35PM  
Cousins..... Uncle....... probably in Feb. Need to check the Purdue BB Schedule. Why.... U want to get a beer at Preston's??

Jan 14 @ 6:41PM  
Like most things in life there is a swing to this pendulum as well. This will calm down for a while then it will get bad again ‘tis the way of blogs and human nature enjoy the show!

Jan 14 @ 6:41PM  
I blame global warming.

Jan 14 @ 6:41PM  
So, I started out on and am still on the "vanilla" side of MD and yeah the people over there,
some of them, have been acting a mite crazy lately.

But I assure you it happens on forums everywhere.

There is another forum, much larger than MD, that I frequent and we have some of the same crap there.
The difference is a larger audience so its not quite as personal and incestuous.

MD is like a family (with no real rules) and you know how hard it is to get along with your family sometimes.


Jan 14 @ 6:49PM  
U want to get a beer at Preston's??

Maybe not Preston's but I'd love to meet up for a beer or hot beverage (which is sounding really good on a cold day like today)!

Jan 14 @ 6:54PM  
I guess that's my problem, Zaftik...... I came from a very large extended family and we all got along great.
I didn't know what dysfunctional was until I married it.

Jan 14 @ 7:44PM  
I'm not quite sure who I am blaming for what, but I blame Kaptain Kangaroo!!!! What???? doesn't anyone remember him and Mr. Green jeans????

Jan 14 @ 8:20PM  
I wonder whether this slide into Jerry Springer territory is ir-reversable or fixable.

Working on getting rid of the negativity right now

Jan 14 @ 8:34PM  
poo flinging session

I was wondering about the assorted stains I saw all over the place when I got back.

I blame the's an election year ya everyone all crazed

Jan 14 @ 10:47PM  
I blame PMS.

Hell...I blame PMS for everything!

Pamprin for everyone!!! Yeah!!!

Jan 14 @ 11:29PM  
Hey...wait a minute...I thought I was your muse? So, all those things you said to me about inspiring you and uplifting you...that was all bullshit? And, and...and what about the painting - did you really paint my picture on the ceiling Sixteen Chapel? You said you wanted my children! They're packed and ready to go...and now this??? I'm so hurt...

Seriously, I found the same thing on every site I've been on. T'is the nature of the beast?


Jan 14 @ 11:30PM  
I blame PMS. I blame Al Queida. I blame global warming. I blame Kaptain Kangaroo!!!!

It's a freak combination of the Teletubbies and Canu's midget fetish causing all this mess! It's just NOT right. On SO many levels.

Jan 15 @ 12:15AM  
Teletubbies and midgets......... that's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Might just be something to it............

Btw........ you DO inspire and... um.... UPlift me..........

Jan 15 @ 4:54AM  
Oh yeah, every site has it's drama.

Jan 15 @ 7:21AM  
It would be nice to have a Usenet-style killfile into which we could put people we dislike. Out of sight, out of mind.

Jan 15 @ 8:55AM  
Well I blame it on the fact that everyone is now an 'agent for change'!

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Muse, but not amusing