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Guys, would you let your lover wax your chest, back, and balls?

posted 1/13/2008 2:04:43 PM |
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tagged: kinky, humor, straddle

Last night I got my back waxed. Yes, I had some hair back there, and for a while now Kim has been bugging me about wanting to wax me. She wanted to hear me yell and scream in pain, but it didn't happen, as I laid on my stomach across her bed. Actually it wasn't that painful at all, and since I didn't yell or scream it took the fun out of it for her. She told me that she's tried that once to her ex where she only did him with ONE strip before he wouldn't let her finish because it hurt too much. All I have to say is what a pussy. I have seen guys on tv yell and scream, and one movie comes to mind (The 40 Year Old Virgin), ya know, where the virgin was on top of the table yelling and screaming like a big pussy. Okay, so it's tv, do the actors scream because it adds to comedy, or does it really hurt them, or both? I say it's a combination of the two. My question to you guys are would you let your lover wax your chest or back? Ladies, how much would you really want to wax your guy because you really cared about helping him out to look better, or would you do it for your own selfish motives such as getting a laugh out of him suffering in pain if he's a screamer?

Thinking of letting Kim wax my balls next.......NOT! Yeah, I'll admit, that would be painful!

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Jan 13 @ 2:09PM  
Hell no

Jan 13 @ 2:09PM  
no stop you know how I feel about hair on men are ya nuts man

Jan 13 @ 2:12PM  
No I dont think I would want to do that to him..........Kinda like when i got my eyes tatooed for permanent eye liner, my husband sat and watched that whole painful ordeal and than said some people sure are sick when they will pay that much money to be put in pain.............I told him some are even sicker to watch it..........

Jan 13 @ 2:19PM  
I would my chest . I don't have any hair on my back. My chest isn't that hairy, but I'd let a woman wax it. Fuck most of the time I shave my chest and I'm proud of it. Fuck I don't even let my facial hair grow. I look better without a beard. My balls fuck no.

Jan 13 @ 2:21PM  
I was just talking about you with someone on Yahoo messenger...

Jan 13 @ 2:26PM  
Well let me just say, you take the f out of way and that's your answer (G)

Jan 13 @ 2:27PM  
Let me guess, it's Tom (OMG71)? lol I have him on the phone right now.

Jan 13 @ 2:28PM  
Nothing is ever a secret around here

Jan 13 @ 2:33PM  
One of my friends is an antshe...antistision,,,,no thats not right either,,,tuff spell,,,a makeup artist/techican....she has two male clients and she waxes (hot waxes) every thing from the waist down, and I mean everything

Jan 13 @ 2:36PM  
OUCH! Everything huh?

Jan 13 @ 2:38PM  
Green Bay won yesterday

Now I need Dallas to lose this afternoon so GB can have home field advantage..

Jan 13 @ 2:43PM  
for a policeman fundraiser, they wax some policeman on top of some pool tables in a bar...

they thought they wouldn't have to get waxed as they shaved their legs...

so they waxed his underarms..... OUCH...

he never screamed.... but there were at least 100 witnessess

but you should have seen his face....

they raise a lot of money

Jan 13 @ 3:05PM  
are you kiddin man !! ?

hasn't anyone ever heard of hair removal cream.
spread it on and wash it off in the shower five minutes later,how simple could it be.
how would i know.? eeer I mistook a bottle for shampoo once,yeah that was it...

Jan 13 @ 3:07PM  
@ Tassie

But where's the fun in stripping the hair away?

Jan 13 @ 3:12PM  
fun in stripping....

come on...

put caramel sauce on those balls...

but if you want just the feel of hot wax on your balls... well, a candle works well on that...

if you are looking for pain.... just use some clamps...

just sayin

Jan 13 @ 3:14PM  
I have never tried the candle wax. Last night was the first time I have ever been waxed however.

Jan 13 @ 3:19PM  
I used to get my sons to help me wax my legs...

they loved the thought of making mom yelling in pain...
then I stopped yelling and they stopped helping..

I used the wax strips that you merely warm up to body temperature...
not the hot wax...

and yeah, friend told me that hair removal cream works well...

it just depends.... is it all just about the smoothness... true nakeness?

or the threshold of pleasure/pain?

Because there are just so many options

Jan 13 @ 3:24PM  
If I Had a Lover a Real Lover... not just any woman with a split.. if ya know what I mean? lol... and she didnt like the back,chest, Pubic hair... I would let her, if she wanted..... and Hell if she wanted me to be in Pain... I could be a "Screamer" if she wanted that!! What can I say I'm a pleaser....! lol
But I do have to say.. most all the women that Ive been with Loved the Hair! Especially the Chest!
My 2 cents!

Jan 13 @ 3:24PM  
well, i shave my whole body, minus my head, and face occasionally, because i used to swim competitively on the local team. i didnt have a whole lot of hair anyway, except on my chest, and my happy trail. but i got into shaving everything just cuz it was easier.

women (in general) seem to like it shaved a lot more.

Jan 13 @ 3:27PM  
I quit using Nair a few years ago for certain areas. The stuff stinks.

The hot wax and stripping, now that the way to go.

Yeah, Shysexykitten, seems like when you don't show pain they stop helping you with the waxing. What is it with people wanting to see others suffering in pain? lol

Kim I don't think is now interested in waxing me anymore since I didn't show any pain. But I told her that She's going to wax me again when it comes time.

Jan 13 @ 3:29PM  
I'mma freak so yeah... provided I got something gooder in return...

Jan 13 @ 3:30PM  
what the hell.......why not......then i can say i done it.........

Jan 13 @ 3:30PM  
Well, what triggered last night with her wanting to wax me was she noticed that I was totally clean shaven when I took my bath last night. Shaved my legs, armpits, chest, face, and arms. So then she wanted to make it all perfect with a clean shaven back. I'm sure when she get's home from work after 7pm tonight she will tell you about it too if she decides to post a comment about all this on my blog.

Jan 13 @ 3:50PM  
i would be willing to let my s/o use an epilady on any part of me she wanted to ..... now because i am willing to do that ... waxing wouldnt be that big of a deal now would it


Jan 13 @ 4:02PM  
What is it with people wanting to see others suffering in pain?

maybe it's not so much the just hearing screaming...

.... I scream even louder when I am really enjoying myself with a great partner

personally I've never heard it lots... but the thought of having a man screaming in front of me.... mmmmm .... possible turn on...

Maybe instead of not screaming.... you just moan & groan....

I'm sure she will gladly do the waxing then.

Jan 13 @ 4:04PM  
I would only wax him if he wanted me to do it but I would encourage him to get it professionally least at first. Inflicting pain? No, I don't want to do that.

Jan 13 @ 4:37PM  
Now I need Dallas to lose this afternoon
BAD Tammy.bad bad

waxing wouldnt be that big of a deal
Not after an epilady.....

Thinking of letting Kim wax my balls next.......NOT!
Aw, come on Shawn, where's your sense of adventure?

If he wanted me to, I would. But no desire to put someone I care about in pain....

Jan 13 @ 5:46PM  

Not on your life

Jan 13 @ 5:53PM  
*goes out and gets a few shot guns and loads of ammo*

Nope, no waxin going to go on here.

Jan 13 @ 6:14PM  
NOW...*we now go to our unscheduled programming*

Green Bay won yesterday

Now I need Dallas to lose this afternoon so GB can have home field advantage..


Jan 13 @ 6:37PM  
I'd let a midget do it!

Jan 13 @ 7:14PM  
Now I need Dallas to lose this afternoon so GB can have home field advantage..

no no no no no.....Dayna, you told me she was really sweet and nice....She wants my boys to lose......

Jan 13 @ 7:33PM  
no no no no no.....Dayna, you told me she was really sweet and nice....She wants my boys to lose......
I'm sorry Treas...........she promised me 3 kudos for every person I told that too......

Jan 13 @ 7:51PM  


Jan 13 @ 9:15PM  


Jan 13 @ 11:41PM  
I had a feeling he might enjoy getting waxed a bit to much. He does like pain a little to much. But since he didn't mind the back waxing I think next time I will have to go for the balls

I do like a clean shaved or waxed man

Jan 14 @ 2:41AM  
DALLAS got their balls waxed by NY GIANTS

Jan 15 @ 12:39AM  
DALLAS got their balls waxed by NY GIANTS
That's not very nice...although very true. Unfortunately.
That's why I was cryin up there ^^^^^
I was screaming at my didn't seem to help

Jan 15 @ 11:03AM  
Dip your head in wax and save money on haircuts!!

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Guys, would you let your lover wax your chest, back, and balls?