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Facial hair (is it as good for you as it is for me?)

posted 1/13/2008 8:43:56 AM |
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tagged: canu, facial hair

I'm a firm believer in men having facial hair, mainly because we can. I think its a form of self-expression (as hair in general is) and as such when I see I guy with unique facial hair, especially in a style that requires a lot of maintainance I think to myself, thinks I, he must be cool and interesting. When I see a clean-shaved guy with a generic hair cut, I assume he's dull. I usually keep the ole stand-by, a goatee, on my chiny-chin chin, and clean up my cheeks when I need to look especially professional. Otherwise, I rock the five o'clock shadow look. Lately, I've been developing more of a light beard as every time I go to shave I see my reflection and think you know that's actually lookin' kinda good and end up doing a little trim here and there, but nothing extra. Anyway, I was just wondering what the ladies thought about it (pro/con?), assuming it's well maintained. Guys, too, especially if you gents have a pro-facial hair message to add. What's your favorite style? The porn-stache? Friendly chops (mutton chops with a mustache connection and no beard)? The Fu-man-chu (how does one grow one?)? The soul patch?

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Jan 13 @ 8:48AM  
I had a V shapred goatee for a long time I even died it purple, it faded to smurf blue! I shaved it down to apply for a new job since people with a blue V shaped goatee aren't really the first choice for employers lol..

then again I am a musician I get away with being "too cool for others to follow!"

Jan 13 @ 8:49AM  
I'm trying ti kick-off a new trend with my braided nostril hair.

Jan 13 @ 8:57AM  
I love mustaches
I like the kind that come down to the chin
It's fun to groom them and keep them trimmed for your man....

Not real big on full beards though......


Jan 13 @ 8:58AM  
Ah, but looks can be deceiving! Just because you think someone with a ordinary hair cut would be dull...ah! I have found that sometimes they are truly a surprise...Some make up for the lack of personality with interesting facial hair. No?

Jan 13 @ 8:59AM  
it depends on the man....... I usually like my men to be clean shaven, however.... I have been with some that are very scruffy, and still I have been with some that have the facial hair but did a good job keeping it trimmed.... sometimes I think men with beards look dishonest, but then I think about abe lincoln!! lol!!!

Jan 13 @ 9:42AM  
Mind if we just use you blog to post absolutely off topic comments for a while?

Green leeches are doing back flips of breast mints!

Jan 13 @ 9:54AM  
I dunno... guys keep bitching about how my beard tickles when I nuzzle them.

Jan 13 @ 10:42AM  
I am not lying when I say I once died my pubes purple too!
No really I was doing my goatee my band had a gig at a meat market where I was hoping for a goth freak to take home!

That didn't happen...

The purple pubes faded to smurf berry blue and it looked real funny by the time I hooked up with someone

Jan 13 @ 10:50AM  
well I can't handle a man that has facial hair all the way to his belly though
I mean that is just sooooo especially when ummm he eats

Jan 13 @ 11:06AM  
mmmm....breast mints. Two great tastes that go great together

@Nacho, if I was clean shaven, I'm sure I would appreciate your tickly beard against my skin.

@Lisa, damn and here I was contemplating going for the braided beard viking look.

@Canu, serious question about dying the pubes: did you have to bleech first? wouldn't that be kinda ouchie? My hair was blue once, the dye kept coming out on pillows and towels. So I'm figuring it you must have looked like you were REAL rough on smurfette

hijack away, So long as it keeps me on top. hmm, not sure that sounded right...
I mean, the more the merrier. hmm, a little better but still not sounding right

*wonders off to contemplate how leeches can do back flips*

Jan 13 @ 11:38AM  
I had this product from a company called N'Rage that makes a one step coloring process, you mix the powder with the creme and cover, I only colored hair in the pubic area as I shave the ones on my genitals.

If you say TMI I will say shouldn't have asked

Jan 13 @ 11:42AM  
For me personally, I dont mind a mustache but normally a a turn off .........tho there are a few select men that contradicts that statement.........

Jan 13 @ 11:58AM  
thinking about canu's genitals almost made me forget the question I think it is a huge turn on when a man has a nicely trimmed mustache and goatee. If they have a shaved head also.....

Jan 13 @ 12:05PM  
I think a man with a goatee is sexy....and a hairy chest to go with it....that is hawt!!!

Jan 13 @ 12:18PM  
I like it all!!!
Nothing like being decisive eh?
I like clean shaved it looks neat and clean and feels nice.
I like a beard and mustache also so manly and rough.
I really like a goatee I think that’s a after effect of my misspent youth watching Star Trek and seeing Spock in that goatee in Mirror Mirror oh yes, so HOT!!!…….. Oops where was I? Ah yes, not sure on the purple would have to see that
The only thing I don’t like is when it’s at that just long enough stage that when we kiss and really get into I end up with my facial skin all roughed up from the friction. Not fun!


Jan 13 @ 12:34PM  
*clammers through blog causing a ruckus*
A ruckus he said?

*yes a ruckus I say*

How dare you sir!

We should duel, goatees at ten paces!

Jan 13 @ 12:56PM  
shaved heads are awesome. even though looking is right about looks being decieving, I always have respect for men with shaved heads. It either means, he started to go bald and took matters into his own hands (most guys seem to say they would but then you see all the toupees and comeovers and other such hairstyles that say to me "I'm both obsessed with my looks and ugly!") and/or it shows discipline and commitment (asuming they keep it nice and completely bald). Chicks with buzzcuts or fully bald look hot (usually, I mean its not necessarily for everyone). Besides bald heads are shiny heads, and shiny heads are happy heads. Not to mention, steam rises off thier head and that alone is almost worth ditching my hair. Most importantly, though you can rub thier heads for good luck. (hmmm.... you should probably get to know them well before you try this)

Jan 13 @ 12:57PM  
I've noticed this. While waiting in a Jiffy Lube for preventative maintenance on my car, I was flipping through a magazine showing the sexiest men. I think throughout the magazine, there were only two men who were clean-shaven. The rest were 'disheveled' as I referred to it. Apparently, having a five o' clock shadow is the trend for the year.

Jan 13 @ 1:00PM  
I knew it would eventually be my turn!

Jan 13 @ 2:26PM  
Well it all depends--------do want people to guide you in life or do you want to live your own life. If someone tells me I have to jump 10 feet in the air to please her or shave my full beard off to please her. Its GOOD BUYE TO HER---BECAUSE SHE IS NOT INTO A RELATIONSHIP FOR FEELINGS THAT ARE IN THE HEART Would I shave for a guick piece of tail--------hell no. I grow my beard because it keeps MY FACE WARM. I live my life for me and no oen else I believe they should to. .

Jan 13 @ 2:36PM  
I agree, Johnny. I wouldn't shave just cause somebody told me to. Though, if I had been with a woman in a commited relationship and she, I dunno, suddenly became allergic to my goatee (don't really see how that could happen), I'd get rid of it (hair regrows) and I'd expect her to get rid of hers if it started to really bother me. Anywho, rock that beard, I think that's the first pro-beard post!
Hmm... no one seems to like the FuManchu....
Also, just wanted to point out, side burns are a part of the whole facial hair equation. What do mutton chops get no love here?

Jan 13 @ 2:51PM  
Eh, I hate facial hair, I feel better and look better without the facial hair. Now, hairstyles, that's where it's at!

Jan 13 @ 3:18PM  
I hate having facial hair. I feel cleaner when I shave. Some people look better with facial hair. It all depends on the person.

Jan 13 @ 3:27PM  
I did just as mentioned it got thin.. I started using Gillette as hair care products from below the collar to gone in one day...

Now everybody go shave your balls!

Jan 13 @ 8:14PM  
noooo! this blog fell out of the most popular. What makes ya'll think that Ynot's marriage announcement (have yet to meet him, or his girl but congrats none the less), SxzeBBW's 2 interesting and thought provoking blogs, or Canu's attention whoring are more important than my self-serving need for validation? Don't let my question loose out to StradleMyNoses (he doesn't approve of facial hair). Ewe_wish has had 300 blogs, I have 3. Lisa may be Kudo whoring, but I'm attention whoring here!

Aug 5 @ 3:45PM  
I personally like some peoples facial hair...
and my personal style is disheveled and dishabille...
and as long as the hair is long enough to be soft... and only tastes like me.. .
instead of old beer and cig's.. well even better!

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Facial hair (is it as good for you as it is for me?)