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And Now 4 Something Else Entirely...

posted 1/13/2008 7:20:55 AM |
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tagged: whig

Well, I found it unexpected. That duzn't necessarily mean U couldn't see the shit coming, huh? Especially when U take N2 consideration the fact that U motherfuckers are looking 4 it. Admit it...U fucking love it when I fuck myself off. I'll bet that a lot of u are hoping dixxxbitch just gets sick of all my shit and fucking leaves my stupid ass, huh (especially those of U who happened 2 see the Valentine's Day BJ video...WOW!!!)? Do U know why? Becuz U are all a bunch of fucking haters, thats why! U can't stand the fact that I have so much motherfucking game that I can get Ur woman 2 get naked and take a picture 4 me (that's right...I said 4 me...not quite the same thing as sending me one she already has, iz it?), then send it 2 my fucking email! Meanwhile U can't even get any action at the titty bar (U might try drooling less and spending more, genius. Always remember, my naughty monkeys, nothing makes a stripper wet faster than a portrait of Ben Franklin...)! But, rather than just admitting Ur goofiness and asking someone 4 help (if U don't like me, that's ok. I'm not the only one on here with game. U could ask canu or Dom or Ynot...any of those motherfuckers has enough game 4 me, U and Ur Aunt Sally put 2gether!) what do U resort 2? U resort 2 hating on another motherfucker. How weak iz that shit?

BTW - this has nothing 2 do with anything, but I just now remembered and I wanted 2 share it with U. This past week I recieved a comefuckme email from canuhelpme258! I fell out of my fucking chair laughing! I printed it and I am going 2 hang it in the study...U know, as soon as I get a study. In the meantime, I plan 2 just roll it up and use it as a cock sleeve when I jerk off. It may not be a RealDoll, but it did come from canu, which iz almost as good!

I am considering abandoning capital letters. they just don't do anything 4 me. I understand that it izn't really their responsibility 2 entertain me, but goddamnit this iz a new fucking year and I am looking 2 fucking shake the shit out of things! So, like I said i am considering this, but i haven't made up my mind yet. I will keep U all updated as needed...

Did U hear that Mars may get hit by a fucking asteroid? At first they said that there wuz a 1 in 75 chance of a collision, but they have since backed that prediction off a bit. The most recent predictions give it about a 1 in 100,000 chance, which iz basically just saying it ain't gonna happen. 2 bad, though, cuz it would have been neat 2 see that shit from the safety of another fucking planet. I say that becuz I don't think this planet iz going 2 be very hospitable the next time one of those motherfuckers comes wandering our way.

Az long az we are on the subject, I have a theory about that shit. I couldn't help but notice the number of shows they have dealing with the subject of a mass extintion event, and it got me 2 thinking (we all know how bad that can be...). I think they already found one of the motherfuckers with our name on it and putting all these shows on TV iz just their way of educating the public without having 2 admit what they know and causing a general fucking panic. This way they get 2 build their super secret underground bunkers in relative peace while the rest of us go about our pointless lives none the wiser. By the time the damned thing gets close enough that some amateur astronomers are going 2 find it they will be done with all the heavy lifting and then they can gather the elite and slam the doors on the rest of humanity. I got news 4 ya...I can't think of a more fitting solution 2 global warming!

I am curious about whether or not it iz gonna happen in 2012. That's when the Mayan Calendar ends. This fucking thing goes on 4 CENTURIES and then abruptly stops in December of 2012. A lot of people think thats becuz the Earth ends, but (I think that that iz just sooo fucking egotistical of us. Trust a few million years the Earth will be just fine. We won't be here, but the Earth will be. U can believe that shit!) I keep hoping that the dude just stopped 2 take a fucking piss and got caught up in killing the fucking Spanish or something. I mean, 10,000 fucking years of humanity and I have 2 be part of the class that gets 2 be here 4 the rapture. Who the fuck did I piss off?

I recently posted a blog that mentioned a proposition I had given my wife and I received some feedback that I wanted 2 respond 2. FUCK ALL U BITCHES! Thanks 4 nothing, U motherfuckers! Even if U did think I wuz nuts 4 asking, the LEAST U could have done wuz lie and say it wuz a great idea! Help a brother out over here, why don't U? Fucking haters, I swear 2 God. No, but seriously...after reading what u guys had 2 say 2 me I realized that maybe I wuz a little out of my tree and decided 2 back off asking her 2 do that shit. Thank U all 4 Ur concern. I really do appreciate it. Next time I get caught cheating I'm fucking blaming the shit on U, though...

I wonder how high the bidding would go if I could get some 18 year old chick 2 auction off her virginity on EBay. I'll bet U that it would get up there B4 E-Bay cancelled the motherfucker. There are some sick and twisted people out there, and believe it or not, I am not one of them. I just dress like them, iz all. Oh - that and we have the same barber, but that's all. Any other similarities are simply products of Ur imagination or mere coincidence...

Keeping U posted


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Jan 13 @ 8:03AM  
I wonder how high the bidding would go if I could get some 18 year old chick 2 auction off her virginity on EBay

I keep hearing rumors about how much people get for that, but I keep searching ebay all I find when I search for young pussy is kittens!!!!!!

Watching Mars get struck by an asteroid safely on another planet sounds like a metaphor for reading your blogs, I'm watching safely from Earth wondering what planet you are on!

Jan 13 @ 8:41AM  

Jan 13 @ 9:18AM  
The only thing I am hating is that I didn't know you when I lived in Sacramento... Don't be surprised when I show up on your doorstep sometime this year...

Jan 13 @ 1:11PM  
Imagine a day in the presence of the life of DS.........

Jan 13 @ 2:55PM  
Remember the Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter back in 1994?
Wasn’t that so cool to watch (again from the safety of another planet)!
I thought that was the most awesome shit!!!!

Jan 15 @ 11:29AM  
Nice to see that you are still the same deviant and profane whacko that I remember. Worrying about stuff on other planets is a sure sign that you are running low on weed. I mean why worry about places where they dont even have the climate to grow good dope?

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