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no girl (or in some cases' boys ) ever deserves this!

posted 1/12/2008 11:36:13 PM |
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Girl: Hey

Boy: Hey

GIrl: can i tell you something?

Boy: What?

Girl: I really like you. And I... I think I'm falling in love with you.

Boy: Ok...

Girl: What do you mean 'ok'?

Boy: I don't like you like that...

Girl: Why not?

Boy: I can't tell you... maybe another time...

From then on, the girl kept asking the boy 'Why not?' whenever she saw him, and
he kept answering the same answer of 'I'll tell you later.' Finally the girl got
fed up.

Girl: I'm tired of this! Tell me why you don't like me!

Boy: Do you really wanna know why?

Girl: Yes!

Boy: It's because you're so ugly ! What's the point of going out with someone when they're not pretty?!

Girl: But... I...

Boy: Just shut up and leave me alone!

The boy leaves and the girl is sitting there alone, crying her heart out. Then her cell phone rings.

Girl: Hello?

Mom: Sweetheart? I want you to go home, ok? I'll be home from work in a few hours.

Girl: Alright Mom.

Mom: I love you.

Girl: I love you too, Mom.

Mom: Bye Bye.

Girl: Bye

The girl heads home and once she got there, she went in the bathroom and looked
at herself in the mirror.

Girl: I'm not pretty enough...

She set to work, knowing fully well what she was going to do. 2 hours later, her
Mom came home and heard the bath water running. She went upstairs to find the
hallway flooded so she knocked on the door.

Mom: Honey? Are you alright?

She opened the door and was shocked at the site. The bath was overflowing onto
the floor, and the water was tinted red. She walked over to see what was inside
and screamed. There, her little girl was lying with cuts all over her face and
wrists. Her Mom backed away and was going to run to call the police when
something caught her eye. On the mirror were these words written in blood: 'Am I pretty enough now?'

No one deserves to be told that by someone they love.

A person's appearance doesn't count. What counts is their heart inside of them
and their personality. No one wants to be told they're not good enough...

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no girl (or in some cases' boys ) ever deserves this!


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Jan 12 @ 11:43PM  
This is so very true. Some people do not realize what they say can do so much harm

Jan 12 @ 11:50PM  

Jan 13 @ 12:03AM  
I can't under why people are so mean to others. We are judging people far too superficially. Most of us will become more and more unattractive as we age anyways. (I think plastic surgery makes people look like old Barbie dolls. Gene Simmons and Joan Rivers look awful now that they got plastic surgery. They don't like real. They look like mannequins.) Looks don't mean everything. I seen some women that I thought were hot at first glance and once I got to know them they were ugly, because they were shallow selfish bitches. And I saw some women at first glance I thought weren't that attractive and they ended up to be sweethearts and they appeared more attractive after I got to know them. So personality has a lot to do with it also.

Jan 13 @ 12:05AM  
Very disturbing story- because it brings back terror I have gone through, which I shall not divuldge on here - aweful aweful thing.

More people need to look into ones heart and soul, and see the true person. And even if someone doesnt like another because of there looks, just make it known in a more kind and respectful way, because those mean and nasty words can cut someone more deeply than anyone can know....

Jan 13 @ 12:20AM  
It took me awhile but I just learned to accept how I look.

Jan 13 @ 1:23AM  
People told me plenty worse to my face when I was younger, but I'd just put their lights out.Whether this story is true or not,damn shame.No girl is ugly if their heart if beautiful.I hate society sometimes...

Jan 13 @ 8:35AM  
It's sad to know that these things really do happen!! Kudos kate!

Jan 13 @ 9:31AM  
Back in College, I knew a girl, a real sweetheart of a girl.. who just happened to weigh around 300 lbs. Of course she was really shy and beaten down by all the 'teasing' she would get.

A certain group of young men (if you can call them that) decided to start paying her some special attention. She really blossomed for a while.. started shedding lbs and coming out of her shell.. til one day.. she overheard one of them talking with a buddy.. about how he needed a sack of flour to find the wet spot and that 'hogging' was good sport.

She never saw 20. Bastards.

Jan 14 @ 1:07AM  
This blog is just a chain letter that people ask people to repost on myspace, and it USUALLY ends with "repost or you'll have 3 years of bad luck"....

Jan 14 @ 1:13AM  
It might just be a "chain letter" that people re-post on "myspace" but who cares?? its something that happenes ALL the time. this is a dating site and I thought it needed to be posted here!


Jan 18 @ 5:40AM  
This is so true... I look for a persons personality...

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no girl (or in some cases' boys ) ever deserves this!