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What's Your Sleeptime Atmosphere?

posted 1/12/2008 10:40:51 AM |
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Most people know, that like a few others on here, I have trouble sleeping at night..Most of the time.

But when I do sleep I like it dark in my room. Actually unless I raise one of the blinds a little, the only thing you can see in my room is the numbers on the alarm clock. It's different in the summer because I keep the windows open throughout the months and the blinds are up some to let the breeze through.
Quiet, which most people are surprised by because there is almost always some type of music playing in my house.
And while there is a tv in my room, I very seldomly ever have it on. And definitely don't have it on while I sleep.
I do know people who can't fall alsleep without theirs on.

What's your room like when you go to sleep? Is it dark or is there light from somewhere shining in? The tv on? Music playing--besides in your mind? Door open, closed or does it matter?

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Jan 12 @ 10:48AM  
doors closed, and fan on for background noise.... I like it really dark...

Jan 12 @ 10:58AM  
I usually can't fall asleep without reading a book, so I tend to fall asleep with the light on and a book in my hand. But if I wake up in the middle of the night and there's a light on, I have to get up and turn it off. I also have to have a pillow between my knees to sleep, or I end up with sore knees in the morning.

Jan 12 @ 10:59AM  
TV is on to the arts channel..

Jan 12 @ 11:02AM  
Door open, light coming in from the window from a street light, no fan, tv or music. Must have have down comforter, winter, spring, summer or fall.

Jan 12 @ 11:15AM  
Hmmmm interesting way of finding out how the menon here sleep..............

Light on in livingroom with door open so its coming into bedroom, tv on in living room for cats but quietly playing............thats when and if i sleep..........but always lots of blankets even if i have the fan or air conditioning on..........and always at least one cat but they alternate times of sleeping with me..............I think it depends on what is on tv...........

Jan 12 @ 11:16AM  
A couple episodes of "Friends" or a movie on my computer. It turns off when it's done and I sleep in silence and darkess...Well, except for the fan. And the light from my alarm clock...and the lightpost outside my window...and from under the door because I go to sleep earlier than anyone. Annd, of course, there's my snoring cat if he manages to get locked in with me. Is it any wonder I have trouble sleeping???

Jan 12 @ 11:17AM  
Dark. Very Dark! Most nights a fan for circulating some air, sometimes I fall asleep with the tv, sometimes reading a book (those nights the glasses and the nose really take a hit huh Sunny?) But if I do wake up in the night and there are lights or tv on I'll shut them off and go right back out!

Jan 12 @ 12:04PM  

Jan 12 @ 12:24PM  
Doors open
Celing fan on
Little red glass lamp on in the corner
An electric waterfall on the bedside table

Jan 12 @ 12:47PM  

Light coming in through the blinds from outside, hearing the street traffic year round

Sound of the air cleaner in the living room, as the door is open

Did I mention Nekked

Only a light comforter on the bed and only one pillow


Jan 12 @ 12:54PM  
(those nights the glasses and the nose really take a hit huh Sunny?)

I can read without glasses, but need bi-focals for normal everyday stuff...if I wear glasses for my far-sight I have to take them off for near-sight, so I just got bi-focals instead! But yea, when I used to wear contacts...I'd fall asleep with reading glasses on!

Jan 12 @ 1:52PM  
I snuggle up to the redheaddatthrowsahissyfitjustcuzshegotsredhair!

Jan 12 @ 2:10PM  
I can sleep thru anything whether its dark or light nosey or quiet no problem I'm tired I just gotta be comfy

Jan 12 @ 3:01PM  
Well this is an interesting anecdote my mom always tells me:when I was really young like 3 or 4,I'd always insist on sleeping in my dark room by myself.I know at that age most kids tend to be afraid of the dark but I wasn't for some reason.My sisters always parked themselves in my mom's bed,though.I digress,I used to leave my computer on in the past 18 months right after my granny had died and I couldn't sleep.Now,I sleep with the door closed,no lights except the ones from outside,fan on,earplugs and my teddy bear.Yeah,I have teddy bear because usually I like to snuggle and thats the only thing that wont snore,except me,lol

Jan 12 @ 3:50PM  

I would have to say my entire situation as far as sleep , is the same as yours.

Jan 12 @ 7:04PM  
My room when I go to sleep?

I have vertical blinds on my window..which are closed in the the summer when I can have my windows open..I open them enough to let the breezes in, but still keeps my room dark. I do have a tv in my room...I usually watch about a half hour of tv before shutting it off and going to bedroom door is open...but all lights in the house are radio on...I can't sleep if there is a tv or radio on, or if there is light shining

Jan 12 @ 7:13PM  
I usually can't fall asleep without reading a book, so I tend to fall asleep with the light on and a book in my hand.

Yup, that's me too! Though I do prefer snuggling up to the right someone (it's been too long). The room is darkish (um, used to work 3rd shift and had to sleep during the day), door closed (I just feel better with the door closed and I want the cat to stay out), no music, no TV. If I am having trouble sleeping, I'll leave the light on. Weird, I know. But somehow it seems like the light burns my eyes shut or something. Or maybe I've slept too many times with the reading light shining in my face...

Jan 13 @ 7:52AM  
My bedroom for sleep time I always have it dark. I have my radio on low with the timer set. I keep my door closed. Maybe an hour before I lay down I play my guitars and just start to bring myself to a low idle so when I do lay down I'm asleep usually within 15 minutes.

Jan 13 @ 11:10AM  
masturbate then smoke a cig then off to dream land!

Jan 13 @ 3:47PM  
Well, I have the light on when I go to bed, but I love reading newspapers because I enjoy doing so, and I get really tired to where I can sleep better after doing that. After I'm not I turn the big light out and the small lamp acroos the room stays on. The lamp is on a timer from like 1:30am to like 8am where it stays on between that time frame. Newspapers are all over my floor next to the bed. Right now it dates back to something likeThursday or Friday. A few times I have left the newspapers in the floor dating back for three weeks.

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What's Your Sleeptime Atmosphere?