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I can't wait

posted 1/10/2008 9:44:05 PM |
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As most of you know I am moving from Ohio to Minnesota...Nothing against this state but this area that I live in sucks...Nothing to do. No jobs..The people around my area think they are better than anyone else.
My daughter has went to school here for the last 4 years and she never has been accepted..Why? Because her mom don't have money...She was not born here and did not start school here....This school has their clicks starting in Kindegarden. That is sad. She really don't want to go back home..She has a crush on a boy down the street...I told her she will have many more through the years..She is not allowed to date anyway...

It is time for a change..I know the weather is colder in Mn...A lot more snow. That is where my family is....She will be in school with her old friends...Making this decision has been hard..and still is..I have a few friends here that I will miss....

I am hoping to be gone by Feb 1st or right around there. I am going to give a two week notice at work tomorrow...I have a lot to do...Like pack...My brother in law and sister are coming down to get us and my stuff. I am going to have to leave a few of my things behind..I am going to try and sell them....

Packing is going to be hard..Everytime I think about it I start to cry...I know once it is done and I am on my way I (we) will be ok...

It is time to start a new chapter in my life....And maybe meet a nice man...

If anyone wants to help me pack Be my guest...I hate packing...

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Jan 10 @ 9:52PM  
Tammy........making a move is always hard.......especially when there is a part of you that doesn't want to move..........and damn Girl, Minnesota is cold....... but i know you, You will do well whereever you is your will be able to go back to school and do whatever it is you want to do........remember to give me a phone number before you go so i can have my son check on you and make sure your behaving yourself.........but I'll pass on the packing I have that to look forward to soon enough...........

Jan 10 @ 10:02PM  
We know how tough it's been for you where you are but just perhaps a change of scenery is just what you need. Of course you did have to pick the coldest freakin state there is

Good luck to you...I am rooting for ya!!

Jan 10 @ 10:03PM  
Wheelersburg is known as a stuck up place more than the rest of the county. It's been that way even before I was born. But you're right when you state this place sucks. Too many alzy ass slackers that do nothing with their lives here and just hang out on their porch or on their property all day long, and stay up at all hours of the night keeping people who work for a living awake. From generation to generation it's gotten worse. This place for the most part doesn't have any pride. I hate to be critical of this place, but I don't see it changing for the better anytime soon. I'm very seriously thinking about leaving this area as well, I know Kim wants to move a little closer to Cincinnati in a town called Newtown. I'm still thinking very hard on this, but when you're close to your family like I am and have a daughter it's hard to go where the grass is greener.

Btw, I can help you with the packing of your socks and panties.

Jan 10 @ 10:08PM  
Of course you did have to pick the coldest freakin state there is

I wish my mom lived in Florida

Btw, I can help you with the packing of your socks and panties.

Any help is appreciated...By the way Shawn try the move towards cincy..It is not that far away...And you can always come home...This is your home. Not mine. I was born and raised in MN....BRR....

Jan 10 @ 10:09PM  
aw sweetie I have packed up and moved to here from Ohio then went to florida with a b/f (only fun thing outta the relationship) then had to have help getting back to Indy so I know exactly how you have my numbers I got yours we will keep in touch your my friend

Jan 10 @ 10:10PM  
Hey, I wasn't born here either. For the first few months of my life I was born and was in North Carolina at a marine base.

Jan 10 @ 10:12PM  
Hey, I wasn't born here either. For the first few months of my life I was born and was in North Carolina at a marine base

You remember the first few months of your life I am lucky to remember what I did yesterday.

Jan 10 @ 10:14PM  
Good luck honey! I hope that the move is all that you hope it will be.

Jan 10 @ 10:18PM  
Hey DS, it isn't that cold up here, course I have been known to be a little sick.

Aly, I know packing and moving are a bitch, but sometimes it is for the good. Wave as you go by!

Jan 10 @ 10:21PM  
Hey DS, it isn't that cold up here, course I have been known to be a little sick.

Aly, I know packing and moving are a bitch, but sometimes it is for the good. Wave as you go by!

I will be waving from WI...When I go to Duluth I take WI all the way up..Easier..

Want to meet in Hinkley for coffee someday

Jan 10 @ 10:31PM  
Good luck on your move it will be for the better. ANYWHERE has to be better than here. This is a dead area with no growth or development and no one seems to care. I'd help ya pack but I never get any time off from work

Jan 10 @ 10:31PM  
good luck and hope the move works out.......

Jan 10 @ 10:36PM  
The second hardest thing I've ever done was moving to Washington state from Indiana.
The hardest thing I've ever done was moving from Washington state back to Indiana.

I do regret my timing, but never my decision to come back home. If you truly feel, in your heart, that it's for the best, then it is. Don't let anyone make you second-guess yourself.

Good luck with the move!

Jan 10 @ 10:49PM  
The good part of this move is I get to take all my amd friends with me..

Hope you all love cold weather in July

Jan 10 @ 11:40PM  
Having just moved 1400 miles myself, I feel the pain. But it gets better once your settled in and have all sorts of new stuff to do and see

Minn is beautiful and has great fishin, hehe. I lived there as a boy of 8 for a couple years in Spring Lake Park.

Good Luck with all of it

Jan 11 @ 12:14AM  
MN? That's close to me! And DK is right, beautiful country...especially along the Mississippi :) What a grand adventure! Having lived in the same town (pretty much on the same side of town) my whole life, I would love the opportunity to move...well, if for good reasons. I hope the kids where you move will be nicer than the snots out there! Kids can be so cruel.

Good luck!!!

Jan 11 @ 1:48AM  
Hey, for sure it's colder in MN. You BETCHA ! But on the bright side they got..... well..... trees. And lakes...... LOTS of lakes...... and 80% of the earth's population of mosquito's is in MN......... Do they still have Schmidt beer???

Seriously...... it will be nice to be closer to family.
Good luck with moving!

Jan 11 @ 7:12AM  
Good luck, I moved on dec 31, so I'm still living in a mess,,,my only advice...purge, purge, purge. so many things I moved from the old house to the new house only to discover that I didnt want/need it and tossed it here,,,why move it to throw it away????
Best of luck, may I also suggest that you get your internet/ cable lined up early, I was without either of about 8 days, but I did get more work done with out the computer, so maybe that isnt good advice...
Good luck

Jan 11 @ 8:44AM  
Do they still have Schmidt beer???
Slohand..... ......of course they DO!!! Thats like saying does Ohio still have the ohio river..............

Jan 11 @ 10:10AM  
Do they still have Schmidt beer???


Jan 11 @ 4:41PM  
Tammy I know how hard things have been for you, and I know what you're facing there too, living that life myself. But we both know that for now, it's for the best! I feel for ya, cos I hate packing almost as much as unpacking! I used to swear that if I moved again it would be after I won a major lottery and I would just get all new stuff when I landed where I wanted to be! Hang in there and know that while we may not be there hauling boxes or wrapping dishes, we're there for you in spirit and just a message or call away! Lubs ya!

Jan 11 @ 8:54PM  
Sorry all, it's now Schmidts beer, as the Grain Belt Brewery went out a number of years ago and the Schmidt brand was bought by a company in NY and changed to Schmidts.

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I can't wait