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American Politics... Do You Know Why You Support (or despise) A Candidate?

posted 1/9/2008 8:56:15 PM |
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tagged: primary, election, republican, president

Ah yes, the mad rush of the primaries is upon us. Yes, most of us are worn and tired of the past few years events. Here it is, the time has arrived to sift through the current political offerings and choose the candidate who most aligns with our beliefs and interests, the candidate who has a good chance at actually being elected, the candidate who might succeed as the next leader of our nation.

Let's look at what has landed on the playing field. On the democratic side, we have Hillary. A former first lady and very strong player in her own right. She stuck her neck out with her attempts at fixing our healthcare system a few years back, and suffered quite a bit for being so outspoken... being basically told to 'go back to the kitchen and bake cookies' but did she? Of course not. Then there is a junior Senator from Illinois, who was virtually unknown in politics until he wrote and delivered one of the best speeches ever heard at the opening of the National Democratic Convention. He speaks of hopes and dreams and is an extremely charismatic speaker. John Edwards... is he the best that South Carolina has to offer? The medical profession sure doesn't think so.. his obscure past as an ambulance chaser certainly hasn't endeared him to this important segment of the population. Rudy Guiliani.. where IS he and why hasn't he been campaigning?

The Republican front-runners seem to be John McCain, a practical, pragmatic, well seasoned Arizona leader... Mitt Romney, a popular former Massachusetts governor, the son of an almost ethereal Michigan governor. Mike Huckabee. Arkansas has certainly produced its share of Governor turned presidential candidates for sure.

Regardless of who you are supporting (you are supporting someone aren't you?) the person who gets the job is going to have a tough road laid out for them. Senator Clinton, if elected would be the very first woman president our country has ever had. Some say, that if the dems reject her, that would be a step back for women. I say bullshit to that argument. We should base our support on the merits of each one as individuals and their prior track records. Senator Obama, if he were to take the prize, he would be the first black president. Mr. Romney, of course would be the first Mormon president our country has seen. Wow, what a diverse hand of players we have been dealt.

In doing my research, I have discovered that Clinton and Obama's voting record in the Senate is almost identical. Incidentally every democratic candidate is Pro-Choice, and were supporters of the DREAM act. The one major difference that I see between them, is that one of them is touting unification, the working together of representatives from both parties. I honestly don't see Edwards as standing a chance, but then I could be wrong. It will certainly be interesting to watch how the primary blitz will finish and who the winner will chose as a running mate. I personally think that a Clinton-Obama ticket or a Obama-Clinton ticket would be quite interesting and very difficult to stop political machine.

The main difference that I have found between McCain and Romney is their widely varying stance on immigration reform. While McCain seems to realize that our country, whether we like it or not, is very dependent on the important contribution that illegal immigrants contribute to our labor force. As an Arizona leader, he has seen and had to deal with first hand, the repercussions of our current immigration policies in a huge way. Mr. Romney on the other hand, takes the hard line approach that all illegals are criminals and should be treated as such. What would someone with this leaning offer our country in the way of immigration reform?

I am still 'doing my homework' and haven't finished my research on the other candidates to learn their positions on the main points of their campaign platforms. AAnd yes, I'm independent, loyal to neither party.

So why is all this on my mind? American politics is just so dirty. It's a contest after all, and many people want the grand prize. I for one am sick and tired of the dirty politics, the lies, the rumors, and the back-stabbing that goes on between the candidates. Just today, I received the most vicious hate mail. It detailed all these alleged "facts" about Obama being a radical muslim, how he would not use the bible when sworn in, yada yada yada.. and how this was all true, because says it is. It even offered up a link to snopes as 'proof'. Calling the sender on their so called facts, I did indeed take a look on snopes.. it appears that these are some of the hottest urban legends circulating. Yes, I said URBAN LEGEND.

People tend to fear what they do not know or understand. Why? I have no clue and honestly I think it is mainly ignorance. So I am now challenging you, each person who happens to read this-- to do your homework. This election is very important. Choose the issues that are most important to you and find the candidate who aligns the closest with your views. Do not listen or give credence to the slams and rumors regarding ANY candidate, be they republican, democratic, white, black, male or female. You have a brain and its time to use it.

May the best candidate go on to represent each party and ultimately, may the best of the best win. Our future and the future of our children depends on our choices being wise.



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Jan 9 @ 9:13PM  
gonna be a tuff election girl...I have no good opinions on polititians and hope the one I vote for does a good job but Ive been wrong in the past and no doubt will be wrong build big problems for the next guy to figure out...I work for the state and we seem to take one step forward with more than one all do the best we can and hope our lives mean something more than just paying taxes!...have a great day and good luck with your choice!.............

Jan 9 @ 9:17PM  
Rudy Guiliani.. where IS he and why hasn't he been campaigning?
Hmmmm.....Upon my first read of your blog, it looked like you had Rudy pegged as a
Democrat, but then, no, you're just wondering where he is! Rudy chose not to participate
in the Iowa caucus--a big mistake the way things now stand, if you ask me!
Giulianni is a Republican, but appears to be quite a liberal one. One glaring departure
from the Republican stance is his belief in pro choice. Maybe playing the middle-of-the-road
game looks like a good idea to him, but all of a sudden Mr. McCain has come out of nowhere! Gonna be interesting down the road.....

Jan 9 @ 9:23PM  
I'm also an independent...but tend more towards the liberal than conservative. I'm not sure who I'm supporting yet...but I'm pretty sure who I'm not.

I don't like Huckabee. He claims to be a Christian, yet doesn't believe the words of the bible. He's also one who, like dubbya, tends to jump up and down claiming our country was founded on 'Christian' principles.

As for Obama...why do so many people assume he's Muslim? Is it because of the name? Anyways...I like him. I think if he wins the Democratic nomination...I'll pick him. Or Hillary...I believe she should be given a chance to take a crack again at our health care system.

On the republican side...there really isn't anyone I'd vote for. I used to like McCain...just cuz he's a former POW. But he doesn't seem like a strong politician to me anymore. And Rudy is an ass, I just don't like him as a person. But...then again, I didn't care for Bill Clinton when he ran for President...and as a President, he wasn't bad. He just makes for a shitty husband!

Jan 9 @ 9:27PM  
Yes, I did know he is republican. Actually a dear friend of mine in NH is an advisor to him... makes me wonder what my friend was thinking and why he didn't try to talk him out of this tactic. As I think he could be a competent player in this election I hope his choice of tactics doesn't hurt him, but his absence sure doesn't help to get his position out in the open.

I believe that this is going to be the most interesting election held since I've been old enough to vote for sure.

Jan 9 @ 9:37PM  
Naah....I like Rudy OK, but I like McCain MUCH more! (The "speak softly, carry a BIG
STICK mentality, I guess...) IMO, he has a quiet, strong resolve; when you see him
pissed, you'll KNOW not to fuck with him. The kind of guy you don't bet against when
he says, "All in" in a poker game....

I don't think either Hillary or Obama have a chance, simply because of the gender and
minority factors. I think Geo W took too much advice from his cabinet and Vice
President, but you must admit that he was faced with HUGE challenges that NOBODY
could anticipate! Still, I thought Iraq was an error in judgement, when everyone was
yelling for blood....but what would WE have done in W's place??

IMO, you can attribute the skyrocketing petroleum prices to Arab retaliation for the
USA attacking an Arab country....Just my opinion, tho....

Um, looks like I strayed off topic!! Sorry....


Jan 9 @ 9:50PM  
At this point, I know who I would not support... Romney, due to his hard line stance on immigration, Huckabee, for his so called 'christian' ploy, Guiliani.. again there is the immigration views that don't align with mine. Edwards, well I am in the medical profession and don't take so kindly to 'ambulance chasers' especially with healthcare reforms being needed so desparately.

So that leaves me with McCain, Obama, and Clinton. McCain does appear to be a man with some sense on the majority of issues. He seems to be a more moderate republican. Obama-- I like the fact that he has less experience and could bring a fresh perspective. He is a good listener, an excellent communicator, and with his upbringing, I think he would provide much needed understanding to reforming our foreign policy and is all for working together to solve some common problems. Clinton. I've always liked her and supported her husband when he was running. Yeah she is one tough woman and has been around the block a time or two. She put her neck on the chopping block for healthcare reform way before the country was willing to accept the message. Universal or a single payor healthcare system seems to be the only real way to fix the current mess.

A C-O, O-C ticket would be a good compromise.. a balance between a fresh perspective and hard experience. The only republican I could even begin to get behind at this point would be McCain.. as for a potential running mate? I wouldn't have a clue.

Jan 9 @ 9:53PM  
McCain/Giuliani? Giuliani/McCain?? Hmmmm.........

I don't much like Huckabee or Romney...

Jan 9 @ 9:56PM  
I'm undecided still...but in the long run the President that will actually seal and protect our borders, deport every illegal alien possible AND get the sons-a-bitches (and everyone associated or protecting them) that attacked our country on Sept.11, 2001 will most likely get my vote. Both issues have effected me personally to the degree that I have considered leaving the country if they are not addressed thoroughly and deliberately.


Jan 9 @ 10:00PM  
The two candidates I like are McCain on the republicans and Obama on the democrats.
But I'd vote McCain if he won the nomination though.
I like Obama and I think he would be a good representative of our country but I just think McCain has a better resume.
I think Obama would probably make a good president someday, but for now I think he is more style then substance. I don't mean that in a bad way, but I think he should gain more experience in the senate first. He's only 45 or something.
Talking the talk is not the same as walking the walk, and McCain has more accomplishments under his belt. I think he can also win over independants and some Democrats because he is pretty much is the middle on a lot of issues and he has worked on bills in the senate with Democrats (Fiengold on campaign reform and Ted Kennedy on immigration).

That's just my opinion so if you disagree then don't email me a computer virus or anything.

Jan 9 @ 10:21PM  
Excellent and thought provoking blog .I will not say who I support or why, but your call for people to educate themselves before voting is a great sentiment. Unfortunatly to many people in this country follow "windsock" politics whichever way the prevailing media or pundit's political wind may blow. Kudos for a well thought and intelligent poignant blog.

Jan 9 @ 10:41PM  
It's not only important to know who and what you are voting for but, most importantly, VOTE! Gawd, I get so frustrated and angry at the people that just treat that right as casually as a gum wrapper.

Jan 9 @ 11:20PM  
I'm just afraid that if the country isn't ready to put a woman in the White House (which is possible), and the country isn't ready to put a black man in the White House (which is also possible), then we'll be stuck with another 8 years of some doofus who can't pronounce "nuclear".

Jan 10 @ 12:46AM  
Very thought provoking blog! There are many things to consider in this election!
Personally, I am not a Hillary fan. Unless you count her years as First Lady, both of the country and of Arkansas, her actual experience is close to that of Obama . I think that she has just started her second term in the Senate. Obama is young for a presidential contender, but then again so was JFK.
To me the deciding factor is going to be the candidate that best conveys to me a TRUE desire to serve the American people and not just their particular party. I am currently looking for/leaning toward an independent candidate. Be it Ron Paul or possibly Micheal Bloomberg. I am very disenchanted with both the Democratic and Republican parties. They are more interested in perpetuating their own party;s power and control that they will do or say anything to get elected. We the people of this country have been lied to and cheated by our elected officials for far too long. It is time that we got back to the principle that our political system was founded on, individuals elected to SERVE the people..not a political party!,
In case you were wondering, I have considered myself a Republican for many years
but George W and his crew have changed that!

Jan 10 @ 2:34AM  
Edwards is from NC... btw not that I claim him, we called him Senator who because he had an abysmal attendance record.

I'm throwing my primary vote away and voting for Kuchinich (sp? its early lol)
He is the only candidate that supports the health care reform plan I favor.

I like Ron Paul for some of his views, but party affiliation will prevent me from voting for him, if he is stil in the race that long.


Obama is going to cinch the Dem vote, unless Hilary pulls one out of her ass, Edwards just needs to go back to that mansion he is building in Raleigh and keep pretending he knows the common man.

The Republicans are all dancing but nobody is leading, Huckabee and Romney are too full of religion and really scare me. McCain is Mr. Invisible nobody knows him... oh but Rudy (sarcastic sigh)

Rudy wants to be President of 9/11, "My fellow citizens of 9/11, in the upcoming 9/11 election, you need to chose your 9/11 leader, for the 9/11 future..."

Of course I'm cynical of that type of pandering, being that I question the authenticity of 9/11 being a terrorist attack (yeah give me a tinfoil hat)

The truly interesting aspect of this election thus far, only two candidates espouse returning our civil liberties that were stolen by the criminal-in-chief; Kuchinich and Dr Paul.

I'll stop here because this is part where I start pounding the table screaming about the direction Duh-duh-dubbya took our country (imperialistic totalitarianism)

My choices won't hit the big stage, all I can do is vote for the left and and hope...

Jan 10 @ 3:33AM  
You Guys Need To Join The Revolution!!! We Need Limited Government!! We Need to get our Troops Back Home Now!!! No more Taxes! No IRS! NO CIA! We Need A Protector of the Constitution! WE NEED Ron Paul! Go To and get the Truth! All the Other Candidates are looking out for Big Government! Making money at our expense! You want a Police state! You want the next war to be in Iran. You want more of our Brothers and sisters to Die in another Middle East country vote for all the Other Candidates! But if you really want a CHANGE!!! Vote for RON PAUL!!!

Jan 10 @ 7:51AM  
Politics are nothing more than who can beat the other one to the best bullshit line.
Hillary gets votes totally on the fact she is a woman..Obama will get votes simply because he is black. How stupid is that?

Back in the 60's when Kennedy & Nixon were running Nixon was way ahead of Kennedy in the polls untill people saw his looks compared to Kennedys looks. People voted for Kennedy based soley on his looks alone!! And this moron almost had everyone on the planet nuked because he was such an idiot with that Cuba crisis.

Millions of people in this country have voted in the worst presidents in modern history based on looks alone... 5 % of the population Rule This Country ( the politicians ) & the rest who vote them in are nothing more than brainwashed sheep.

Social Security is collasping, Foreign Relations is dead.This countrys inner structure is in shambles. No one would ever trust this country. These people fuck over the men & women who have been to iraq by demanding they give back the sign up money they received when they come home from being badly wounded in iraq!! The government says they did not fullfill the obligation they agreed to at their enlistment time because they could no longer be useful in the military!!.WTF?

So thanks to all the brainless idiots, once again another piece of garbage will be elected president. I don't vote for the sake of voting. Not one person running is worth the time of day. But one of the latest idiots will become president.

Jan 10 @ 11:21AM  
WOW........ that is the MOST compresensive, intelligent blog I've read on the election yet. Most take one side and proceed to insult the "other" side with no real ideas or content. Not only that, but it sets a tone for intelligent response and they have been. (for the most part)
In no particular order.
Rudy has been MIA because he decided to pass on the first 3 (2 caucases which have NO convention votes, and NH which makes lots of headlines, but has few votes) and concentrate on trying to win the Florida primary. We'll see if his strategy worked.

Edwards looks good, talks even better; but what else would one expect from a successful ambulance chaser. Next!

Hillary. I won't argue that she is one very smart lady. I personally feel she is a crook, going back to her banking & trading deals in AK. She has a history of being rude & nasty to the little people behind the scenes. Her politics (and Bills for that matter) reflect what the polls tell them. She said it herself the other night when she said......I dont' have the EXACT quote but it went pretty much like this.... "I listened to the people and found my voice". People are rarely neutral on her. They love her or they hate her.

Romney's father ran for Pres so he is no stranger to the political scene. He is a very successful businessman and I like that. Part of running the country is economics and that takes a businessman somewhere in the mix. Pres, VP, Cabinet..... somewhere.

Huckabee....... I really don't enough about him to vote for him.

John McCain is a man I could vote for. I think he will get the Republican nomination..... but whether he can overcome the negative feelings people have for President Bush in particular and the Republican party in general remains to be seen.

Barak Obama. I'm TIRED of all the stories that portray the primary race as being between a black man and a woman. That is irrelevant to who they both are. Look at the character of both of them. He looks to be a self made man. He is an inspriational speaker. Some would say he does not have much experience. Neither did a virtual unknown Governor from Arkansas a few years back as I recall. Change is the buzzword and I hope and believe it with him.

I've never voted a straight ticket and never will. I pick and choose the best person. I tend to be more Republican in nature...... but Obama is my candidate of choice. If Hillary wins the nomination, then I'll vote for McCain.

Jan 10 @ 12:11PM  
truthfully I'm not impressed with any of them Can I just not vote this time??

Jan 10 @ 12:19PM  
WOW........ that is the MOST compresensive, intelligent blog I've read on the election yet
Yes, I agree! See what happens when you speak from your intellect, and not your

Jan 10 @ 5:37PM  
Me being a Republican, I'm pretty disappointed in our picks. I was hoping Newt would run, but he didn't. Right now I'm leaning toward Huckabee and Romney.

Btw, Good blog, giving you a kudo!

Jan 10 @ 7:44PM  
Damn! This is definitely worthy of all my kudos. I regret that I have but one to give.

Great Blog!

My candidate a lil trouble today

Jan 10 @ 8:40PM  
I dont normal make comments on political blogs.........I have seen how bloody those can get those i do make jokes on the funny ones doesnt matter what party is being insulted..........but i have to say that this is, in my opinion, one of the best if not thee best political blog I have ever read........actually its an outstanding blog no matter what the subject.........You gave me a lot to think about without ramming one party or another down my throat........kudos to you on an excellent job done.

Jan 10 @ 11:41PM  
So far, over 3,000 American lives have been taken
fighting a war to save us from weapons of mass
destruction ...

which do and did not exist!

Additional countless numbers, including my cousin,
have returned with permanent injuries.

We CANNOT win a war in a foreign land if we
are unwilling to treat EVERY inhabitant as the enemy.
We SHOULD have learned that in Viet Nam!

And so far, each man woman and child has
spent about $1,615 to conduct this war.

The candidate who will get us the H*** out of there
the soonest should have everyone's vote.
So far, the best sounding is Ron Paul.

And you would NOT be wasting your vote, even
though his odds of being elected are slim.

Didn't it make the federal government a bit more
conservative, at least, because of Ross Perot?

Cast your vote for whomever you prefer,
without regard to whether they are a frontrunner
because the election should not be considered
a sport.

Jan 11 @ 2:41AM  
Did anyone see the Republican debate tonight! On FOX NEWS. The Station that tried to To Ban Ron Paul and did not invite him to the debate but because of pressure of having the debate pulled invited him anyway. Well after the debates the guys from Hannity and Colmes talked about everyone else and little about Dr. Ron Paul and when they did that tried to talk down on him. they said Thompson was there winner tonight. and Ron Paul was the loser. then they have there text poll on and they urge the tv viewers to vote and Ron Paul wins their text phone poll lol. And That Shawn guy from hannity/ colmes says oh i don't care what the results of the text poll says they are wrong lol. then they say that they invited Ron paul for a post debate interview and they said that Ron paul declined. I would have also they hate him thats like being invited to a party where the people in the party don't like you! Such a buch of HYPOCRITES!!!! canuhelpme 258 don't give up hope on Ron Paul. I will even right is name to the ballot next november and if everyone does that he will be the first ever president elected president by hand written ballot!!! But lets not have to do it that way! lets get him in so we can let others know about Ron Paul. Ron Paul cured my APATHY!!!! People Be Punk!!! Join The Revolution Vote for Ron Paul Vote for the man not the party!!!! Thank you

Jan 11 @ 5:46PM  
Addendum to my previous post ...

If you want to find out what the war in
Iraq/Afghanistan is costing, visit:

Please do so as part of choosing who you vote for.

Thank You!

Jan 11 @ 5:52PM  
Can I just not vote this time??

No, Lisa, not voting should NOT be an option.

Jan 13 @ 12:54AM  
please everyone vote!! look at our needs in this country. don't vote for some one because they are cute or charismatic, or dresses nice. or i want the first lady President or the First black President. Vote because you believe that person is the best for you and our country. Voting is our right! People have fought civil wars and have died for the right to vote! so don't take it for granted!! so lisa please vote! If you don't know about Ron paul you will! He is giving the big boys a run for their money! Some Rude and Disrepectable Fox news commonator asked Ron Paul does he think he is a Viable Presidential candidate! The reply by Ron Paul was Priceless!!! So much that this video is being taken off by the request Of FoxNews. because they were so Embrassed that they were shown up and that the Question asked by the Commentaor Blew up on his Face! Please watch because censorship by Foxnews this video might not be on for long!! its on Youtube!!! I love Youtube!!! thank you

Jan 13 @ 5:19AM  
when you said
Mitt Romney, a popular former Massachusetts governor, the son of an almost ethereal Michigan governor.
Did you mean that Romney is popular and a former Ma. gov'ner or that he is popular in Ma. as a former gov'ner? If it was the later, I really have to take exception with that! As somebody who lived through his governership (okay, so he only shares the blame for one woman's death (Nobody adequately checked the Big Dig before the tunnels were opened and a piece of it fell off and killed somebody)), I really feel its my duty to go around and tell people what a horrible job he did. He was at one point bragging about balancing the state's budget. Well, that's true. It's also true of his predecessor, and her predecessor, etc. It's part of the commonwealth's constitution that the budget has to get/stay balanced. Oh, and when he left office, we got to find out that one of the ways he kept the budget balanced was by cutting back on health inspectors (leaving the restraunts in a squalid state) and building inspectors (even after he got egg on his face for trying to dodge responsiblilty for the aforementioned tunnel collapse). He spent the last year of tenure campaigning and raising money (mind you he was doing those throughout his gov'nership). Fortunately, the state legislature managed to get a veto-proof majority and took over doing his job for him.
He's been talking a good game about immigration. Yet, he employed illegals to take care of his lawn (apparently, laws don't apply to him). Hell, pretty much everything he currently 'believes' is the exact opposite of what he said to get in office in Ma. It's not about his polotics for me (if you want the religous right style opinions vote Huckabee please!), it's about his scumsucking nature.
Finally, a good friend of mine grew up down the street from his Belmont estate. In addition to being a lying, sack of excrement in his political career, Mitt was mean to my friend.

Jan 13 @ 5:22AM  
forgot to mention, Romney's last act, before we chased him out of the state, was a universal health care bill. His idea was everybody must have health care and everybody must pay for it their own damn selves.

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American Politics... Do You Know Why You Support (or despise) A Candidate?