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Have a Good Day.....

posted 1/8/2008 10:15:05 AM |
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So it's Tuesday morning....I think....and I just have a thought, and before anyone jumps on me about being fair, or they did it I'm just defending myself or someone, or who my friends are, or snide little remarks that they say what I didn't mean it that way, or if you don't like it don't read it, or just point fingers and forget to look in the mirror while doing it,or what ever else to justify, place blame, bitch ,moan, tell me to mind my own business, or just get thier opinion in print....Can we just start over?????? I mean really start over as a new day and let it all go?

Yes, things have happened. Yes things have been said. People have pointed fingers...People have written things to get to people..People have purposely hurt others feelings-yea, I know internet can't happen, Bullshit, It does and we all know it. Most of us have felt it, whether it be through hurt, anger, defending someone else, feeling like leaving, actually leaving,a stab to the ego, or ripping someone in a blog or email.

Am I, I'm not. And I'm not throwing stones.I'm just saying can't we all just stop and make it just a little more fun on here again? Am I asking everyone to get along and be friends? Geez, I may be blonde but I've never been that nieive or stupid. Hell even I know there are only so many miracles that happen in a lifetime.

I know some people don't like each other.I know there are different reasons for some of that. But when you put this many people together, there are bound to be some that don't get along. That's just life and everyone being different from everyone else with their own personality. But being civil is another issue.

We all came here with the intent of having fun or meeting someone or just a get away from the outside world...Didn't we? What about the new people who are coming on here trying to find that someone or someones? Hell, they're probably running for a place where they have to pay thinking it's got to be friendlier, or the nearest vanilla site cause although it may be boring it's safe for them to make friends or meet someone.

Whether you are on my friends list or not, I have talked with just about most of everyone in the blogs at one point or another and I know there are a lot of good people on here, but if I were new to the blogs, I would be scared to even try to be friends with anyone right now. Much less try to put myself out there to meet anyone for other reasons..

So I'm wishing Everyone a good day and hoping we can bury the poor dead horse and all just have fun in the blogs, forums and life.....

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Jan 8 @ 10:22AM  
Bring on the fun!

Jan 8 @ 10:25AM  
Bring on the fun!
AH, Yes........I like your attitude R_U and as for you Treas I love ya g/f and you know what I told you yesterday I am here to write blogs and have fun, I am not going to fight.......nor be sucked into fighting.......its times like this when you just got to pull up your big girl panties and say Life is just to short for lets bring on the fun..............

Oh yea and a kudo for you!!

Jan 8 @ 10:25AM  
I'm tryin'...really! But I get the feeling I'm being ignored!

Oh well...nuthin' new. Here's my last kudo for you doll!

Jan 8 @ 10:29AM  
very nicely said... dig a hole and lets get on with it...

green thingy for ya...

Jan 8 @ 10:30AM  
You have a wonderful day, also

Jan 8 @ 10:35AM  
If it stays fun, I might stick around a bit!

Jan 8 @ 10:37AM  
Had my kids here for the weekend so I missed the fracus...........

But it seems to me the best way to get people to stop talking about "it".........
is to just stop talking about it.

The temp in IL was in the 60's yesterday and we got over 3 inches of rain last night. Maybe there is something to this global warming thing..........

Jan 8 @ 10:40AM  

*gives up one of my hard earned Kudos*

Jan 8 @ 10:42AM  
*gives up one of my hard earned Kudos*
Aw I be Tammy.........dont you mean one of Dede's kudos.......................

Jan 8 @ 10:46AM  
Aw I be Tammy.........dont you mean one of Dede's kudos.......................

Opps, DeDe's Kudo's...She can have them all..They don't work for sex..

Jan 8 @ 11:02AM  
I'm with you baby doll.. there's not very many bloggers on this site who haven't pointed the vile finger of blame, jumped someone's shit, stirred the pot, pissed in someone else's wheaties or just generally indulged in douchebaggery at one point or another. Stop jumping down each others throats.

BTW doll.. I'm starting to feel better and getting a good mad on.. wanna grab a stick and go hunting for dumbshit with me?

Jan 8 @ 11:03AM  
I totally agree with you CL.

Let the fun begin!


A green thing-a-ma-jiggy to you.................but don't let DeDe see it!

Jan 8 @ 11:17AM  
nor be sucked into fighting

Oh there you go...taking all my fun away.

Great Blog...Let's enjoy - have fun and leave the fights to the Debate Teams.

Jan 8 @ 11:19AM  
is this where I say "I'm sweet and Innocent"??

great blog and i admit it I flucked up to no more never again

green thingie for you (don't tell tammy or dede)

Jan 8 @ 11:21AM  
Oh there you go...taking all my fun away.
Well Geeezzzzzz DS you know I wasnt talking about with you................

Jan 8 @ 12:07PM  
From now on ...I'm just stickn to panties...

Jan 8 @ 3:01PM  
I was in the process of writing a comment on this blog 4 hours ago when I was hit with a stone. When I regained my consciousness I realized someone had beat my horse to death and to make things worse Trease was standing there pointing her finger at me. Now I have a headache so that's all I got to say except good blog Trease. I agree with you and a kudo for you.

Jan 8 @ 4:56PM  
I'm with slo.... School starts tomorrow here. I have decided to try full time this semester--wish me luck!!

Jan 8 @ 7:14PM  
Yeah, Borty will stick to just panties, and I will stick to panties and used tampons.

Jan 8 @ 10:17PM  
Oh sure, now that people have decided that kudos are anti-sex you guys decide to leave them for me.. .the intent was to actually have sex, preferably with someone else involved. I can "not" have sex on my own...I don't need any help doing that.

But thanks.......

And uh, Max......I think you and I might be having a talk real soon....... I'm just sayin' lol

Ewww, Shawn, that's just gross......

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