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posted 1/8/2008 2:35:22 AM |
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Over the last few weeks a very dear friend of mine has been disrespected and maligned and I feel it is necessary that I speak up, not so much in her defense but to make clear to those who have stepped over the line, that your attempts to degrade her have not gone unnoticed. I come to the blogs to find entertainment and to seek like minded people who enjoy good natured discussion about topics that interest me but lately have been confronted by the babblings of a certain cretan with antisocial personality disorder. He babbles constantly about how he is misunderstood and how evil his perceived enemies are and his little cheerleaders egg him on while pertending to be friends with my friends. But yanno ...this place is becomming like a radio....the static will always be there between channels but it fades into the distance when I reach the channel I'm looking for. So I would like take this opportunity to tell all those who wish to continue your inane chatter...that you have simply become static between other words ...background noise and to those this doesn't apply to you are my stations.

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Jan 8 @ 2:47AM  

You tell them Borty. I am with you 100% on this.

Jan 8 @ 2:49AM  
I agree, blogs are suppose to be fun where everyone can enjoy them. Good 'ole entertainment....good......negative drama....bad.

Now where did I put that used tampon.


Jan 8 @ 2:53AM  

Is that what it was Shawn ? I thought is was a new flavor of tea bags.

Jan 8 @ 2:55AM  
Oh, Chuck my boy, that is so gross.........


Jan 8 @ 5:42AM  
now THIS was the shit !!!!

great way to make a point..............*checks da' dial to see if he's static or not *

kudo for you

Jan 8 @ 7:10AM  
Borty, I agree with you on the basic principals and ideals in this blog...but I'm sorry, it's not fair to point the finger at one person when SO many others have done the same thing - including the person being referenced. Again, if you want me to back up what I'm saying, I have no problem doing that several times over. I don't care WHO all these blogs are about, but I do care that it's okay that some people can write blogs about other people, wanting attention, putting others down, pushing their opinions...but others can't. I'm gonna have to take a stand ON the line here even at the risk of pissing you off...'cause you know what - you just did the same thing he did (and they did, and those folks over there did, and even I have done). After a 3 month hiatus it only takes one day to see that the same BS is going on and people are still justifying it. I'm not say this blog is wrong...just that needs to be directed at a whoooooole lot more people.

Look, I'm not trying to take sides 'cause I'm not part of this...but I am not going to say nothing when I believe something is unfair.

Jan 8 @ 7:53AM  
Oh dearest bort.........

The honor of your valiancy is not lost with me.....

However, it is viewed by the Masters of Old to be malignantly conspirative

Jan 8 @ 7:54AM  
WOW! Borty what a great sentiment to have..........only your sweetness outshines your wisdom. Lubs ya sweetie.

Nomi- your right I have been guilty of it in the past, just like you and a lot others....but suddenly I am accused of stuff I had no part of and didnt want a part of .........I have been avoiding fights and arguments as much as i could for quite a while........people change nomi.......well perhaps not........I see you havent.........

Jan 8 @ 8:05AM  
What?? What conspiracy? I'm lost! Who said anything about a conspiracy?

Jan 8 @ 8:07AM  
Dayna, you are so right. I've not changed...I'm still for fairness and equality. Now, to reiterate what I have already said twice (though not in this particular blog), is that I don't know what this current rift is about, haven't read the blogs for background, and am not involved...I'm taking a stand that this blog and the basic concepts in it should apply equally to everyone. So, you can go ahead and twist my words and thoughts around to sound like something bad, evil, or targeting someone in particular, but I think I made myself perfectly clear that I'm speaking to the issue of fairness - and I'm not putting anyone down in the processes or taking cheap jabs.

Jan 8 @ 8:08AM  
Oh...and where are my manners... Welcome Back!!! The site is complete again!

Jan 8 @ 8:13AM  
You know what Nomi my comment could have been taken two chose the way you wanted to take it and thats fine........ I am not going to argue with you either...........Life is too let me explain my new ideals and I plan on sticking to them.......I am not going to fight......anyone can say what they want to about me or to me as long as it isnt in my blogs..........those i will delete.......cause there mine............and others i just wont read the blogs.......I am back because a lot of my friends asked me to come I am here to talk to them and write one has to read them but write them I will.........As for Borty he wrote this because he is my friend and because he loves me..........I hope no one cruxifies him for that.

Jan 8 @ 8:18AM I'm confused. I thought this was about something about embellishing a story...

Jan 8 @ 8:20AM  
I'm not sure what other way I could have taken your comment, but I don't think my response was as snotty as I think you may have perceived it. I'm just saying I think this blog should apply to everyone. If that's wrong or bad or "stirring shit" or anything negative...well, then I can't help that some people choose to see it that way.

Well, kiddos...I'm off to catch my bus (fun, fun...). I hope y'all work it out so we can focus on fun tonight!!!

Jan 8 @ 8:27AM  
why would anyone crucify Borty? wtf...what is this all about? fuckit...I'm prolly better off not knowing. I had way too much fun last night to let anything ruin it now.


Jan 8 @ 8:41AM  
I hereby Knight thee Sir Borty!! Go forth to yon hill where ye shall find a pile of panties as thine reward!!!
and a shiny green thingy too!!!
*pssst I hear you can trade them for free sex!!*

Jan 8 @ 8:45AM  
pssst I hear you can trade them for free sex!!*
Stormy Stormy Stormy...........are you starting that rumor all over again.......... You know you had me convinced of it............and everytime I got the number of kudos you said I needed for free sex, you upped the amount.........I never did get any of that free sex.............

Jan 8 @ 8:49AM  
I have no clue what you are talking about...But that is me...clueless most of the time...I listen to country and Christian Rock... Those are my favorite stations.

*pssst I hear you can trade them for free sex!!*

It is not working

Jan 8 @ 8:54AM  
Aly, I'd give you some of mine, but it seems that you can't give away kudos that have been given to you and I'm all out of my own kudos. Oh I know...I'll go cancel my account again and sign back up...then I'll have more kudos!! You can have em all!!

Jan 8 @ 9:01AM  
Thanks for the nice offer...I was saving the Kudo's for DeDe...The Kudo Whore...

I was thinking of starting to give Pennies instead of Kudo's as I do have a lot of them.

Jan 8 @ 9:14AM  
Oh DeDe...that's right! She needs sex! I go give her that is! I gots a whole bunch of winks, but I wanna know why does Sum have a deer in his house?

oops, I better quit hijacking this blog! I still have no idea what it's about or why someone would crucify Borty...

Jan 8 @ 9:20AM  
Now Borty has is together. When I grow up I want to be like him. Good blog friend. I feel the same way but don't have the talent to say is so nicely.

Here is a Kudo for support.


Jan 8 @ 10:14AM  
The site is complete again??? WHAT does that mean???
Conspiracy??? I must have been at my job too long this week and not bothered to check in on what what going on here.

Borty, you stay who you are, man! You have always been a gentle man and a gentleman, too! Bet you are also I great friend! I will send you a kudo IF I can find out how many I have. Bet you'd rather have a bag of panties, but can't help you there...mine at too pretty to part with.


Jan 8 @ 10:56AM  
Three pronged reply...

First off Borty my darling.. I am going to kiss you in places you never knew you had.. soon as I'm well.

Secondly.. EVERYONE. There is not one blogger here, with the possible exception of Borty and CuteCarrie who has never jumped down someone's throat, bitched about someone else.. pitched a fuckin hissy fit.. and generally acted like ass cheeze at least once in their AMD Career. So sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Thirdly.. I am starting to feel more human.. notice I didn't say humane? Cuz I'm workin up to a big bad mad on.. anyone wanna fuck or fight?

Jan 8 @ 11:02AM  
anyone wanna fuck or fight?
Ummmm Miss NachoBaby if i could interject here................I'm up for some fucking............just saying........

Jan 8 @ 11:21AM  
.I am back because a lot of my friends asked me to come back..

Asked?????? Be honest now...we DEMANDED you come back! Even had a couple here spam you silly to you came back.

btw Borty...You're right...too much disrespect and other b.s. has been flung on the blogs here lately...and like CL's blog's time to get back to the fun. Which..I plan on trying to do.

And yes...I'll even leave ya a green thing-a-ma-jiggy...just don't let DeDe see it...

Jan 8 @ 11:32AM  
Secondly.. EVERYONE. There is not one blogger here, with the possible exception of Borty and CuteCarrie who has never jumped down someone's throat, bitched about someone else.. pitched a fuckin hissy fit.. and generally acted like ass cheeze at least once in their AMD Career. So sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

I'm srry I promise to be good from now on

Jan 8 @ 2:48PM  
Borty I can respect your sentiments, wholeheartedly.

I would also if I were the author of this blog amend to read something to the effect of a two way street, reaping what a person sews, or a double edged knife.

Right now the mood is such that many feel they are walking beneath the sword of Damoceles, and the tenuous fiber of the hair could snap if but a single syllable be taken out of context.

Those sentiments are not from either side of this (what fuck you call it?) argument? They are from other's caught in the wake.

I've drawn a line in the proverbial sand around me and mine, any person regardless of who you are, length of time I've known you, or my regards of you at this moment violate my space with negativity, the tenuous thread of hair Sam work so hard to secure a truce with will be severed.

I remonstrated for tact, now I am the town pariah, so be it!

Jan 8 @ 9:58PM  
Cuz I'm workin up to a big bad mad on.. anyone wanna fuck or fight?

Well if I really have to choose.............

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