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Inky blackness permeates the night...

posted 1/7/2008 11:53:29 PM |
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Few things stir within its dark folds...all is nearly silent, save for a few night insects.
A warm wind begins to blow upon the land, followed by a soft wicked chuckle floating upon the breeze...smoke begins to whirl about a nearby mountaintop as an object begins to form within...a tall black throne, carved with all manner of creatures in assorted sexual positions and chased throughout with lines of silver...a figure appears seated upon it, dark silken clothing adorning its form as its eyes glow a hellish red which scan the lands, missing not a thing. As a goblet appears in its hand, it takes a long draught, then speaks

The more things change, the more they stay the same...
Long have I wandered, and many have long passed, or forgotten me...
But still do I see much douchebaggery upon this realm...
Fights, feuds, fussery, tomfoolery, tomcattery....he said, she said, they said...
All too easy to lose sight of appreciation for such wondrous gifts as they ability to speak with others from around this entire world at all, let alone perhaps share ideas, receive support, learn things anew, and perhaps even get fucked on occasion....
For without such a wondrous device, we all would be left to our own little corners of the universe and only privy to those we ourselves sought out in communication personally...
His voice drips with irony as he continues
No...far too much easier to pick away, pot shot, argue, hurl insults, or just plain offend, is it not? Far too easy to act an ass to someone we have not even had the pleasure of meeting in person, too easy to message someone unknown with total vulgarity or pictures better left for better times, or I know, let us just plain act a neanderthal, shall we? After all...these are not REAL people, no....they're just text...nothing to worry about at all...
laughs bitterly

Well...for one who has lost that gift, and must now use others gateways to even speak at all to such a wondrous plethora of minds and be heard by all...perhaps all should feel such loss, and therefore perhaps much more appreciate such a thing, indeed...

BUT, I digress...
Takes another pull of his goblet and laughs wickedly
Seems someone said my name 3 times...
And here I be...*Wicked Smile*
I traveled afar, a very long search of my Grail...true love...yet again have I tasted but ash of bitterness...
Perhaps tis time I toss away such foolish notions and simply become an instrument of pleasure instead...
And with that said...

Wanna Fuck?

Drop your kudos in that slot riiiight over there....

*Wicked Laugh*

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Jan 7 @ 11:58PM  
Well hello sexy. And welcome back to insanity. Leave your clothes at the door.

Jan 7 @ 11:59PM  
***rushes in and jumps up on DK and razzes him on da neck** knew I would!!


Jan 8 @ 12:02AM  
Drop your kudos in that slot riiiight over there....
Guess I found the slot....kudo left....


Jan 8 @ 12:03AM  

**i'mma bounce back to my blog and leave myself more comments**

Jan 8 @ 12:08AM  
Hmmmm...I'll kudo you anytime, baby!!!


Jan 8 @ 12:08AM  
Perhaps tis time I toss away such foolish notions and simply become an instrument of pleasure instead...

OMG...are you gonna be a gigolo now? Can I be your pimp?

**do gigolo's even have pimps?**

Jan 8 @ 12:11AM  
Richard Gere did in "American Gigalo"...his pimp set him up and framed him for murder! Yes, the movie had a plot!

Jan 8 @ 12:12AM  
I just went to see it so's I could see Ricky's dicky!

Jan 8 @ 12:13AM  
Gawd...he's not back for 5 minutes and we already hijacked his blog...

Jan 8 @ 12:15AM  
alright people...I need kudos!! Gimme all your kudos!!

Oops...sorry, wrong blog!

Jan 8 @ 12:35AM  

Jan 8 @ 2:31AM  
"inky" One rarely reads that adjective these days! Can I borrow that? Too late I'm stealing it!

Hey I paid for it a kudzoo

Jan 8 @ 2:40AM  
I gotta go do my inky job for my inky money to pay my inky bills!

Jan 8 @ 3:05AM  
Welcome Back DKW!!

Jan 8 @ 5:37AM  
been long time....yeah ..douchebaggery....fightin ...and just plain old fuckin BS........sighhh...gets old.....

I traveled afar, a very long search of my Grail...true love...yet again have I tasted but ash of bitterness...

sry to hear that........give up your quest you say? nay nay no quiting.........he he he maybe a break here for fun ....

here's yer kudo........and naww...don't feel like fuckin right now ty anyway


Jan 8 @ 8:35AM  
umm I'll give you a kudo but you gotta drop something in my slot

Jan 8 @ 9:09AM  
I was only here a little while before you left, but I remember your blogs, so nice to see you back!!

Jan 8 @ 10:50AM  
I can see that the King and Queen of Pervia are gonna have to duke it out over this one.. DKW... I missssssssed you sexy.. where the hell you been? Why haven't you written? Are you still all livin and stuffs?

Jan 8 @ 11:29AM'd he get on top of me?

er...I mean above me...on the popular bloggy thingy...

Well, if someones gonna beat least it's someone I like!

Wait...not beat me...I mean...nvm...


Jan 8 @ 1:19PM  
He's back! (I suspect he has been lurking all along...Sxze comes back and rings for him and ***boooinggggg*** there he is). I'd give you a kudo for the blog but they only let me give one anti sex kudo out at a time. So I gave you mine just for showing yourself to us!

Jan 8 @ 1:27PM  
Though in truth he never left

his spirit his gusto, his flatulence remained!

Jan 8 @ 7:38PM  
What's Sunny gonna charge for ya?? I might have to set up a lemonaide stand outside my apt.

Sooooooooo glad to see ya back in the fold! or is that "clique"?

Eh it was said, leave your clothes at the door!

Jan 9 @ 6:00AM  
It's good to see you back, DKW.

Jan 13 @ 4:42PM  
Welcum back Dark One ... even as I fade into the shadows.

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Inky blackness permeates the night...