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...First Bitch and Complaint Session of 2008...

posted 1/3/2008 12:16:27 AM |
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This is the first bitch and complaint session of 2008. I do this from time to time, just to clear the air in here. So please have at it!! Above all, have fun!!

I hate fucking winter. I'm tired of the cold, the wind, the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be in a warm climate 12 months a year!!! Anyone got any suggestions??

I have noticed lately, that a lot of green thingy ma bobs have been going out to NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is up with that. I am the Reigning Kudo Whore!!! So give um up..

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Jan 3 @ 12:20AM  
I figured sooner or later you were going to go Kostal (thats Kudo Postal) on us.........I promise Dede i only gave the bad ones know the ones that were werent around and they were drawing kudo flies........I had to do something...........I am so sorry................

Jan 3 @ 12:21AM  
an island in the belize area .....thats me

Jan 3 @ 12:30AM  
Thereis only one reay warm place

Jan 3 @ 12:37AM  
I promise Dede i only gave the bad ones know the ones that were werent around and they were drawing kudo flies........I had to do something...........I am so sorry..........

indeed!!!!! No green thingy ma bob is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jus sayin....

Thereis only one reay warm place

Well i do have one warm place!!

Jan 3 @ 12:51AM  
BEEN FREEZING MY ASS OFF I guess thats the only bitch session i have Besides that been my day for money today finaly got my re-embursment check from Bell for the down i put on my cell phone and won $50 on a scratch ticket only down side for the bell check i paid off some bills and have $30 left to myself out of $185.00 ............ sis i save all my kudos for you ya know that oh and i can get out of the court thing atleast i dont think i can

Jan 3 @ 1:18AM  
Where do I start
I hate the cold..It is hard on the body
I hate not having a car to get around
I hate being broke all the time
I hate when people come into eat where I work and leave you $1.00 after they ran your ass for everthing they can think of

But the good news is I saved all my kudo's for you

Jan 3 @ 2:57AM  
One suggestion... move to an area with a better climate?

Oh hell no, you don't get all the green goblins!

Jan 3 @ 3:16AM  

Jan 3 @ 3:16AM  
so it wouldn't pay to mention I'm sitting here in nothing but silk boxers and a t-shirt then huh ,trying to recover from a heatwave's a kudo to keep ya warm
nice nipple extentions by the way.
oh,they're not ? ..must be colder over there than I thought

Jan 3 @ 3:36AM  
Please make the trolls stop.That is all.

Jan 3 @ 3:48AM  
Well, I'm not one to Bitch... but Fuck this Cold Weather!
Well i do have one warm place!!
Plz keep me Warm!!! I still dream of playing Motor boat in those Lovely Boobs of yours!
Tosses you a kudo..cause I can!!!

Jan 3 @ 5:42AM  
Anyone got any suggestions??

South Padre Isl Tx????

I have noticed lately, that a lot of green thingy ma bobs have been going out to NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*tosses his spare kudo n heads to work *

Jan 3 @ 6:44AM  
Stay inside in a hot tub, have lots of hot steamy sex. eat power food in front of a roaring fire. repeat daily. Repeat. See no more winter worries & you stay nice & warm. & the little green guy gotta think of everything these days.

All hail the Queen of GreenI

Jan 3 @ 6:51AM  

Jan 3 @ 7:01AM  
California is where it's at!!

Hope that headache of yours got better De!

Jan 3 @ 7:51AM  
I can definately relate. It's currently 25 degrees here in Ontario, Canada. A real bone chiller and damp as well. Hope you can get away to a warm spot soon. Take care, Mike

Jan 3 @ 8:21AM  
hey I haven't made any money to get by in the month of dec This better be a better month or sumeone is gonna get hurt

Jan 3 @ 8:35AM  
Well, I paid my token (a kudo :-) so I'm gonna get some bitchin' out if you don't mind, thank you very much...

I hate winter too - it sucks dirty ass. The cold makes my muscles hurt and I absolutely HATE getting out of my warm bed to scrape ice off my car.

Ok, I'm done.

Have a nice day everyone

Jan 3 @ 9:02AM  
Not really any complaints, but I hope everyone else gets everything they deserve!!! Have a wonderful day!

Jan 3 @ 10:11AM  
lose the bra............okay i'm done..........

Jan 3 @ 11:18AM  
it's a balmy 21F with an index of 9F here today.....Gawd I LOVE winter The colder the better! It's called snuggling weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tosses the green thingy over to sis*

Jan 3 @ 5:16PM  
I'm afraid that if I started to bitch that I wouldn't be able to stop.

Jan 3 @ 6:38PM  
I just put the deposit down on my Florida Condo for Vacation!!!! But it's still FREEZING HERE and I don't go until May!!! I hate Snow and ICE!!

Jan 3 @ 8:52PM  
Hiya Sis!!! About time you blogged ya know.

I already bitched about it..but...hell yeah...I'll bitch about the snow and cold......again!!!!! ugggg!!! I'm SO ready for Spring!!!!!!!

oh...shame on those who were just giving away those pretty shiny green thingy ma bobs...

What????????????? Wasn't me...honest!!!!!!

OK!!!! Here's your green thingy ma bob sis!

Jan 3 @ 9:37PM  
My bitch is....... picture collectors!!!!!

Here's your green thingy!

Jan 3 @ 9:49PM  
My bitch is when ya get old ya start to forget where the fuck did I put my kudo's...

Jan 3 @ 10:45PM  
My bitch is when ya get old ya start to forget things..

Uh...what was I gonna say? Damn I hate that!

Jan 3 @ 10:47PM  
lose the bra............okay i'm done..........

Get De to lose the bra & I will give YOU a Kudo!

Jan 5 @ 5:17PM  
Hmmmm, did you say kudos???? I love kudos!

Jan 15 @ 6:12AM  
cold weather has its advantages, nothing like getting all warm and comfy in your (or somebody else's) bed. I miss having four seasons. Tell you what, we can trade, you can move to Cali and I'll go to... where are you... Kansas! Fuck that, I'm staying in CA, take another trip to a nice warm beach and quit my belly achin'

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...First Bitch and Complaint Session of 2008...