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Would you fuck someone that you despised, even if they're HOT?

posted 1/2/2008 9:08:28 PM |
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tagged: fuck, sex, straddle

How many of you would actually fuck someone or be fucked by them if you really hated or didn't like that person? I see myself not wanting them sexually if I felt that way about a woman. I'm sure I'm not alone, but something tells me that guys are more willing to give this a try than women are in this situation. But hey, that's just my opinion.

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Jan 2 @ 9:10PM  
Wouldn't do it

Jan 2 @ 9:11PM  
Not a chance. If I despised them, I wouldn't think they were hot at all. To me, it's what's inside that radiates out that makes a person hot. Looks matter, but to a very small degree. Without the personality, looks are nothing.

Jan 2 @ 9:14PM  
Did it and would do it again if she still looks like she used to

Jan 2 @ 9:14PM  
I'm with Valentine and Looking....wouldn't do it.

Jan 2 @ 9:15PM  
I totally agree with you Looking4ever.

Jan 2 @ 9:16PM  
Ever hear of an angry fuck?

Jan 2 @ 9:17PM  
Well that all depends..........i use to fuck my exhusband and i cant stand him now does that count?

Now in all seriousness.............If I can't stand them I wont be around them..easy as definitely fucking is out.........

I dont know where you come up with your ideas Shawn.........but they are original.......kudos to you.........looking around to see if dede is here........nope im safe............

Jan 2 @ 9:17PM  
Mildly dislike,as in disagree with certain aspects of their personality,maybe.Because nobody's perfect.Out and out loathing,definitely not.

Jan 2 @ 9:18PM  
Ever hear of an angry fuck?

I think there is a difference between being ticked off at someone and despising them. I've been angry plenty of times before some great sex that followed.

Jan 2 @ 9:20PM  
Straddle, I say this with the uttmost respect.......Are You Nuts??
I don't hate anyone, I may hate what they do...but even just not liking someone I'm not having anything to do with them sexually. Or any other way....

But good question cause there probably are a few that would say a lay is a lay.


Jan 2 @ 9:23PM  
I dont think I could do it. If I really dispised someone, they wouldnt be good looking at all to me. A drop dead gorgeous person on the outside can be the ugliest person to know (if their personality is mean and nasty). I dont need to get laid that bad!

Jan 2 @ 9:24PM  
Ever hear of an angry fuck?

But when I'm angry with someone it's usually someone I like. And make up sex is great. If I don't like them, they're not worth any emotion. Just my $. 02

Jan 2 @ 9:27PM  
No fucking way would I even think of it - If I can't stand them, there is no way I would want to give them any type of pleasure

Jan 2 @ 9:28PM  
Sorry about my previous language,

Jan 2 @ 9:45PM  
L4E, I will agree that's usually the case, but I have a particular person in mind, whom I've always hated, STRONGLY, and I still quite fondly look forward to the day I get to tear her ass up. See, that's totally different than just having anry sex with somebody..that's fucking WITH anger.

Jan 2 @ 10:03PM  

Jan 2 @ 10:03PM  
I know a few local guys that I find physically attractive but I just don't like them. No...I couldn't...not liking them is all it takes....

Is there a difference between hate and "can't stand them"???? I always wondered...

Any of the above fits the NO CAN DO...

Jan 2 @ 10:05PM  
No, wouldn't even go near someone I hated, and definately wouldn't want to give any kind of sexual enjoyment. Sex for me is about giving myself and the other person pleasure.

Jan 2 @ 10:05PM  
I might report back on that one...

Jan 2 @ 10:10PM  
Duh... I was married to him.

Jan 2 @ 10:27PM  
Oh shit wait.. you said HOT.. nevermind.

Jan 2 @ 10:28PM  

Jan 2 @ 10:31PM  
Nope. Couldn't fuck someone I can't stand or hate. No way. Just wouldn't work!

Jan 2 @ 10:35PM  
Is shoving a ball bat up their ass considered giving them a fuck??? If it is then bring em on. Wally World has Louisville sluggers on clearance.

Jan 2 @ 10:43PM  
I've met some really hot babes that as soon as they opened their mouths to speak not hot anymore...and my once hard penis shrivels to swimming pool size.

Jan 2 @ 10:47PM  
I can think of one that I would...and it would be easy to hang up on her the next day

Jan 2 @ 10:49PM  
No way, I couldn't be intimate in anyway with someone I hated.

Jan 2 @ 10:58PM  
My ex -- used to be hot... and I fucked him... and despised him for years....

does that count?

Fuck someone I despise - NEVER AGAIN.... it makes me throw up!


Jan 2 @ 11:00PM  
My ex boyfriend wanted to get laid..And wanted me..I can't stand him and I sure in the HELL didn't want to be around him much less go to bed with him...YUCK

The answer would be NO...

Jan 2 @ 11:17PM  
Did it once. It's called a "Grudge Fuck". The day of my divorce to exwife #2 We had a wild, no holds bared romp & that was it. I cant stand her, or what she did to me after the divorce. It was just kinda a "finalization". A total ending to everything.

(& prolly the best time @

Jan 3 @ 12:18AM  
NO way in hell would I touch someone I despise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has to be really bad for me to despise anyone!

Jan 3 @ 3:01AM  
From a guys point of view...

It could lead to fantastic sex.

No really, if you weren't concerned with how she perceived you after words; used your strong dislike/hate to fuel your trusting. It may even mend fences, well temporarily until she started talking again and reminded you why there are bad feelings lol...

But if were talking about a midget, sign me up!

Jan 3 @ 3:17AM  

Jan 3 @ 3:39AM  
Naaaw, I couldnt do it!!!
My "Monkey" cant Climb just any tree!
My 2 cents!

Jan 3 @ 6:07AM  
No fucking way would I even think of it - If I can't stand them, there is no way I would want to give them any type of pleasure

wow just stole my exact thoughts.........soo copy n paste a quote answer is best

btw i'm NOT appologizing for the laguage

Jan 3 @ 6:53AM  
no i wouldnt

Jan 3 @ 9:46AM  
wouldn't that kinda like calling the kettle black?? nope I couldn' do it

Jan 3 @ 10:18AM  
No Way!

Jan 3 @ 11:01AM  
That's where the term "GRUDGE FUCK" comes from

Jan 3 @ 2:06PM  
Been faced with this "dilemma" and I couldn't do it...I couldn't bear for him to touch me!!!!!

Jan 3 @ 3:10PM  
That's where the term "GRUDGE FUCK" comes from

..or the term "dick punched"

Jan 3 @ 4:08PM  
I wouldn't, but upon deeper reflection I would if I could throw in a couple of Donkey Punches and at least ONE Fish-Hook to level the playing field.

After all, no sense in doing it other than the kick-ass story that you get to tell everyone later. Throw in a right handed Pimp Slap, and you got a deal bitch!

Jan 4 @ 11:31AM  
There is such a thing as a grudge fuck

Jan 4 @ 2:13PM  
I don't despise anyone....but if I did I don't think I would fuck her or eat her. Maybe I would slap her ass with my longhorn for a while and then stroke off and cum on her back, then just leave the bitch unsatisfied.

Jan 5 @ 11:26AM  
omfg I was think dirty sanchez the bitch!

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Would you fuck someone that you despised, even if they're HOT?