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Girls my age kill me...

posted 12/29/2007 5:16:35 PM |
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tagged: oral sex, blowjobs, head, olderwomen

Are you an older woman and ask yourself, why do young guys want older women? It's simple, older women are a lot more open to sex.

A lot of girls my age still think sex is gross, I don't understand it. I love when I'm talking to a girl my age and she's like, "oh all you want me for is sex" What am I suppose to want you for, my wife? It's insane...I hardly know you!

A lot of girls my age don't suck dick either which is ridiculous. If I eat a girl out I do it for at least 15 minutes and when the girl is done, she gives me a blowjob for 30 seconds and says lets fuck or doesen't give me anything at all. What kind of bullshit is that.

I don't have some huge porno sized cock and I always shower before I hangout with a girl, so I really don't understand why girls aren't sucking my dick.

I met a girl who loves doing it and she doesen't believe me when I told her that I have gotten like 5 minutes of head combined in the past 3 years. She might be wifey material. I can't pass up a girl like this.

I love looking back on girls in high school who thought sucking dick was disgusting but they would do hard drugs.

Am I fucked up in the head for thinking that licking a girls pussy is not gross? It really doesen't bother me, when I'm doing it I'm not thinking to myself, god this sucks!


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Girls my age kill me...


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Dec 29 @ 5:40PM  
There's nothing wrong with oral sex, but there are allot of people who have been duped into thinking it's "gross, wrong, or undesirable". Give it a chance, you're still young. Trust that in time you will experience all the things you want.

Dec 29 @ 5:46PM  
She might be wifey material. I can't pass up a girl like this.

not so sure i'd use THIS to base a marriage ..........

Dec 29 @ 6:41PM  
And here I was thinking that younger guys were looking for older women because they had a "mommy complex".

Dec 29 @ 10:34PM  
'shed and ynot are both telling it straight. As for luna...You're learning something here, too. No, it's NOT a momma thing. Back in my late teens, I sometimes left mygirlfriend alone on a Fri or Sat night. I went to my buddy's house while he was out on a date...and had some GREAT sex with his mom. Hotter than any young gal I ever had.

Dec 30 @ 1:34AM  
Thinking back to when I was younger I think why they have a problem giving oral is that younger guys tend to come very quickly. Most younger girls haven't learnt to appreciate the joy of bringing a guy to orgasm in their mouths, let alone swallowing and that is what they find so gross and disgusting.
As we get older we get more skilled in exciting and then delaying you so that all around everyone has a fun time. Are you using condoms? At your age and stage in life * not in monogamous relationship * you should be. This will also help the girl to feel more relaxed and able to get into giving oral sex more wholeheartedly.
Just a few things to consider.

Dec 30 @ 4:30AM  
I've never been with an older woman, but after reading some posts about the topic on this site, I might have to try! Since every girl I've ever had sex has been my age (27) or younger, I can attest that not all young girls think sex is gross. Hell, have you been on myspace? There are some serious sluts on there, and not necessarily age of consent either. But I think you hit on a good point. Older women are probably more likely to be into sex purely for the sensuality and hedonistic pleasure of it (which doesn't necessarily mean she is just looking for a one-night stand or fuck buddy.) But girls in their late teens/early 20s do seem to see sex as either something that they do to make their boyfriend happy or something that they use as a bargaining tool to get what they want from potential boyfriends. I've been with many women who are willing to "put out" but don't seem to share my own pleasure in the pure pleasure of the act (for those of you who might counter that maybe I'm just not that good...well, I won't argue but I'm pretty sure I've left some more than satisfied!)

Dec 30 @ 11:02AM  
From the old furr-bag:

[I]Hm, I don't even know where to start with this one.[/I]

I'm gonna put it this way this time. Young women your age, in their 20's are still believing that guys might actually have a deeper side to them and sex is second on their list. They think that relationships are really to be built on feelings of the heart and mind so that's what their looking for and their not gonna give it up like young horn-dogs want them to.

Now when us young women get older, through years of experience, we realize that "hey, that ain't EVEN gonna ever happen"!!!!!


Dec 30 @ 11:17AM  
Now when us young women get older, through years of experience, we realize that "hey, that ain't EVEN gonna ever happen"!!!!!

never ever????

Feb 13 @ 11:28AM  
hey ill suck your dick if you dont mind that im a crossdresser!

Feb 13 @ 12:00PM  
Well I suppose "grandma" here might as well jump on the bandwagon and give her 2 cents worth...

I've put a stop to men doing oral sex on me...they spend 2 minutes there and they act like it's a gift...doin' me a favor. F*ck 'em! Guys that know what they're doing and really get into it are few and far between.

I have threatened to pretend that I don't know how to do blowjobs...once they get one that's all they want...their dick in my mouth...selfish selfish selfish!

Younger guys are often clumsy and groping like inexperienced adolescent.. Often eager to please but not willing to follow directions.

Men in their 40's and 50's have my be the best lovers although they still want to hog the oral sex....take and not give in return.

One more thing...young girls are scouting for husband material so they are more demanding in heart issues...alot of older women aren't...and I didn't say ALL..just some!!

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Girls my age kill me...