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If you had to pick between talking and vision, which would it be?

posted 12/29/2007 4:08:06 AM |
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tagged: life, straddle

This would be hard to choose between the two, but if it came down to it I would most likely pick the ability to see instead of talking. If you had to pick between the two, which one would you choose?

Also, another difficult question with a decision with picking between walking and talking. This one is really hard for me to pick. Honestly, not sure I could. I'm leaning toward wanting to talk more than walking. What about any of you?

I came up with this last question between walking and talking because my great aunt (Geneva....but I called her Gen) ended up with a trach and had a hard time breathing back in 1988 before she passed away later that year in Oct. She was pretty much confined to the bed and wheel chair after all this and wasn't able to catch her breath enough to walk, along with not having walked for a period of time. It would have been great and easy on all of us that was taking care of her to work with her on her walking, but she was more interested in wanting to talk more than walking. She was unable to do both of those. She used to talk up a storm on the phone all the time with her friends and family. After some health problem came to a head where she ended up getting that trach and being confined to a bed for a couple of months in and out of the hospital, she no longer had the strength in her legs and lungs like she had before. After all that you could tell that her full of life spirit wasn't there where it was before. It amazed me that she cared more about talking than walking at the time. Today, I understand a little more where she was coming from with wanting to talk more than to walk. She was like a second mom to me, and I very much miss her today.

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Dec 29 @ 5:23AM  
I lost my sight for a full week once when i was a kid after a stupid accident flicking towels,so I know first hand I'd rather lose my ability to speak than my sight,plus who needs a voice when you can type on the internet,ha,ha

as for walking,I've often wondered what would hppen if I got injured at work in the bush,no doubt I'd end up modifying the damn wheel chair and have an engine squeezed into it in no time.
plus if you still had a voice you could say ;hand me that wrench will ya.

Dec 29 @ 6:37AM  
If i had to choose id rather lose my speech then vision with speech atleast u can write or sign what u want or need as for vision its a little harder to learn where everything is

Dec 29 @ 7:38AM  
Vision is my choice hands down.... The ability to see is so important to me..

Dec 29 @ 8:48AM  
I'm an artist.. I don't need a voice for that.. but if my eyes went.. I think I may be really really reaaaaaaally screwed.

I'd rather walk than talk also. I mean.. I can type right?

Plus, if it comes down to it.. I do know some sign language and would be able to communicate that way.

Dec 29 @ 9:16AM  
Ahhh, yes....were it that life was so generous as to give us a choice....

Dec 29 @ 9:29AM  
I have super human healing powers I will never lose either! I am awesome in my awesomeness!

Dec 29 @ 11:25AM  
I'm a visual person...large round breasts...thick strong thighs...full bouncing buttocks....whoops ...guess I'm off topic...anyway you get the picture...I'll take eyesight anyday....

Dec 29 @ 12:10PM  
I'd definately choose sight to sound. I'd never want to not be able to see my kids. But I'd much rather walking to talking, there are more than 1 way to communicate. Great questions!!

Dec 29 @ 12:13PM  
I'm sorry that your Great Aunt had such a hard time, Shawn. But it sure sounds like she was a strong loving woman.

I talk a lot, on the phone, in person. I love to talk with people. But if I HAD to chose I'd chose my sight. I can't imagine not being able to see my grandchildren grow up or just life around me.

Talking or walking....That's a real toughie. I'd probably chose walking. I could type, my handwriting is pretty much readable and I know some sign language. And I could still hug and show love even if I couldn't actually say it.

Dec 29 @ 12:40PM  
my handwriting is pretty much readable
Treas did you forget that I had your handwriting analyzed..........and it came back with a personality of a serial killer?

I already know what its like to be blind...........been what its like not to talk.........when i had my jaw wired shut...........(dont say it Treas.......I know what your thinking......... ) of the two i would lose my ability to talk long before i would lose my ability to see...............seeing allows me to drive, read, be on the internet, ect.................not being able to talk would only make a lot of people happy...........

Dec 29 @ 10:52PM  
I'd give up walking, talking, hearing...ANYTHING ahead of losing vision. As for walking or talking: I could walk across the room, pick up a notepad, and say what I want to say. Talking myself into the bathroom would be a real bitch. Gimme feets.

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If you had to pick between talking and vision, which would it be?