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What's the lowest and highest age of a person you had sex with? =)

posted 12/28/2007 6:03:51 PM |
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tagged: sex, straddle

Okay, men and women out there, what's the lowest age person that you had sex with? Also, what's the highest age of the person you had sex with? For me the lowest age person I had sex with was 17. Of course that's when I was 19 years old and it was Natasha's mom (Ann) who was going to turn 18 in 5 days anyway. That was back on Jan. 7, 1987. That was when we both lost our virginity. The highest age person I have been with is whom I am currently with right now, Kim. She turned 35 last month. Your turn! What is the lowest and highest age person you had sex with?

Btw, Kim and I won't be on here for the next few hours. We're going to be heading on out to Golden Corral between 6:30 and 7pm tonight. Anyone want to come along?

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Dec 28 @ 6:10PM  
Youngest was 26, the oldest was 56

Dec 28 @ 6:13PM  
i was with a 23 yo when i was 50...i have never been with a man older than me...

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Dec 28 @ 6:13PM  
Holy crap, 56???!

Dec 28 @ 6:16PM  
Youngest.. 16.. we won't even go in to how old I was at the time cuz one or the other of us might be in trouble.. but most likely him. the oldest.. 72 at the time.. and yeah... it was damned good, I was 35.

Dec 28 @ 6:25PM  
havent had sex with any one younger then me but oldest was 50

Dec 28 @ 6:27PM  
Actual intercourse, the guy was always older than me. If we are counting oral sex, I gave a guy who was 18 a blow job when I was25.

Oldest guy I ever had sex with was 11 years older than me.... I was 25 and they were 36.


Dec 28 @ 6:30PM  
2 years younger and 5 years older at the time.

Dec 28 @ 6:36PM  

Sex ..what's that

The youngest was 11 and I was 13 at the time. But if your talking about penatration ? She was 24 and I was 29 the first time.
The oldest ? I slept between a mother and Daughter and had both all night.
They wouldn't let me sleep The daughter was 19 the mother was 53
and I was 22 yrs old. And I must say; The mother was a better piece.

Dec 28 @ 6:37PM  
youngest 18
oldest 34

Dec 28 @ 6:38PM  
youngest........15 (I was 17)


Dec 28 @ 6:39PM  
Youngest was 2 years younger than me....he was 18 and I was 20...oldest...he was 13 years older than me..

Dec 28 @ 7:18PM  
Youngest I was 14 she was 13. Oldest I was 45 she was 65.

Dec 28 @ 7:27PM  

Dec 28 @ 7:33PM  
the youngest was 16 when I was 16 and the oldest id been with was 42 when I was 27

Dec 28 @ 8:02PM  
I don't know what the youngest was but when I was 19 I dated a woman who was turning 40 (then I dated both her daughters)

Dec 28 @ 8:22PM  
youngest 21 oldest 54 damn was he good

Dec 28 @ 8:23PM  
The youngest was 2 years younger and the oldest was 16 years older.

Dec 28 @ 9:30PM  
8 yrs younger , 20 yrs older than me .

Dec 28 @ 9:44PM  
Lowest age was 16, but I was still younger.
Highest age was 50, I was 45.


Dec 28 @ 9:46PM  
biggest age differance was 13 yrs with my ex,she was older.
had a bit of a reputation around town,god knows why,she was boring as hell in the sack.

Dec 28 @ 10:40PM  
youngest was 4 years younger, oldest was 6 years older

Dec 28 @ 11:22PM  
Youngest was 14 ( I was 16)

Oldest was 54.

How many ?? LOTS !!!!!!

Dec 29 @ 12:07AM  
youngest was 17, my first boyfriend and i was younger. as an adult, youngest has been 19 and oldest is 45 and i see him about once a week.

Dec 29 @ 1:42AM  
Youngest was 4 years younger than me at the time, but I've since had sex with women who were a lot younger than 4 years but older than the original. (ages left out for various reasons ) The biggest age difference for intercourse was 9 years younger, but we were both a little older. The biggest age difference for oral sex was 11 years.

Oldest was but 3 and a half years older than me. I was 36 and she had just turned 40.

Dec 29 @ 1:48AM  
youngest was 16 while i was 17, but since then it was with a just turned 18 year old while i was 23. oldest difference was a 58 while i was 20

Dec 29 @ 2:38AM  
Btw, Kim and I won't be on here for the next few hours. We're going to be heading on out to Golden Corral between 6:30 and 7pm tonight. Anyone want to come along?

I had to work..You know you can eat where I work..It won't kill you.

As for your blog I am still a virgin..So I have no younger or older...

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Dec 29 @ 2:45AM  
Yeah, but Bob Evans isn't the kind of food I like. Why can't you work at Golden Corral or the up and coming newly built Applebees?

Dec 29 @ 2:49AM  
I won't work where they serve alcohol..I don't want to be around it..Even if I don't drink it...It is going to take our business away from us when it does open..

But if things work out like I am planning I only have about one more month of living in Ohio then I am leaving...

Dec 29 @ 3:01AM  
Youngest was 7 yrs younger than me.........oldest was 25 yrs older...........but it was all good..............

Dec 29 @ 7:34AM  
Youngest was when I was 18 back in 1969 and she was 16..

Oldest was when I was 54 & she was 72 ..

Dec 29 @ 9:10AM  
Youngest was 5 years younger, but have yet to enjoy a woman older than me.

Dec 29 @ 8:33PM  
18 was the youngest
35 was the oldest

Dec 29 @ 10:45PM  
Youngest:15 (I was 16)
Oldest? 58
But greatest age difference: 34 (her) 17 (me)

Dec 30 @ 8:27AM  
Youngest girl was 16 (virgin)...I was 19.

Oldest was 56.

Biggest age difference: younger girl - 4 years; older girl 15 years

Dec 30 @ 12:48PM  
Biggest age differences have been 20+ years older, and 6 years younger...

Younger is better!

Dec 30 @ 1:00PM  
I was 26 and she was 42

Dec 30 @ 2:28PM  
The youngest was 17 (but, hey, I was only 16) and the oldest was 51 (I was 42).

Dec 31 @ 5:03PM  
Youngest was 15 when I was 17, youngest when I was older....22 when I was 43. Oldest I was with when I was younger was 6 years older than I was. Oldest ever was two years ago and she was 58. She didnt look a day over 40

Jan 1 @ 4:21PM  
Me ME!

Youngest: 21 (last year, when I was 32)
Oldest: 45 (two years ago, when I was 31)

Age doesn't matter. Having sex does.

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What's the lowest and highest age of a person you had sex with? =)