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...A bit of erotica Part 2...

posted 12/27/2007 8:24:14 PM |
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tagged: erotica

As we get up to the door, our waiter says "thank you, have a nice evening, as I know you will*. My face turns a gorgeous shade of crimson as we go out the door saying thank you to our waiter.

As we get out the door, he takes my hand in his, turns me to face him and looks deep in my eyes and says "God I love you baby", as his head is coming down he kisses my forehead, then down to my waiting mouth. His tongue opens my lips, feeling him full against me, my mouth opens as his tongue dances with mine. My arms go around his neck. I know the scene in the restaurant has turned him on as much as it did me.

My mind is only on him, as I hear "people you can't do doing this in public, take it home". As he stops kissing me I realize his hands were on my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples between them, a soft moan comes from my lips as he lets go the hold he has on me.

As he looks down at me, he takes my hand he brings it to his mouth softly nibbling my wrist, smiling the whole time. He knows what he does to my very soul. He could tell I wanted him right then. My eyes are sparkling, my lips are wanting more than just a kiss. My nipples were hard and erect, wanting his warm mouth softly nibbling them.

We walk quietly to the car, his hand on my back, playing with my hair as we are walking. We get to the car, he opens the door, smiles at me, kisses me softly at first, then with more urgency than ever before. His hands are sliding down my back to my butt and grabs it pulling me into him hard. My body is not responding to my commands anymore, it belongs to him and only him. I can feel his cock, as its hard into my body. My pussy is crying out to him, wanting him.

Just then he stops, smiles at me then puts me in the car. He rushes over to the other side, crawls in. As he starts the car, he smiles at me, I do love those amber eyes, and that wonderful smile of his.

We drive down the road, and I can't wait to get home. My body is quivering with excitement. About 20 minutes later, he turns into a back road, and I'm wondering what he is thinking!

He stops the car, gets out, pulls something out of the trunk, comes around opens my door. He takes my hand and we start walking down a path. As I look up I realize the sun is going down. I look up to him, and around a turn, I see the beach and the ocean, the beach where we walked not so long ago, where we sat and watched the sun go down.

I hardly notice the soft breeze off the ocean, as he laid a blanket down on the sand, and sat down, pulled me down to him. He took me in his arms and kissed me. My arms go around his neck, softly rubbing the back of his neck. Slowly he lays me down on the blanket, his hands going to the inside of my thighs. My legs slowly open up to him.

His tongue explores my mouth, with urgency. His mouth goes to my neck and down my throat and chest, his hand makes its way into my dress and my breast. My nipple goes hard and erect with his touch, wanting more. He pulls my breast out sucks and nibbles it softly. A soft moan comes from my lips as the nibbles go on. His hand makes it back to my thigh and moves up, my legs already parted from before. His hand makes it to the spot that screams for more. His fingers softly opening my lips, softly touching the tip of my quivering clit. His fingers find the soft crevices of my pussy, his fingers probe deep inside me, his thumb on my clit, rubbing it softly, I can feel me mounting as the passion grows between us.

I unbutton his shirt exposing his chest and stomach. My hands explores his hairy chest, and stomach, making its way down to the cock I crave so badly. Softly I rake my nails down his chest, watching his nipples get hard, and goosebumps appear. I nibble his nipples softly. A soft moan comes from his lips, it makes me shiver when I hear those soft moans come from deep within him.

His mouth goes back to mine, his tongue exploring my mouth. His hands are making me tremble with excitement. My hand finds his rock hard cock through his pants. He moves slightly so I can have better access. As I unzip his pants, my hand slides in, pulling it out softly. Its hard and erect. I begin to stroke it softly at first, then with more urgency. I can hear and feel the moans coming from his mouth, as hes kissing me hard and deep.

My hard nipples, hard and erect are rubbing against his hairy chest. My hips are arching, my legs as far apart as they can be, his fingers are deep inside me, exploring me. Then with a quick motion, he positions himself between my legs. I know what is next. My pussy is contracting wildly, my clit hard and wanting more. I see his cock, hard and long, i can feel it throbbing on my thigh. The anticipation is more than I can bear.

He places his cock on my clit, rubbing it harder with every stroke, moans are coming from deep within me. I can feel the hard pulsating cock next to my throbbing clit. God it feels so good to feel him.

I hear him moaning with soft growls with every stroke. With a quick stroke hes deep inside me, my hips come up to meet his. I can feel my nipples harder with every stroke. My finger nails raking against his back, leaving dark red marks on his skin.

He removes my dress finally. I can feel the cool breeze on my damp body. It feels good, but thats not what i want.

I can feel his hard cock deep inside me. I mumble something about harder and deeper, he drives him deeper in me, I can feel him swelling inside me. The moans and growls coming from us is loud, but we don't care. Its all about us right now.

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Dec 27 @ 8:30PM  
Wow!! I've gotta take a cold shower sis!!!!

Oh yeah...about time you gave us Part 2!

And here's your green thing-a-ma-jiggy too.

Dec 27 @ 8:35PM  

Whewwwwwwwwww. Now that something for me to dream on.

Fantastic story sis.

Oh and a green thingy for you.

Dec 27 @ 8:41PM  
My hands explores his hairy chest,

that belongs to me

okay green thingie DeDe

Dec 27 @ 8:47PM  
Oh yeah...about time you gave us Part 2!


Dec 27 @ 9:31PM  
You need to stop telling everyone about us.... you promised discretion!!! Just kidding lover, you can tell everyone....

Dec 27 @ 9:31PM  
Wait.... I don't have a hairy chest....... lol

Dec 27 @ 10:19PM  

Dec 27 @ 10:22PM  

Dec 27 @ 10:28PM  

Dec 27 @ 10:35PM  
Great story, i cant wait to read some more

Dec 27 @ 10:56PM  
very good dede it flows in sinc with part one .Keep it up and you could become an author.

Dec 27 @ 11:20PM  
stop braggin bout yer love life dammit lol, these kinds of stories just remind me of what I ain't gettin' (but it is a great story)

Dec 27 @ 11:30PM  
Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh !!
That's One Lucky Fella . . !!
I'm Seven shades of Green with Envy . . !!
You're a Great writer . .
Tease - On . . !! . .

Dec 28 @ 12:01AM  
I need a cigarette after that hunny,and I don't even smoke
well worth the wait and this green thingy *flips another one in De De's direction.

Dec 28 @ 12:06AM  
Damn, sometimes you don't even have to beg for kudos. You just earn them with stories like this....

Dec 28 @ 12:48AM  
this story needs...........jus a bit ...........of...........WOOL

Dec 28 @ 1:14PM  
Oh yeah...about time you gave us Part 2!



Ya that I remember sis...we never got a part 2 to the lake blog either...just sayin....


Dec 28 @ 3:21PM  
that was a great blod dede u should write more hoping for more

Dec 28 @ 3:22PM  
*CHANTS* we want photos! we want photos! we want photos!

Dec 28 @ 3:22PM  
it was an awesome blog i mean loved it

Dec 28 @ 7:42PM  
Deliciously sexual stuff indeed, feel quite aroused reading that...

Yummy! I want a man who has that sense of adventure...

Dec 28 @ 7:47PM  
Can't wait for hubby to come home!!!! Andhere's your green thingy!!!

Dec 28 @ 8:40PM  
i wish the dates ive been on were this hot

Dec 29 @ 1:07PM  
Hmmm.. is there a part 3 cumming soon?

Dec 29 @ 2:29PM  
great blog sis!!!! got me wet and very hot.. looks like i'm going to be making a call soon... and then i'll be in need of a shower. When is part 3 comin out? or should i say getting put in?

Dec 30 @ 9:31PM  
here's your green thing..........but rather give you.........sumthing pink........ now i gotta go find a towel.........

Jan 4 @ 3:17AM  
You ever thought of writing erotica professionally? I mean, damn, woman, that is some hot stuff! It'd sell like crazy! And give us more!!!!


Jan 4 @ 3:35AM  
wow, that was amazing

Jan 4 @ 11:42PM  
can't wait for the next one xoxo [B][I]

Jan 5 @ 3:42AM  
Damn Dede Here I thought you were less naughty than me!!! -Writes down in his journal and marks next to it that Dede needs a spanking.-

Jan 9 @ 3:15AM  
how far back is part one ???

Feb 7 @ 3:17AM  
Alright, De, that was amazing. The descriptions were almost flawless (I'm sure in the passion of writing the story a few words got lost, but we all do it -- that's what editors are for) and I have to say the emotion put behind it really made me feel like I was you; which is a good thing. Believe me, every guy could use a bit of an insight as to how women see us and how they feel when they touch us or think about us. Not to mention how it feels when we're inside them -- that's a subject every guy has wondered about, if I do say so myself.

Wonderful story, the overall comment. (So far. I get the feeling there's going to be more? Hopefully?) I think you should write some more, and definately send it my way. Wonderful job.

Feb 17 @ 1:18AM  
I need to go outside and have a smoke after this hot stuff girlfriend! OMG! Wheew!

Hunts for a lighter.

And a shower loofah.

And BOB.



pS here's a green thingy.

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...A bit of erotica Part 2...