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Expectations and Discoveries....

posted 12/27/2007 11:34:01 AM |
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When you first joined AMD, what did you think you would find here?

Did you have expectations, and if so, what were they?
Have those expectations been met?

What have you actually discovered being on here?
Were you surprised by any of what you discovered?
If so, why?

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Dec 27 @ 11:40AM  
Some damn good friends, some hateful enemies and well..........that's all I'm gonna say right now!

Dec 27 @ 11:42AM  
When i first joined amd i was just browsing profiles hoping to find someone in my area to have fun with... but that was 6 years ago... and i didn't really have any expectations... I have discovered that people talk alot of shit and don't back it up.. and no i wasn't suprised because it happens in normal like too... i have met maybe 2 people from this site and what they proposed they would do to me.... never happened... crazy

Dec 27 @ 11:43AM  
I found people some good,, some not so good
however each person was on a search.
some found what they were looking for, most did not.
and some did not know what they were looking for.
a kind word and a little understanding then this would
or could be a great place

Dec 27 @ 11:49AM  
OMG!!!!!! GOOD BLOG!!!!!!

When I first came here it was for SEXSEXSEX and SEX only.......
I had been with out my husband for over a year and had been celebate
that entire depressed that I didnt even masturbate....hard to
picture isnt it???

So I came here and accomplished what I wanted.....(over & over) , just
to realize that I need more in my life......

I really thought I would be happy to live out my life alone and just be able to
dial up a sex partner whenever I wanted(and yes, I still have a local list )

But....I found that sex with out intimacy, albeit good, could be better.....

So yeah......I'm still here.....hoping for a real relationship....spending time with friends....and having the occasional fling

Dec 27 @ 11:52AM  
an online friend from MD lite invited me here.. She said it was a fun place and not so conservative as the other.. I have had fun here met someone and am still having fun.. I had no expectations here I have been on MD lite for a long time and found many friends there but no dating interests close by.. So there were no expectations just a place to hang loose and read crazy stories.. Which I am still doing.. Smile..

Dec 27 @ 12:14PM  
I just came here looking for fun!
So with that as an expectation, it’s more or less you get out of it what you put into it!


Dec 27 @ 12:22PM  
I came here looking for friends, and fun, and found both.....yeah, lots of dissappointments along the way, but the rewards far outweigh them

Dec 27 @ 1:04PM  
When you first joined AMD, what did you think you would find here?


Did you have expectations, and if so, what were they?

i was hoping to get fucked

Have those expectations been met?

many times .... and i keep getting fucked .... especially by "p on me" and eweish

What have you actually discovered being on here?

"we all know ... that people are the same where-ever you go ... there is good and bad ... mh ... in everyone...."

Were you surprised by any of what you discovered?
If so, why?

yes ...... that there are four people on here that i can say anything i want (to or about them) and they will take it in the way i meant it ..... those people are (not in any order) ynot, p on me, eweish, and dede ..... it is very surprising to find "freaks" that actually understand me


Dec 27 @ 1:27PM  
I joined with no expectations, I found this site by accident. I've found friends, much laughter and good times, I've dated 2 men from here (one of which I'm still friends and the other who did the disapearing act on me so he barely deserves a mention.)

I still think online is similary to real life, except sometimes it's easier to be cruel because that person at the other end is not "real" to some. But the best thing I've learned is that there are genuine people here who accept others for who they are not what they want them to be.

And how about you CL? You didn't give us your answers.


Dec 27 @ 1:38PM  
Did you have expectations, and if so, what were they? yes alittle, I thought I could met local men who would want to either build a relationship or well you know..

Have those expectations been met? no

What have you actually discovered being on here? That friends are plentiful and a relationship is just a dream

Were you surprised by any of what you discovered? yes

If so, why? I didn't realize I could make so many honest friends on a "sex" site and yet not one honest person to have a relationship with

Dec 27 @ 2:36PM  
When I first joined this site I was hoping for a sexual encounter. After all this is a sex site. IT NEVER HAPPENED. I did get screwed (over) a few times ---and you know who you are!!!!
For the most part I have learned how lucky and blessed I am because my problems are so small compaired to some other people on here.
I also learned that the country is full of good, decent people who get up and go to work every day and try to make their little part of the world a better place for everyone.
Unfortunally I also see a few people who are only happy when they are making other people unhappy.
All in all, I found I like most of the people on this site but I still want to get Laid!!!!
So, come on ladies, anyone up for a pity F**K?????????

Dec 27 @ 2:49PM  
When I first joined this site ...I thought it was rather shallow...just another silly dating site, but as time went on, I found people that were genuinely interested in me as a person and several friendships developed as a result. One year later I still have the same friends who I have the greatest respect for and read their blogs with enthusiasm and interest....and lots of them have panties

Dec 27 @ 3:14PM  
Friendship, plain and simple. That and the ability to chat and swear *LOL*

I did, however, find the love of my life!

Dec 27 @ 6:02PM  
I came here cuz SunnyD said she found a Billy here and that it was a great place to find friends and have fun.

I found friends. I had LOTS of fun. Yep, that's all I found here Not one other thing. I don't think?

Dec 27 @ 6:17PM  
I honestly thought that I would just talk with a few people over the phone and do the phone sex again. Never did I ever think that I would ever meet a bunch of great people to call friends and to eventually meet a very special lady named Kim who drove all the way across the country to be with me. I'm so happy that I can call this place home and be able to keep up with a lot of you guys in the blogs and by phone. I'm very thankful of AMD for the great changes they made back in June 2006 to allow blogs and for guys to now be able to email without being a paid member now.

Dec 27 @ 6:18PM  
I came here cuz my partner was talking to someone and wanted me to meet her.. she ended up flaking.. eh well her loss.

My expectations? Nope didn't really have any.

Yup that was met all over the place.

I've actually discovered that there are a lot of sick sad miserable people in the world who have nothing better to do than bitch about everything that there is in the world to bitch about.. but that, for the most part.. there are a whole lot more really nice, friendly folk loose in this world than you would imagine.

Surprised? Maybe a little.. I'm kinda cynical that way.

Dec 27 @ 9:40PM  
When I 1st came here I was Like... Oh shit I'm gonna get all the Booty I can handle...!
That was so wrong,.... most all emails were from Spammers... and Noone was Local! Well, there were a few.. but they havnt been Active in 3 months! lol
Then I came to the blogs and found some good here I is! lol
If I wanted to get Laid.. I'd go to yahoo! lmao!
My 2 cents!

Dec 27 @ 11:54PM  
And how about you CL? You didn't give us your answers

When I came here, I actually found this site by accident. So I didn't have any idea what I might find here.

No expectations...maybe hope of finding that someone. But I didn't expect it to happen.

I've discoverd that this is just like everyday life. People hurt, cry, laugh, love, hope, share,argue, bitch, whine, celebrate and wish each other well. I've also found that just as in everyday life, the good far outweighs the bad...Most of the time. There are really some wonderful people on here, and they usually accept others for just who they are. Just as they want to be accepted for who they are.
I've found friends from different parts of the world and all different walks of life.
I've found that I can just be me,and no one trys to change me.


Dec 28 @ 12:26AM  
Some very sexy ladies grace this site!

Dec 28 @ 1:22AM  
I joined AMD cause I was on the vanilla site and getting tons of wanna fucks daily and I thought............hey If i am going to get them anyways might as well be on a site I can say Fuck in a blog without some anal retentive assholes jumping my case for it.................

it is very surprising to find "freaks" that actually understand me
We dont really...........we are just humoring you Mre.............

many times .... and i keep getting fucked .... especially by "p on me" and eweish
Yeah..............well............all i can say is Ewe_wish......

Dec 28 @ 4:56AM  
I came here for the blogs. I got an ad in email and came here to look at the site. No expectations, I liked the blogs so much I joined. I was drawn by Dayna's blogs. She had so much talent and I couldn't hardly wait to see what the next blog would be about. I found there are several great people blogging here. I have not meet anyone from this site in person but that is my fault. I meet a very wonderful lady though email and IM but I got tied up with family sickness and she entered into a relationship before we could meet. I wish her love and happiness. I have met some of the nicest people through email from here. It warms my heart to open my mail and see I have something from them.

Dec 29 @ 3:09AM  
I liked the blogs so much I joined. I was drawn by Dayna's blogs. She had so much talent and I couldn't hardly wait to see what the next blog would be about.
THanks Ken...........that was so sweet...........

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Expectations and Discoveries....