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What are your New Years resolutions?

posted 12/27/2007 4:24:18 AM |
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tagged: life, straddle

Okay, I did this one a year ago, so I thought that I would do another one, especially after seeing Tom's (OMG71) blog tonight. For those of you who answered my blog from last year did you achieve your goals and resolutions? For you newer people on here do you have any resolutions, and what are they? Last year my resolution was to be more outgoing, and boy let me tell ya, I have been this year, but it really wasn't by choice, it was because Kim likes to get out and do things, so for the most part I had no choice. I'll have to say that I did put my foot in my mouth on that one, because Kim keeps reminding me of that. Sure, I'm getting older and staying home and relaxing, and enjoying my privacy means a lot to me. When I was younger I was mostly on the go and out doing just about everything and getting into a lot of stuff. Nothing really bad or anything like that, just your typical late teenage and early 20's kind of fun. To be honest, I'm more and more reserved as time went by. I started getting that way beginning at age 17 even though I was still going out and having fun. I did manage to get all that out of my system in my early to mid 20's. Okay, I'm getting a little off track, so my question to you all out there is what are your New Years resolutions?

Mine this coming year is to continue to stay in good shape and health, and to really try to get used to commitment being in a relationship. It's been hard since I hadn't been in one for years and I'm so damn set in my ways that it's not even funny. Also, I haven't had to answer to anyone for so long while not having been in a relationship. I'm not perfect, but I am trying.

I love you, Kim!

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Dec 27 @ 4:36AM  
Okay, another one I have for myself is to try to be more of a part of my daughter's life, and to travel to Cali and maybe New York for the very first time.

Dec 27 @ 5:48AM  
Resolutions? Hmm, really haven't thought of them yet.

Dec 27 @ 7:12AM  
I make resolutions all year long, so making any in particular just for new years, well I don't single out one day and decide to make any changes because I do that all the time during the year...

Dec 27 @ 7:49AM  
More sex...

Dec 27 @ 8:14AM  
quit smoking and more sex and ummm yeah i did say alot more sex right

Dec 27 @ 8:58AM  
I am like Friendinneed..........when i realize there is something I want to change about me......I start right I dont make New Years Resolutions.......Personally for me it puts too much pressure on me..........for year I wanted to quit i set my mind to as of 1200a on Jan 1 I was not going to have another cigerette............I couldnt enjoy my new years eve cause the impending doom of giving up cigerettes was coming on me..........of course needless to say when I woke up the next morning and was half way thru my first pot of coffee and 3 rd cigerette.........i remembered i wasnt going to do that anymore............btw i still smoke........ But i sure do like hearing about others new years eve resolutions...............

Dec 27 @ 9:00AM  
Maybe my resolution is to not be so frustrated with asshole drivers. I'll try my best.

Dec 27 @ 9:01AM  
nope so I guess it will go again for this year!!! and I have started already

1) lose weight

2) find a new job

Dec 27 @ 9:04AM  
I have to admit, if I want to change something it is done when I decide it - for me I dont like "New Years resolutions" as it seems so forced (Just how it feels for me). Good luck with everyones resolutions, whether they be on New Years or all year round! Have a great day!

Dec 27 @ 10:40AM  
I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I did years before but never keep them.
Right now trying to make it day by day is a Resolution for me.

Dec 27 @ 10:44AM  
My only goal this year is to get used to being a mommy, and be the best one I can!

Dec 27 @ 11:24AM  
Nope, no resolutions for the New Year.

I believe making them is usually setting yourself up to feel like you failed at something. Things like quitting smoking, weight loss, more exercise. We mean well when we say them, but how long do we honestly stick to them?

If I am going to make changes I don't wait for the New Year, I just do it whenever. Started one of those changes today as a matter of fact........

Dec 27 @ 12:30PM  
I only have stay alive in

Dec 27 @ 1:35PM  
I won't make any resolutions this year, but when I was in the interview process for the job I just got, I made myself a couple promises if I did get the job:

1. Pay off my bills so I can get a new car next year (overtime is really going to help with this)
2. Go back to school, so I can get all my credits and sit for the CPA exam. So I plan to start in the summer session 2008.
3. Loose weight. I'm down 20 pounds so far, and running which has been a life long goal of mine.

So, I'm already 2 months into my goals and will continue them through next year.

Dec 27 @ 2:13PM  
Normally I don't make New Years Resolutions.

But my New Years Resolution is to sell my house and be living in AL..
And my New Years Positive thought is that my friend Betty will have her Condo sell in 2008...

Dec 27 @ 6:39PM  
Oh let's see now...there was something I intended to do. Oh yes I remember...SEX...and a heck of a lot more than I had in 2007..

Dec 27 @ 6:50PM  
DSmile, sex isn't even a resolution or goal to me now, I'm get so sexed out here and there anymore thanks to Kim. lol...j/k

Dec 28 @ 11:02AM  
I made mine and already kept it; move on in my career. Yesterday I said farewell to my coworkers and goodbye to my boss. Now, unless I fart, I won't have to listen to an asshole!

I had planned the transition for months but needed to ensure I had my ducks in a row. Rounding up that last duck took a little longer than expected.

Dec 28 @ 2:18PM  
I made my list of resolutions to be made this year not out of necessity but a desire for personal growth. Driving a truck to me is fun. I like seeing the different parts of the country. The Eastern Half of the US is my neighborhood.

Last August my world crashed down on me Hard. I got sick, lost my job, went another 30 grand in debt, Lost the woman I loved, lost my sense of self, and almost my life.

But now facing the new year I am inspired to reach the goals I was working on 5 months ago when I was planning to married. I will have my business, I will get rid of my debt. i will own my truck. I will buy real estate. I wont do it all this year but it will get done. So the goals I set are the first of a many to get my life back. Get me back.

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What are your New Years resolutions?