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Guys, would you have sex with a bald chick?

posted 12/25/2007 3:27:43 AM |
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Okay, my blog from last night I focused on asking the ladies out there if they liked guys with hair or bald. Let's be honest here, we most know that there are double standards in life, and this question I pose here to the guys may be one of them. To be honest, I really don't know if I would or could. I know it's what's inside a person, but this question really isn't about falling in love with that person whether she's bald or not. This is for example like bar hoping and living the single life and having a very high sex drive. This is where this question only comes in.

Ladies, feel free to weigh in on this if you'd like.

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Dec 25 @ 3:32AM  
Id have sex if she had a bald Kitty.....

Dec 25 @ 3:33AM  
serious I like hair. every woman makes her own style and i like it short, long, never been with a bald woman

Dec 25 @ 3:33AM  
So Tom, I guess that would be a no?

Dec 25 @ 3:36AM  
You're one to talk Tom!!!!!

Dec 25 @ 3:41AM  
lol Ash nothing wrong with a Bald sexy man..... or a bald kitty, kiss, the kitty

Dec 25 @ 3:50AM  
Nice try, Tom. We're not talking about a shaved pussy, we're talking about a woman with a bald head.

Dec 25 @ 3:54AM  
kiss, the kitty

get, some sleep

Dec 25 @ 4:36AM  
could her name be demi ??? Hell yes I'd have sex with somebodys sister right now

Dec 25 @ 4:51AM  
Well the thing is do you really think any women would want to be bald by choice? What if your S/O had cancer and had no hair because of that, would that mean that you wouldn't love her? What if she had alopecia (?) would that mean that you wouldn't love her? Shawn you never know what tomorrow will bring, and that could possibly mean the woman you LOVE may have no hair, can't imagine you dumping her because lack of hair!

Some men are bald by choice, others are not, certainly doesn't mean they are not as my books anyway.

Dec 25 @ 4:56AM  
Opps sorry I guess I should have read the blog more carefully , you're not talking about if you were already inlove with the person. But I guess it still doesn't apply to the ladies who may have alopecia.

Dec 25 @ 6:26AM  
why not if i had feelings for her

Dec 25 @ 6:28AM  

Dec 25 @ 7:01AM  
Years ago there were several bald or partialy bald women on Garaldo ( I think).
One of the most striking women I ever saw was bald as a "Q" ball (queball) .she was a very tall black lady , and as a matter of fact - I have hoped for the oppertunity to meet a black or bald or black bald lady since then --- as I said she was stunningly beautifull, intelligent, seemingly good natured ,, --- MY answer is HELL YES ! and I be tthat 80% of the folks that answer NO would change yo yes if they saw a lady as impressive as she was !

Dec 25 @ 8:52AM  
well..........if she decided to shave her head...............ynot

Dec 25 @ 9:01AM  
No prblem being with a women with a bald head!

kinda of kinky

Dec 25 @ 9:25AM  
I guess that goes back to whether you want to be with someone for who they are or what they look like.........I have met alot of women who wore wigs due to baldness.......when you spend a lot of time at cancer centers that happens.......and some of them were very beautiful women.......but if they ever come up with transplants of taking someone elses hair and transplanting it into someone else............I would be a donor in a heartbeat.........i have way to damn much of the stuff now.....................

Dec 25 @ 9:28AM  
I don't know if I'd start a relationship with a bald chick, but sure I'd have sex with one. Heck, I'd even let her stay the night afterwards.

Dec 25 @ 10:12AM  
yes........there's another answer........

Dec 25 @ 10:14AM  
Sure! I have seen bald women that were hott. Besides right now I wouldn't care if the woman was hot or not all that hot.

Dec 25 @ 11:33AM  

Only if she were of legal age and willing

Dec 25 @ 12:20PM  
if she was as good looking as the chick in the first star trek movie who shaved her head just to get the part i damn sure would in a heart beat..........and hopefully it would last longer than that!

Dec 25 @ 12:43PM  
Danger Will Robinson....baldness is not a problem with me if it's ,as mentioned before, a preference or due to a medical condition or treatment but baldness in a woman can also indicate that she has been exposed to high levels of radiation, you might wake up in the morning with a 50 ft woman in your bed or have mutant offspring if the rubber leaks.
Be wary my friends.

Dec 25 @ 1:24PM  
When I was in the service there was a female Marine that worked in the next building that had some type of disorder that prevented her from growing any hair anywhere. She wore a wig in uniform, but it all came off at night. That was a big turn on for me seeing her in all her nakedness and not a wiff of hair.
I also have a friend back home with the same condition.... and he's a barber by trade. Go figure!

Dec 25 @ 2:41PM  
Bald women stir my loins...

Dec 26 @ 3:49PM  
I would go out with a bald women.Could always put a wig on her.Of corse,she would have to have something else going for her.Im bold,and the only thing i dont like about it ,is i get cold faster than a person with hair.

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Guys, would you have sex with a bald chick?