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Ladies, which is better on a guy, hair or bald?

posted 12/24/2007 2:22:24 AM |
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tagged: hair, straddle

This question has been around so long, and for the life of me I can't understand how some women can actually find Sean Connery sexy because of his bald head. There's got to be more to it than that. Maybe his accent maybe? Then there are women out there that love the big hair 80's bands. So, ladies, which do you prefer, hair or bald on a man?

Also, guys, would you shave your head if your lover wanted you to because it would turn her on so much? I can't do that, I love my hair too much to shave it. Even when I was born I had a head full of hair. I plan on keeping it that way too. Also, would you ever date a woman that was bald?

Btw, since it's a little slow with the blogs tonight I hope you don't mind me doing another one.

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Dec 24 @ 2:49AM  
Michael Jordan,Billy Zane.The end.

Dec 24 @ 3:02AM  
Straddle some men can pull off the not having any hair quite well, and look gorgeous doing it. Others can't it just all depends. I know some very good looking guys with no hair.

Dec 24 @ 3:09AM  
Bald is beautiful, but zena's's not for everyone.

Dec 24 @ 3:32AM  
It all depends on the individual guy.
Personally, I don't find Sean Connery sexy, even though I love a man with an accent. But I know a lot of women who do... But some guys who are bald or balding are just totally, freakin HAWT.

As far as the 80's hair bands.....Jon Bon Jovi would be Hawt if you put a paper bag over his head....and I don't normally like blondes.

I know a guy that still has long hair that he wears in a ponytail most of the time. One look at him and a girl just wants to play with that ponytail and what's under it.
What?? I was just answering the question....

So it varies.....depends on the guy.

Dec 24 @ 4:31AM  
I'm with you in saying I wouldn't shave my head, as I am slowly losing hair anyways, but is long in the back - gotta keep the neck warm when the winter chill hits up here.

For dating a bald woman, I don't know. I love running my fingers through it too much.

Dec 24 @ 7:55AM  
Sure I would shave my head,hell I would even shave my ass, and anything else .... if I was with the right one...
But not just any woman.. ya know?

Dec 24 @ 9:10AM  
who says bald aint sexy

Dec 24 @ 9:12AM  
I love running my fingers through it too much.
That's a good way to make a girl purr and fall asleep in your arms.....

Dec 24 @ 9:19AM  
It's not the hair or lack thereof that makes a guy sexy.... it's the total package. (especially the brains) While some guys are very attractive bald, others just cant quite manage to pull off this look.

Dec 24 @ 9:46AM  
yep i'd shave my head........and other places...... hell i keep less than a quarter of an inch taking the rest off would be a problem.........

Dec 24 @ 9:52AM  
Sean Connery is VERY sexy. Of course, I like older men. Big turnon. Now bald...they make good sliding boards.


Dec 24 @ 10:23AM  
Bald can be sexy!
It depends on the man and how he feels about it. Confidence is the key.
If he likes the look then that projects in everything about him and therefore it is sexy!
As for just eye candy….then I must admit to a certain weakness for tall, thin, long haired starving musician/artist/writer types, yummmmmmy!

Dec 24 @ 12:43PM  
Some guys can pull off bald. Others shouldn't. Some can't help it. Personally, I prefer hair. But I like it short and clean cut. That really blows my skirt up.

Dec 24 @ 3:38PM  
Bald is sooo sexy!!!

I don't mind if he's bald or has hair, it's when they are going bald and do the comb over that is so un flatering to me!!

Dec 24 @ 5:28PM  
Also, guys, would you shave your head if your lover wanted you to because it would turn her on so much?


Dec 25 @ 3:30AM  
i prefer a gu with hair on his head lol

Dec 25 @ 8:50PM  
umm everyone knows I like hairy men but prefer decent hair cut on the ole noggin

Dec 26 @ 8:24PM  
Some guys look downright sexy bald....while some look downright sexy with hair...and yes...I am one who loved the "big hair" bands of the 80's..the Crue being on top of that list.

But, for's more about the person than the hair....does he make me smile? laugh? cry? Want to be with him.....all that "exciting" stuff.


Dec 27 @ 1:55AM  
bald guys are long as it is from shaving rather than age...

Dec 29 @ 11:00PM  
Know why i let my hair grow out so much more than most guys my age? 'Cause I

Big advantage to having long hair, fellas: Having a woman hangin' onto your hair don't hurt nearly as much as 'em hanging onto your ears.

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Ladies, which is better on a guy, hair or bald?