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Me a chick???! I don't think so! LOL

posted 12/23/2007 3:00:08 AM |
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tagged: humor, hair, straddle

Okay, I'm sure you most of you all know that earlier in the summer Kim and I went to Walmart and I was mistaken for a chick from the back because of my beatiful hair as I was heading toward the dressing room area. Guys, looks like it may have just happened again, but this was in the dark outside after just getting home and getting my newspaper out of the front yard. Usually there are a bunch of loser guys that hang out over there at that house through the night across the street on a little down from my house, and they all do nothing but loaf around like slackers that they come off as. You see a lot of that in this area. Anyway, as I was picking up my newspaper out there and turned back around to go back between the house towards the back yard out came the cats call and whistles torward my way. I couldn't believe this, it must be my hair once again. I have thought about cutting it, it's almost halfway down my back, with it poofy here and there. I thought about cutting it right after Halloween, then I put it off till maybe after Thanksgiving. I still didn't get around to it a month later now, but I'm really thinking hard about doing it very soon now. earlier in the week I finally did let Kim play with it and comb it in different styles. She loved it and now she doesn't want me to cut it at all. She braided my hair that night too, which actually looked pretty cool. Anyway, this is becoming a little embarassing being mistaken as a chick here and there these days. I'm hoping those guys across the street were drunk and didn't have any since when they looked over this way. Should I cut my hair, or continue into the first week of the year with it? Any thoughts on any of this? Okay, here's your chance to have some fun with this with the comments people.

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Dec 23 @ 3:12AM  
my grandpa was looking at a person in a car and said they were hot
they had long blonde

Dec 23 @ 3:13AM  
hair and and looked at grandpa and it was a guy

Dec 23 @ 3:15AM  
Now that's pretty damn funny, LDG.

Btw, just when did a poofy mullet become damn sexy again these days?

Dec 23 @ 3:18AM  
im not sure

ive been mistaken for a guy by voice once

Dec 23 @ 3:23AM  
Damn, now that would be scary.

I sometimes have fun changing my voice to a female one from time to time after blocking my number, and damn, my friends are so freaked out that they honestly think I'm a female when I call them, or even when they call me and when I anwser the phone that way to pull a joke on them.

When I do that I have a high pitch voice to where I can honestly pull that off


Dec 23 @ 3:31AM  
i know t made me feel
it happend when me and grandpa were arguing and i wanted to stay in a shelter
\when i got to the shelter they said it was for males only
and thought on the phone i sounded like a young boy

Dec 23 @ 3:32AM  
Actually Tom (OMG) had called me about almost a month ago and I pulled that joke on him with my chick voice. He actually thought I was some young chick and asked for me. I burst out laughing and came clean with him that it was actually me in my own voice afterwards. I'm sure Tom will comment about this one, right Tom?

Dec 23 @ 3:36AM  
although in person i doubt people would mistake me for a boy

Dec 23 @ 3:41AM  
I would have to agree with you, LDG. From your pic you don't look like a guy either.

Just a that I think about it there are a couple of females that hang out over there at that house with those guys. I'm thinking (hoping actually) that it was them that whistled at me instead of those idiot guys.

Dec 23 @ 3:44AM  
hopefully if not
at least a guy finds u hot

Dec 23 @ 3:47AM  
Ha...ha...ha.... I'll pass on that.

Going to bed, goodnight, LDG!

Dec 23 @ 3:49AM  
night straddle

Dec 23 @ 6:02AM  
It had nothing to do with your hair, Stradd...they just want YOU...just the way you are.

Dec 23 @ 7:48AM  
Ummmmmmmm shawn maybe they knew you were a guy ...........and thats their thing.............just saying

Dec 23 @ 9:56AM  
err...what ewe said....

Dec 23 @ 12:12PM  
I went out with a guy a few times that had long hair. He would put in a pony tail..I liked the look on him

Dec 23 @ 1:59PM  
That used to happen to me all the time....until I stopped wearing my pleaded I only wear it for Nachobaby....

Dec 23 @ 2:10PM  
Borty, I have to admit, I do have very sexy legs for a skirt and short shorts.

Dec 24 @ 1:39AM  
you didnt go out in a pair of Borty's experimental panties did you?

Dec 24 @ 1:42AM  
No, actually I didn't!

I had my short shorts on instead.

Dec 24 @ 1:51AM  
long hair? Daisy Dukes?

Dec 24 @ 1:57AM  

Dec 24 @ 11:48AM  
Be yourself and don’t worry about anything anyone else thinks!
If you like it and Kim likes it that’s all that matters.
Next time the guys across the street cat call or whistle at you turn around and blow them a kiss!

Dec 30 @ 4:24AM  
Ha, I've lost track of how many times I've been out to eat with female friends (or maybe out to dinner with my mom and sis) when the waitperson comes up and says, "What can I get for you ladies?" That usually results in some embarrassing moments when I turn to face the individual who instantly recognizes that despite my beautiful long hair I am indeed very much a man! I just laugh it off. Hey, I think girls are way hotter than guys, so I'll take that as a compliment! (And no, I am not a closet TV...I've tried crossdressing a few times but its not my thing. I like being a guy but I do think some androgyny can be sexy.)

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Me a chick???! I don't think so! LOL