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When will you be taking your tree down?

posted 12/22/2007 9:01:15 PM |
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tagged: christmas, straddle

Usually I get a good start every year around late Nov. to early Dec. in putting up my real tree. This year however this was the latest I ever waited (Dec.15). I usually take my tree down the day after Christmas because by them the tree has dried out and I get tired of looking at it and the pine needles all over the floor. It's a bitch getting out of the living room door while trying to get that sucker outside without making a huge mess with pine needles flying everywhere. Not sure I'll do ity this soon since I haven't had this tree long at all. I'm sure I'll have it down by New Years Day however. So, when are you taking your tree down, and usually what's the average time you wait every year to get around to doing that?

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Dec 22 @ 9:12PM  
Tree?? What tree?

Dec 22 @ 9:14PM  
How is the week before thanksgiving. Maybe a nice 2 week vacation before puttin up the new one for christmas.

I generally wait till after news year.

Dec 22 @ 9:14PM  
Btw, I remember one year back about 10 years ago that my mom's current bf had left his tree sitting out in the front yard up against the porch for the few first days before the wind eventually blew it across his yard. This was across the street from in front of my house where I had to look at it everyday in that yard of his till the huge gust of wind blew that sucker in and up the street from me a few months later on the month of April. Someone had finally taken it out of the street and stuck it a couple of places up from me on my side of the street leaning up against a business. One night while my cousin was down here I had him go retrieve it and throw it in my pile of garbage out back so the garbage service could take the damn thing away finally.

Dec 22 @ 9:15PM  
The day after January 1st!

Dec 22 @ 9:20PM  
No Tree this year, but usually I put it up right after Thanksgiving and take it down New Years Day. One year I had a fake tree and I loved it, I left the thing up with only the lights left on it until Valentine's Day!! I had red and white lights on it. My friends Loved It!

Dec 22 @ 9:21PM  
i have a fake tree

Dec 22 @ 9:25PM  
VG, all I did with my tree over the past two or three years was just put the lights on it. Of course I stuck the Angel on top of it as well. lol

Here's another question for you guys since I didn't stick it in the blog itself. What do you guys put on top of your tree, an Angel or Star? I'm very partial to the Angel we have always had when I was growing up. It's nothing fancy or anything, just had it for years and what it represents.

Dec 22 @ 9:27PM  
I dont put up a tree anymore.........just me why bother? But when I did put up a tree I usually had an angel and it usually came down by the first of march......the cats would have most of the bulbs off it by then.......

Dec 22 @ 9:31PM  
Dayna, I used to have a time with my cats always trying to climb it. Not so bad anymore, but every now and then they will be curious enough to want to play with the bottom lights on it. lol

Dec 22 @ 9:32PM  
Fake tree...goes up right after Thanksgiving and is usually down sometime between Christmas and New Years depending on my work schedule and life. Two hundred plus ornaments. For years I had just a bow (or nothing) on top of the tree. A few years ago I got a star. One of those Mediterranean looking ones with lots of points and lots of stars cut in the metal for the light to shine through.

Dec 22 @ 9:34PM  
I prefer an angel on top, and I take mine down sometime between January 6th and Oh...ummm St Patrick's day

Dec 22 @ 9:36PM  
I have a Santa Star for my Tree Top....he's really cool!!

Dec 22 @ 9:38PM  
VG, I don't think I have ever since one of those before.

Looking4ever, those mediterranean star's sounds kinda cool. I bet it was pretty.

Dec 22 @ 9:41PM  
well I gotta 7ft'r in the garage didn't put it up this year. Have a small one my brother-n-law made me a few yrs back. but usually put it up day after thanksgivin and take it down a few days after christmas got me a angel (since I"m so innocent)

Dec 22 @ 9:43PM  
Oh yes, Lisa, I totally understand. I'm an angel too.

Dec 22 @ 10:01PM  
I don't know when I will take mine down but not til after New Years day at least. It's artificial so it's not a problem..
It's just me here --most of the time--but I wouldn't give up my tree.

I have a couple different angel tree toppers. A star and depending on what color scheme I go with that year I might make bows for on it with matching ribbon around the tree.

This year I tried something different and put a beautiful angel on top with a 3 layer deep red and gold bow in front of her and the bows tails running down the tree. And matching ribbon around it.Sounds weird but everyone has fallen in love with it.

Shawn the tree preserver really does help the needles from coming out so much.

Dec 22 @ 10:05PM  
since I"m so innocent)
I'm an angel too.

Oh, puleezzz. lol Do you both realize that even Santa is probably laughing about that one?

Dec 22 @ 10:29PM  
My tree goes up the weekend after thanksgiving and comes down Jan 1 or as soon as I can get away with it after christmas.

Definately more fun putting it up than taking it down.

Dec 22 @ 10:44PM  
geez... what is this .. a sequel to blended rat?
What a way to spoil a beautiful holiday
by spewing out horror stories about Christmas trees ...
three days before Christmas, no less.
I love them. I don't have one,
but wherever I go,
we turn on all the tree lights,
and turn out the room lights
and sit in the dark looking at it
and listening to Christmas music.......
I will go to any friend's house
to help take out the tree
if they need help taking out the tree
when it's time to take out the tree.


Dec 22 @ 11:24PM  
No tree here! Its just lil ole me, why bother? lol....

Dec 22 @ 11:27PM  
PS .........................!
Tree?? What tree?
The one Laying in your front yard! lol... just Joking! That was so wrong!

Dec 23 @ 12:01AM  
If I had my way I would not put up a tree. I let my daughter do it. I put it together for her (fake tree) and she put the decorations on it. It will come down around New Year's. I can't get into the Christmas spirit. I have a big red bow on the top of my tree.

Merry Christmas Shawn

Dec 23 @ 12:11AM  
I gotta fake tree..with millions of lights and lots of silver balls and a stuffed parrot on a lots of panties with dinky blinky lights on them....I'm gonna keep it up till summer or maybe forever....

Dec 23 @ 12:13AM  
The one Laying in your front yard! lol... just Joking! That was so wrong!

You're right, it was. And not very nice either....

Dec 23 @ 12:15AM  
I have an artificial tree with my Grandmother's angel on top. My tree will stay up til almost the end of January.

Dec 23 @ 12:15AM  
ALWAYS a real tree! (the german in me, i guess)...just put mine up today (dec 22), it wont come down until after epiphany (usually jan 6 or so)...christ's birth is the BEGINNING of christmas, not the end...(yes, i am anal about all of this)....

Dec 23 @ 12:18AM  
I have a fake tree..I put it up every year a day or two after Thanksgiving..
And I leave it up until the end of Jan.....
A few years ago I changed the tree top the a "new age angel" she is stand on glazed berries and pine cones so I added pine cones to my tree decorations also.

Dec 23 @ 2:58AM  
I havent my tree up yet ... but at least in the yards since it's gonna be a real one like always ( dumblonde), there were years when I only got it on 23rd ... lol ... and it will be down end of Jan/mid Feb whenever work and time allow it ... nothing on top, though

Dec 23 @ 2:59AM  
oh, and real candles on it, too .. no electrical lights!

Dec 23 @ 3:03AM  
Peach, better watch those candles, don't want a fire started.

Dec 23 @ 9:21AM  
I wrap everything up during the first week of the new year.....

Dec 23 @ 12:04PM  
just Joking! That was so wrong!

I still found it funny

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When will you be taking your tree down?