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Love or Oral Sex

posted 12/21/2007 2:38:20 PM |
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Ok, this is a sitution that has just come up with me. I met this gal and she wants a serious long term relationship, wich I'm ok with, but here's the deal-She doesn't believe in giving oral sex-at all and not willing too try! Now here's the kicker-she expects oral sex to be given to her! To me that just seems a bid one sided, and I'm not sure if I should be on her terms, on the other hand, I really do like her and sincerely can see me spending the rest of my life with her. For true love, would any of you guys give up oral sex or not? Or is that just to demanding to give and not recieve? What do you think? Ladies are there any of you that feel the way she does about oral sex, and I know this is interesting with the blogs and oral sex, and cancer.

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Dec 21 @ 2:52PM  
I'm sorry I feel she needs to get over it. If she expects it then she needs to learn to give it and besides practice makes perfect

Dec 21 @ 3:14PM  
Lisa makes a good point in her comment. Me being a person that loves giving more than receiving that wouldn't be a problem for me since love rules more in my book than something like oral sex. But as Lisa stated, if the woman you love expects to receive than turn about is fair play.

Dec 21 @ 3:18PM  
Don't think that would be something I could go along with,,,,,,,,,actually make that I know I couldn't!! But it's different strokes for different folks, now you just have to figure out if it's something you can do WITHOUT!! Best of luck deciding.

Thanks for the auto approve !!!

Dec 21 @ 3:34PM  
Well I may be a youngin' but in my experiance it is only fair to give if you expect to recieve... i have had a man tell me once that if i wanted oral that i had to perform oral on him... let me tell you what that changed my thoughts about oral..big time... Now in your case being in a more serious relationship that is something that you should decide on your own whether or not you can live without oral... maybe express to her your thoughts and maybe guide her through it... like Lisa said.... practice does make perfect... You have to come to a medium where both of you feel comfortable on performing oral on each other... maybe she is scared of the possibilities....gagging....having ejaculate in her mouth... you have to just find out what she is so afraid of and why she won't perform oral... hope you are able to get something out of this... good luck

Dec 21 @ 3:36PM  
Before you go into any kind of a relationship with her you better sit down and go over the do's and don'ts with her about sex. What she will and won't do, what she expects from you and what she's willing to give. It's possible she's selfish, wants a lot but doesn't want to give in the relationship. Don't get trapped and hurt in the end. I wish you luck, you may need it

Dec 21 @ 3:45PM  
Sorry but it sounds to me like she is being selfish.........its what she wants and what turns her on...........not even willing to try something new or something she doesnt care for...........personally i like giving oral to a man I am with.....his excitement is my excitement.....but if he didnt want to go down on me I would think he was selfish.........and if they are selfish in that respect......where else in their lives are they being selfish..........JMHO

Btw I would have a set down and discussion about this prior to getting anymore involved with a man if he only wants it this way or that way...........its not going to get any better once a committment is made..

Dec 21 @ 3:52PM  
I'm like Strad...a Giver, and I'm a Pleaser... and Recieving to me is letting the Lady Please her-self! There are a Ton Of women out there that LOVE to Give Oral!

But you are talking True Love here... Not just your average "Wanna Fuck" type thingy! lol
Plus you have to remember some of the "Old School" women were taught that it was Nasty to do that!
It wouldnt be a Biggie with me... and Its Not me.. damnit!!!! lmfao!!!
Good Luck Man!!!!
My 2 Cents!

Dec 21 @ 4:00PM  
Ok I will throw a word out there nobody else seems to think is important LOVE do yah????????????? If you do and she does the rest is small details that can be worked out. I don't think selfishness comes into play here maybe she is grossed out by thought of it it happens to people sometimes.

Dec 21 @ 5:22PM  
To hell with love! Oral sex is better.

Dec 21 @ 5:36PM  
i cant see claiming to care for someone and not be at least willing to try something that pleases them...especially something that she finds pleasurable herself..why wouldnt she want you to experience the same type of pleasure that she enjoys???? i think she is selfish too...what if you told her that you wouldnt give her oral???

Dec 21 @ 6:00PM  
There are some good points everyone is saying. But first and most important u have to have good communcation with one another, if u don't have that, then the relationship might be in trouble. If you seriously want her, you need to have a serious talk about what ur likes and dislikes are. There is always a happy medium. Haven't you heard that best friends makes the best lovers? But you know your heart and mind and the decision has to be up to you, and knowing you have to live with that decision. Good Luck in what you decide. Hope things will go the way you, plan.

Dec 21 @ 6:24PM  
I agree that some women were taught that oral sex is a nasty thing that no lady does...But then the part about her wanting and expecting it for herself confuses me.

Do you enjoy oral and are you willing to possibly go the rest of your life without it?
And do you love her, or see it possibly going there?

You need to find out her reasoning, have open communication about it as well as everything else and go from there......

Personally, I think it "is" rather selfish of her. Not just because she won't do it, but because that doesn't stop her from the expectations of you doing it for her when she isn't willing to return the pleasure.

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Love or Oral Sex