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Who hates America?

posted 12/20/2007 8:21:37 AM |
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As usual, I posted this on a couple of other sites but got no I'm posting it here:

Yes, I know. This guy has gotten enough attention...right? But I figure, no one really reads my blogs anyways, and I have a need to get this off my chest.

I just finished watching a documentary called "Fall from Grace", which follows Fred Phelps on his rampage across America; condemning homosexuality and bellowing that we're all going to hell.
For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about...Phelps is a so-called pastor who preaches that God hates America, hates "fags", and hates our soldiers. He and his congregation (which consists of his immediate family and...well, thats it) have held protests all over the country, waving signs with these messages and stomping on the American flag, while shouting that we're all sinners and we're all going to burn. He's the one who holds loud and disruptive demonstrations at the funerals of our fallen soldiers.
Has anyone been to the website? There's two: and

The guy is a self-centered egomaniac who sincerly believed the world revolves around him. He believes certain passages of the bible are directed at him, and he believes that our soldiers are dying in Iraq in retribution for an attack on his church...10 years before the war started. He believes God hates everyone, except him and his followers. That includes other preachers and ministers...of any faith. He believes every man, woman and child...down to the "suckling babe" is going to burn in hell. He and his followers carry signs that read "It's too late to pray".
They also study...aside from their bible...the law. They manage to stay just inside the law while protesting. Yet all the while they condemn the nation and the constitution...along with the men and women who give their lives to uphold the freedoms these people take advantage of.
Yet I have to ask: Where are they getting these ideas from?
They say the bible. I've read the bible...and I haven't read anywhere that it says God hates "fags". (I put that in quotations because I personally abhor the word, but Phelps uses it freely...his word, not mine).
They quote Romans 9:13 "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esua have I hated".
Okay...what does that have to do with anything? Does anyone know what that passage means?
Another one is Proverbs1:22 "God doesn't love everyone, you simpleton. How long will you love simplicity?" Actually, that's what is on their website, the actual verse is: "How long will you simpletons love naiveté? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?"
Anyone know what this passage refers to?
And of course they shout out the passage in Leviticus. We all know that one, so I'm not even going to go into it. Read one of my earlier blogs regarding homosexuality and Christianity.

As far as their constitutional right to assemble...yes they have that right. They have a constitutional right to assemble where the law says they can. And when the law says they can. This law was changed...because of these people.

This is the great thing about this country...the laws can be changed to meet the needs of the people. And this law was amended in order to give the families of the soldiers some peace. Does it help? Some...but the supporters of the soldiers families help even more. There are motorcycle clubs all over the country who attend these funerals and graveside services, and use their Harleys to drown out the chanting of the Phelps' followers.

I don't get it. I don't understand how the words of the bible can get so unbelievably twisted, so as to promote hate instead of what it's supposed to be about.

Now...I'm not a bible thumper by any means. but I have read and studied the bible, and have asked questions about it practically my whole life. I've noted the contradictions, the passages that Christians take literally and the ones they ignore (alot of which are side by side), and I've drawn some of my own conclusions. One of those is this: The bible is man's interpretation of God's word. Most of it is an historical record, some of it is a way to live a good, clean and healthy life. But the bible was written between 2,007 and 5,000 years ago...or something like that.

So, I'm thinking...for the most part, the bible teaches that God is loving and forgiving. It teaches that God loves all his children...and according to Christians, we are all God's children. It's only when one turns away from God, that one goes to other words, when one isn't loving and forgiving as God is. These people aren't preaching love...or forgivness. Their message is hate. They hate "fags" they hate America, and they hate anyone who loves Gays and America. They pray for more soldiers to die, and they pray for those soldiers to burn in hell.

Know what I think? I think when these people finally meet their end...they're gonna be in for a rude awakening. That thought makes me smile.

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Dec 20 @ 8:40AM  
I went to catholic grammer & high school..As a young kid I went to sunday mass every sunday including summer & all high holidays too..As I grew older I began to seriously doubt religion altogether..For at least 40 years I have seen religion as nothing more than a pissing contest between all religions..My god is better than your god crap..So damn stupid..

Look at those loons in the mideast..Oh I am going to kill innocent people in the name of god? Wtf is that shit?

Now here we are today 2007 & the president thing is going on..You have hillary who is so full of shit it's sickening and the worst part is a great many people will vote for her ONLY because she is a woman!! Obama is another one..All these morons tell the people in this country what they want to hear and nothing more.. And there are a lot of stupid asses in this country who believe their bullshit...This religious loon is just another maniac trying to piss higher on the wall than the other religions and president wanna b's..

Religion is a control issue to me..It controls a lot of people, how they think and act..He obviously has a mental problem..His beliefs are his and as long as the rest of the world knows he is sick that is what counts most to me...At least this is one moron who won't become president..

Now if only people could see how much the " other " president wanna b's are just as sick as he is we might have a slight chance in actually getting someone in their that actually cares about This County and it's people as opposed to catering to every damn thing else..


Dec 20 @ 8:58AM  
I don't get it. I don't understand how the words of the bible can get so unbelievably twisted, so as to promote hate instead of what it's supposed to be about.

Because people are constantly taking passages out of context. And using 'new' & 'revised' editions. I also believe it is like you say, man's INTERPRETATION of God's word. Sure, many of those that wrote these words down had divine assistance but, over time & changing from one language to another, some meaning is bound to be lost. Whether he is going to 'get his' in the end? Thankfully I don't have to decide that.

I couldn't even watch 60 Minutes the other night. Some guy was on there and I found myself getting inflamed by what he was saying. I may not choose some one's way of life but I will defend that person the right to choose it (as long as it does NOT infringe on the rights of others).

Dec 20 @ 9:05AM  
yeah to each their own I just don't agree with him....But i really don 't appreciate someone trying to stuff their beliefs down my thoart so I jsut ignore it

Dec 20 @ 9:17AM  
I've heard of this Fred Phelps and his band of morons...they make me sick. I love the fact in this country we do have freedom of speech, and the right to assemble. Unfortunately...nut jobs like Phelps and his followers have to rights to..and it is just so tacky that they do that at the funerals of the very people who gave their lives in order to protect those rights for jackasses like them.

Too often people like him take the verses in the Bible and twist them to support their hatred. And that's too bad.

Dec 20 @ 9:21AM  
I have always believed in the freedom of speech........I believe that we should be able to speak out and say what we want..........Thats a lot of power to say what you want to when you want to.........but shouldnt with that power come the responsibility of common decency? My son's recruitment office rode their bikes to a funeral to drown out the protestors this past im not sure if this is the same ones...........sadly there is more than just a few protestors going around and causing chaos at funerals, weddings, homecomings of our soldiers...........You have to be proud of a bunch soldiers sitting there reving up their bikes to drown out the protestors......when in all reality they probably would have just liked to kick the crap out of them..............but wont because they had already fought for the protestors freedom........

I have found that the people who yell the loudest........I want to tell you this is the name of really saying I am a blowhard who knows nothing but this may get me famous enough to be on TV............saddly it does.

great blog Sunny!

Dec 20 @ 9:41AM  
Yes it is a shame that those with the most vile of beliefs are allowed to present thier views to the public, however, if they abide within the law; then whether we like it or not,whether we agree with it or not, it proves the viability of our Republic, and the flexibility of our Constitution.

Dec 20 @ 9:43AM  
I do not think God is a God of hate. This man is a Cancer in religion. He has his right to spew this crap but will pay for it someday.

Dec 20 @ 9:53AM  
The guy is a self-centered egomaniac who sincerly believed the world revolves around him.

Sounds more narcissistic to me.

Dec 20 @ 10:08AM  
I believe that anyone who preaches hate is going against G_D's will.

Dec 20 @ 10:26AM  
Know what I think? I think when these people finally meet their end...they're gonna be in for a rude awakening. That thought makes me smile.
I know that sometimes the urge to retaliate is next to impossible, and to prove that point...look at my rant in the blog about death. The thought of getting even isn't going to serve you well. It serves no one in any meaningful way. It just feeds negative ego to the point of causing collective hatred.

This speech I'm going to post is from the TV series "Babylon 5". Regardless whether you like the show or not..please read this and know that we must learn to be kind to one another. Replace the names of the various "alien species" with race, creed, and sexual orientation.

The Universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice. The language is nor Narn, or Human, or Centauri, or Gaim, or Minbari. It speaks in the language of hope, it speaks in the language of trust, it speaks in the language of strength, and the language of compassion. It is the language of the heart, and the language of the soul. But always, it is the same voice. It is the voice of our ancestors, speaking through us, and the voice of our inheritors, waiting to be born. It is the small, still voice that says: We are one. No matter the blood. No matter the skin. No matter the world. Not matter the star. We are one. No matter the pain. No matter the darkness. No matter the loss. No matter the fear. We are one. Here, gathered together in common cause, we agree to recognize this singular truth and this singular rule: That we must be kind to one another. Because, each voice enriches us and ennobles us, and each voice lost diminishes us. We are the voice of the Universe, the soul of creation, the fire that will light the way to a better future. We are one.

That is my hope for the future. I hope it finds you in a better place, and gives you some peace of seems as though you could use some of that.


Dec 20 @ 10:33AM  
I've never heard of mr Phelps and I'm glad his congregation is as small as you stated. He sounds looney enough that I doubt he'll ever aquire much of a following.

As for the bible, or the quirran (sp?) for that matter, both are vague enough that someone with a radical agenda can find some obscure passage and contend that it means...... just about anything they want it to mean.

To me, Love and hell just don't belong in the same sentence, book, language, belief...... they are just such opposites and I choose to believe in love. I do not believe there is a hell waiting for us.

Oh........ MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ! ! !

Dec 20 @ 11:10AM  
What's even better is that recently I read in the paper that this band of loonies was successfully sued by one of the family of a fallen soldier, whose's grave side ceremony they disrupted. Unfortunately they are appealing it and who knows if the family will receive the money but its nice to know that they are not above the law.

Dec 20 @ 11:41AM  
These people vex me so!
However I am a firm believer in Freedom of Speech and so I’m torn and I do not like that feeling.
I like the law suit even if nothing comes of it because for every day they are in court fighting the case is one more day they can’t make the worst day of someone’s life where they bury their son or daughter even more terrible!
What ever happened to loving your fellow man?

Dec 20 @ 12:21PM  
The word simpleton in Proverbs 1:22 comes from the hebrew word meaning without moral direction and inclined to evil. God dislikes homosexuality just as much as he dislikes lying, stealing, and muder. The WBC fails to realize that God gave his son for PEOPLE. They would rather attack people associated with what they feel as immoral than approach people with love. I didn't get a chance to read your other blog, what's the title?

Dec 20 @ 12:50PM  
I thought I'd posted that blog here, but here is the link to it on yahoo360 if you want to read it.

Thanks for all the comments!!

Dec 20 @ 2:44PM  
Unfortunately, I am familiar with these wackjobs and am not impressed.

Dec 20 @ 8:02PM  
Like many I have seen TV interviews with these "zealots" and while I have to agree with freedom of speach which they loudly tout I do not have to agree with them. Now I know why there is an off button!!

Dec 21 @ 1:37PM  
God loves everyone, even Satan, its our actions that he hates when we turn away from him. And coincidentally, hell is NOT taught in the Bible. The wages of sin is death, not eternal suffering, only God can grant immortality, not Satan, and he has reserved that gift for the righteous. The word hell is translated form the Hebrew Sheol ( meaning "1. a covered over place, 2. a place that asks for and accepts all") hence is translated grave not hell in every document but the Bible. Hell used to mean covered over in the early middle ages, hence the term helling potatoes, which meant to cover them over or place them in a cellar. In the latter middle ages the term got changed by the church as it sought power over the ruling factions. Do as we ask or you will go to hell.

As for hating America, I love it, that is not to say i agree with the things people do, but who am I to say what you can or can't do as long as your actions do not hurt others. After all, this is a Free country, and if you want to bash God, or our soldiers, or gays that's your right, just don't expect me to follow. Do I agree with Mr. Phelps? Not in the least, in my opinion he goes too far, but as this is America I believe he is entitled to his no matter if I agree or not. Too bad Mr. Phelps does not feel this way or research his Bible so he would know what it really says not what he wants it to say.

Jan 8 @ 3:52PM  
Bush hates America!

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Who hates America?