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...Bitch and Complaint Session...

posted 12/19/2007 6:09:48 PM |
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Its time for a Bitch and Complaint session here...We haven't had one in a couple of weeks so lets do it!!

My bitch and complaint this week is: I'm going to Denver for Christmas, I have to leave my honey at home, he has to work the next 15 days straight. I am not happy about that at all. I have a Dr's appt on Monday at 10 AM, and hes not going to be there, and I wish he could be.

I hurt all the time because of this spur, and the pills are grating on my nerves to point of wanting to hurt people sometimes, I'm not sure if thats the pills or just me during this season. Who knows for sure.

Whats good out of all this is, I get to see all my grandchildren and children, which makes it somewhat exciting. Christmas isn't right this year, I had no money to get my little ones anything, plus nothing for my kids. They have never went without a Christmas from there mother or grandmother. I guess things change as we get older.

Well thats my bitch and complaint for now.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all my good friends here. I hope your Holiday season is joyful and remembered always.

Kudo and comments will be accepted, and since its Christmas, go bad and do all of my blogs again. I do need a sexetary, guess I am going to have to break down and get one!

Hugs and Kisses to all

Delaine aka DeDe

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Dec 19 @ 6:24PM  
Freaking Peanut Brutal takes for frigging EVER to get to the soft crack stage!!!! No, really ... I coulda made two pans of fudge in the time it took that crap to get hot enough!

My house stinks like sugar too.. and chocolate and peanut brittle.

Dec 19 @ 6:30PM  
I've had several hundred bitches in my life..
So far, none of them complained!

Dec 19 @ 6:35PM  
im annyoyed at people who dont read my pro
and contact me when they are old enough to be my dad or grandpa

or asking about my boobs

Dec 19 @ 6:39PM  
Sorry Dede to complaints or bitches today..........I can work on it tho if you insist...........

and yes I am leaving you a kudo.........L4E says they are the anti-sex kudos anyways.........oh hell I just thought of a complaint i have...........

Dec 19 @ 6:40PM  
I had to have my christmas last saturday. My middle child is headed to N.Y. state to be with her in laws and she is taking my youngest grandchildren to spent the holidays with the other grand parents ( I guess i should not complain as i have had them every year ) My oldest daughter lives in S.C. so she will be there with my oldest grandson and her boyfriend. so the youngest and i will be here in florida and it sucks i have to work so the youngest will really be alone. I agree I think it we are older as my children and grandkids got very little this year from me also. But i will cherrish the memory of our early christmas and be thankful. Still very depressing.

Dec 19 @ 6:43PM  
I will just leave a green thing and keep my mouth shut....

Dec 19 @ 6:54PM  
I think that you have given them something much more precious than money can buy; I think that your being with them is a most wonderfull and excellent gift. I'll give you a kudo for the bitch session,

Dec 19 @ 6:59PM  
My Knees HURT!!! No not from that!!! I wish!! Actually I was leaving work today and out of no where I fell!!!!! Both knees are swelling and hurt like a bitch! And what made it even worse??? 2 people SAW ME FALL!!! All I could do was laugh as that's what I would have been doing if I saw them....yes they came over and asked if I was alright, but damn I felt stupid. Can't remember the last time I fell down, especially for no reason!!!

Dec 19 @ 7:01PM  
i just dropped in to squeeze the boobies.........and i have no complaints....... i guess i'll leave a green thing to...........

Dec 19 @ 7:16PM  
and the pills are grating on my nerves to point of wanting to hurt people sometimes,

You are lucky. I don't have to take pills for that to happen....I just have to go to work

Dec 19 @ 7:20PM  
This Pic say's it ALL!!

Dec 19 @ 7:23PM  
That dratted Betty Crocker better be gettin her bitch ass out of my skin in a big hurry.. freakin happy cookin beotch!

Dec 19 @ 7:44PM  
I know I shouldn't and I know your all gonna say it's their right!! But FUCK BITE ME!! God damnit I hate when people don't post your comment on their damn blog!! Looking like her last blog got no comments so hopefully others as well as myself are thinking twice about commenting on the TWITS blog. PHEW I feel better all ready thanks's a kudo!!

Dec 19 @ 8:16PM  
Hi DeDe....well, consider yourself fortunate to have christmas with family....since my mom passed away dad moved to wisconsin to be with his drinking buddies and my sister moved to virginia and i'm here in Florida all by myself now....thanksgiving and christmas isn't the same least for me....there's plenty for me to bitch about...but, what's the use....not like my mom is gonna come back dad he don't give a shit about no one but himself...i need to find a good woman who will make me happy.....any out there?

online now!
Dec 19 @ 8:17PM  
I can't see bitching. I have electricity. People in Oklahoma don't, some for ten days. Some of our military are in harm's way. I can hear, walk, see, read. I have enough to eat, I do not fear for my life when I go to bed. I have a job. I can practice any religion I want. A lot of people in the world don't have these things.
Count things to be Thankful for instead of bitching. Be positive. Life will be better for you.

Dec 19 @ 8:18PM  

As you know sis, my son is serving in Afghanistan.I want him home safe and sound for Christmas. It's not going to happen.
Thats my bitching done.
hugssssssss sis

Merry Christmas to everyone.

And a green thingy.

Dec 19 @ 8:19PM  
Mine today is about headlights, and noooo, not the ones on your chest.

With the days being longer, alot of us drive in the dark at some point during the day. People who have daytime running lights should know that most vehicles that have this feature, their tail lights don't light up, so it is pretty hard to be seen from behind when it's dark, rainy, foggy, etc.

Dec 19 @ 8:33PM  
No Bitch or Complaint... here......!
Life is Life!
Have a Great Christmas! and Be Safe!!!

Dec 19 @ 8:52PM  
ummm........nope ....can't think of nuttin to bitch bout .....

kudos anyway hot stuff .

Dec 19 @ 9:00PM  
ummm........nope ....can't think of nuttin to bitch bout .....

ummmm well..........not me either

Dec 19 @ 9:59PM  
hmm bitch complaint its cold my arthyritis is acting up i didnt sleep once again im a bitch your a bitch but i love u for it lol we are all bitches have a bitching xmas every one heheh HEY dont be mad at the bitch word ITS A BITCH SETION BLOG

Have good holidays sis Loves ya
Oh yes and heres a love tap

Dec 19 @ 10:00PM  

Dec 19 @ 10:15PM  
DeDe, it wouldn't do any good for me to bitch or complain as no one would listen anyway. Hope you have a Merry Christmas gal

Dec 19 @ 10:39PM  
DeDe...the important thing you feel better after venting off a bit of steam? If so...then a Kudo come wiggling your way.

The Holidays are too frigging stressful. Everywhere you turn someone in a Red Suit it smiling and commanding that you be happy. All of a sudden what you thought was a happy mood is no longer good enough for the Holiday. Now we have to be Jolly. Well, dammit we can't be Jolly all the time, we can try and most of us do but dammit..being jolly is hard work !!!

Dec 19 @ 10:48PM  
Yes, it is good to let off steam, we all have times that things just anger us - and now once we have blow off steam, I like to be thankful for all the good things in life!! One big one is all of us have the fortune to be able to have a computer in our homes and meet others from far away lands!!! Usually meaning we have roofs over our heads, food in our fridges, and air to breath!! Thank goodness for all I am blessed with!!! Wishing you all the best, I hope everything that ails any of you, works out ok and you all get feeling better!!! All the best to everyone!!! Kudos for the wonderful blogger!!

Dec 19 @ 11:49PM  

No complaints I wish to mention. But here's a green thing.

Dec 20 @ 12:11AM  
so far last week I've broke my new truck.
today I broke my chainsaw.
I'm tellin ya,I'm not game to go for a pee.

merry freakin christmas

* and the usual greenie.
do we get an erotic santa seduction story for christmas,hmmm haaa hmm ?

nuff bitchin fo' today.

Dec 20 @ 12:22AM  
A greenie to you sweetie and a Merry Christmas


Dec 20 @ 12:55AM  
What pisses me off when I ask people for a million dollars ...they give me strange looks....who the fuck to they think they are....

Dec 20 @ 9:16AM  
my bitch I still haven't found that perfect job, my current job stinks and I still haven't found the man of my heart... thats it!!!

oh yeah I'll even give the kudo whore her green thingie!!

Dec 20 @ 9:25AM  
Hi De, Keeping my Mouth Shut, Happy Holidays Hope you get Better soon

Dec 20 @ 10:02AM  

My house stinks like sugar too

Hey!!!!!!! I cleaned up dammmit!!!!!!!

Sorry sis....I know this a bitch and complaint session

My bitch and freakin car!!!!! Damn thing has been a pain this won't start unless I lift the hood and smack the connector to the battery...and when it's cold outside...that really sux!

Ok...that's my small rant this week.

here's your green thing-a-ma-jiggy sis

Dec 20 @ 9:59PM  
continuing the bitch session_I am new to the site and have tried to start a conversation with many of the ladies out there and they will not respond even to tell you take a hike.

It the holiday season!

Dec 21 @ 9:29AM  
Celebrated my sister's and daughter's birthdays at my parent's house on the 16th and my father was drunk and being a prick.......Gawd I hate the holidays! I hope the appointment goes well D sis hugsssssssssssssssss! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Dec 21 @ 2:40PM  
ok here goes, LADIES, why is it you say you are looking for one thing but when you are cantacted about it you say thats not what you are looking for. And i am sure for you Ladies there are Men on here the same way. Just be honest. thats all it takes. I feel better. lol

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...Bitch and Complaint Session...