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Angel by Day..Devil by Night?

posted 12/18/2007 7:03:41 PM |
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The other day Ewe_Wish posted a cute little pic on a blog. It said Angel By Day, Devil By Night. Other than I got a really good laugh out of it, I am going to leave that comment alone. Hey, she'd laugh just as hard if I posted it. Course that might be cause she knows I'm an angel all the time... Do you really go to Hell for lying? But it got me to thinking....

We always hear the remarks about men liking, as the song says, a lady on the street but a freak in the bed. A good girl that knows how to be bad. She drops her halo with her robe. A lady with whore traits in the bedroom. Blah, blah, blah.

So I thought I would just ask the guys on here.....How much of a lady do you want a woman to be during the day? How much of her sexuality or sensuality do you think she should, umm, keep tucked away til in private? And how much, if any, do you really want her to change once you are alone?
And ladies, the same questions go to you. How much of a lady do you feel you should be in public?

Many years ago we used to have neighbors that lived across the road from us. Her and I became sorta friends. After I had my daughter, she bought me a gift. It was a frilly, sexy little cami set. I loved it, but I was speechless. More so when she told me she had one similar to it. I'm not sure but I thnk I've seen nuns show more skin than this woman did. I asked her if she ever wore hers. She invited me over to her house and showed me 3 full drawers of lingerie. Her husband liked her to wear it, but didn't feel it was appropriate for another man to see anything above her knees or any amount of cleavage. No they weren't religious, he wasn't possessive or controlling. In public they were extremely prime and proper.No flirting, no little gestures. But listening to her, they had one hell of a sex life behind closed doors. Go figure.....

I think she was the first person I ever heard say the greatest compliment to your man was to be a total lady in public and a whore in the bed. I'm sorry, I understand the sentiment, but to me being referred to as a whore at any time is not a compliment. But that's just me, evidently.

I got an email a while back from someone on AMD and told that he felt I was a whore over of a blog I did. He lost his respect for me and no longer thought of me as a lady. First off, I am not a whore and although it was none of his business, I told him that I feel there is a time to act like a lady and a time that I can act anyway I choose. And even at that time it doesn't make me a whore. I hate that word....
I guess it falls into what is someones defintion of acting like a lady.
In mine, you can be sexual or flirty and still be respectful to yourself and others. I couldn't imagine being with a man I enjoyed being with and not being flirty. In public or not.

So guys AND ladies, where do you stand on this? Where are those lines, or are there any?

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Dec 18 @ 7:10PM  
He's gotta be willing to love, respect and accept me the way I am...then and ONLY then will I even consider compromising on how I conduct myself.

I only have eyes for him so, this hasn't been an issue.

Good blog.

Dec 18 @ 7:14PM  
I'm only gonna be called whore if I am getting something in payment ... damnit.

But I think that I have not got the angel by day bit down yet.. I'm just as apt to grab him in public and plant one on as not.

Dec 18 @ 7:21PM  
i want to know i am "the one" public and private.........just in a different way in private........yea imma dirty old

Dec 18 @ 7:26PM  
Very good blog... I think that it depends on how people feel about the word, it's use and how they react to it being said...I wouldn't like my husband calling me a whore in any kind of way...I don't care if he is trying to compliment me on how I am in bed... For me, calling me a whore at any time is a big no no...I am not a whore and I never will be..When I start to take money from men for sex or when I start to stand on the street corner then and only then can they call me a whore..I don't see this happening ever but you get the idea...

Dec 18 @ 7:27PM  
Cassually, I know everyone is different. I put my lady on a pedestal. I want to treat she with the maximum respect. I enjoy when she is flirty and a little naughty in public. I want to respect her and her respect herself. Behind closed doors all bets are off. I want my lady to show her wants and desires. I want her to act and be what she feels shows her love for me. No matter what happens behind closed doors. My lady is all lady in public. .............JMHO

Dec 18 @ 7:39PM  
Hmmmmm.... This is someone that I'm in a relationship with.... not a FWB person.. OK?!

To me there isnt nothing more Sexy than a True Lady! But when those Doors close.... Its ON! Its just her and I..and whatever we do.... is all US!

My X... and I talk a lot.. we are gr8 Friends...
We talk about everything, even about Sex... our sex from years past and even with others now a days. (No name calling! )
She said something a while back about being "Reserved" in Bed.....,
That she wanted Me to Respect her in the Morning type of thingy......!
I told her wtf? Why hold back with the one You Love?

A Lady in Public is cool... some flirting but I dont want the guy in the table next too us to see as much as I do! lol
When are behind closed doors.....Both should Give it 100%! If there is a Tiger there... let her out! lol
Enjoy each other to the fullest!
My 2 cents!

Dec 18 @ 7:41PM  
I have limitations of how I conduct myself in public......whether I am with the man I love or whether I am alone.........just who I am.......

Of course, in private...........Well that is a whole different story.........

Reminds me of a song that was recorded originally by Charlie Rich

Behind Closed Doors

My baby makes me proud
Lord don't she ma-ake me prou-oud
She never makes a scene
By hangin' all over me in a crow-owd

'Cause people like to talk
Lord don't they lo-o-ove to ta-alk
But when they turn out the lights
I know she'll be leavin' with me

'Cause when we get behind clo-osed doors
And she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I-I'm a ma-an
Oh no one knows
What goes on behind clo-osed doors

My baby makes me smile
Lord don't she ma-ake me smi-ile
She's never far away
Or too tired to say I want you-ou

She's always a lady
Just like a lady should be-ee
But when they turn out the lights
She's still a baby to me

'Cause when we get behind clo-osed doors
And she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I-I'm a ma-an
Oh no one knows
What goes on behind clo-osed doors
Behind clo-o-osed doors


Dec 18 @ 8:05PM  
By day I am usually very nice, well put together and a little flirty. I like to sneak in a little public teasing with my man just to get him worked up for later
In private I am a total freak ( not a whore I dont get paid enouh ) and I tend to take control in bed.

Dec 18 @ 8:11PM  
It's not a matter of wanting her to BE a whore; just wanting her to do all the things, with exactly the same attitude, that her parents told her whores would do.

The more prim & proper she is in public, the whorier (?) naughty activities appear in the bedroom... Personally, I like a woman with the guts to occasionally act like a whore in public, too...let the whole place know how your night's going to end...dress up in something REALLY slutty and drive seperately to the same bar...That's hot.

Dec 18 @ 8:12PM  
I don't mine being a little "flirty" in public. Hand holding..hugs, kisses..sometimes a pat on his tush.

But in the privacy of our own bedroom....anything goes.

But whore? Nah...I have to agree with Nacho when she said
I'm only gonna be called whore if I am getting something in payment ... damnit.

As for the knucklehead who wrote you telling you he lost respect for you over a blog you hell with him....he shouldn't be on a sex site if he's gonna get bent out of shape over a woman writing a sexual blog..sheesh!!!


Dec 18 @ 8:16PM  
There's an old counrty western song that about sums it up for me
" I like my women a little on the trashy side "

just sayin' if you don't wanna know don't ask

Dec 18 @ 9:29PM  
maybe i am wrong, but i think its sexy if i have on a business suit and let him wonder whats underneath... something sexy under a conservative look for a man to discover...
too bad i have no one to do

Dec 18 @ 9:48PM  
I like thw person to act like a lady, but still have a little devilish side even when we are out. A nice quick crotch rub and grin is great in public, but not a grope. I may well give your ass a little squeeze sometimes also. A little show of lace, like a cami or teddy under a fitted shirt and if they are wearing a skirt/dress, have me wondering what may be underneath. I don't really want her in complete control in the bedroom - I was taught to share

Dec 18 @ 10:06PM  
I absolutely hate the term "Whore" Just because a woman can conduct herself as a formal lady in public does not mean she is anything less if she lets loose or gets wild in the privacy of her bedroom.

A lady should be treated as a lady until she tells you she wants to be treated otherwise.

Dec 18 @ 10:11PM  
I think it depends on where you are. As you know I attend parties in clubs designed for swingers. I love to flirt and misbehave a little in there. I think though in most public situations I behave with modesty and respect for both myself and others. I do not mind being called a whore either and have no problem being called a slut by the special men in my life. It is all about the tone and attitude it is said with. I am happy to act slutty and nasty for the right men.
I do have my line though that will not be crossed. I will not tolerate anyone at all calling me a cunt. That is the word that will make me go postal on them.
I guess it is a perception thing because for me that is the worst thing one person could call another.

Great blog Treas thanks for making us think.

Dec 18 @ 10:15PM  
My thoughts on this areas follows.
I do not believe in changing the person your with. You were attracted to them for who and what they are to begin with so why try to change them ? I do not mind a woman be a flirt or a little sexy durring the day, as long as I know she is going to be with me at night. I take her as she is, and enjoy her for being herself. Like Hornytoad55 I tend to put my women on a pedestal.
I am not your usual man. I believe women are the most precious thing on this earth. I believe they should be honored,respected, cared for, cherished, adored,
loved,and worshiped. and to be open and honest with them.They should never be mistreated, lied to, cheated on,hit, or abused in any manner. Neither mentally or

Dec 18 @ 11:15PM  
I wouldn't want my lady to flirt with guys and make me look like a weiner...its all about respect in and out of the bedroom...for instance ...I don't lear at women when I'm with my lady focus is on her. Role playing in the bedroom is fun as long as its repectful and has limitations...the key word is fun and making each other feel good. Does anyone wanna fuck?

Dec 19 @ 1:17AM  
Good questions!

Being flirty and affectionate with your partner is how you let them know you care about them and find them attractive & sexy. IT's up to the 2 of you to decide just how public you want to take it.

Whore is an ugly word. I think if some guy expresses the desire for a woman to be a "whore in the bedroom".... I would venture the opinion that 1) he gets turned down a lot when he expresses the desire for sex and 2) when they DO have sex, he would like to do more different things than what they are currently doing. Most likely, oral. Since a whore gets paid, she never says no, and she always does what the customer wants. Now, don't jump in and give me all the reasons WHY "she" isn't keeping up with his agenda. That wasn't the issue.

And I agree that "whore" isn't much of a compliment. There are MUCH nicer words to use....... IF one felt the need to verbalize it at all. I've noticed in the past that when a bunch of MARRIED guys were together and the topic drifted around to sex, the guys who weren't getting any did all the talking; mostly complaining. The ones who were, kept it private and didn't say anything. It's mostly the bachelors who bragged about their...... abundance of activity, as it were... in my experience.


Dec 19 @ 9:50AM  
Do you really go to Hell for lying?
Same as stealing! but I still lubs ya Treas!

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Angel by Day..Devil by Night?