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No subject 2 speak of...

posted 12/17/2007 9:13:49 AM |
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tagged: whig

A subject implies that U have something 2 talk about. This iz in fact not the case, in this particular case. What I am here doing, at this particular moment in time, iz finding new and inventive ways of wasting Ur time by writing a bunch of nonsense down and then expecting all U good people 2 read it and quite possibly even comment upon it. I would ask U folks 2 give me kudos 4 this, but I don't think I want DeDe's crazy fucking ass after me (or do I? Hmmm...).

It's funny becuz it's true. Let's face it, boys, once the Japanese quit dicking around with robots that can climb stairs and play the fucking violin, someone iz going 2 think of making a fucking sex robot. Once that happens...guess what? WE WILL BE OBSOLETE! What bitch iz gonna put up with Ur cheating ass when all she has 2 do iz buy a fucking sexbot from Honda? And U thought that Realdolls were the shit!

4 those of U who are unaquainted with the Realdoll, U really have 2 go check this fucking shit out. CLICK THIS U really haven't seen anything like this fucking shit B4, lemme tell U! This takes the blow-up doll 2 a whole new fucking level, my friends!

I have a few ideas 4 life-sized dioramas that would require me 2 use either these dolls or manaquins, and I have 2 believe that the dolls would look so much more authentic than a fucking manaquin ever could! Really...that's all I want it's an ART PROJECT, PEOPLE...I would never do anything immoral or disgusting with it, I swear!

OK, I'm not going 2 lie. I'm gonna fuck it, but just once! And only then becuz I just couldn't look the rest of the gang in the face if I didn't have sex with the goddamn thing! The only reason that I will insist on videotaping it iz 4 prosperity's sake. Not everyone iz a fucking sexual deviant like U sick motherfuckers! Some of us do have a strong moral compass, U know? (anyone who iz interested in obtaining a copy of the tape may contact me directly via e-mail and we can take it from there...)

U guys know I hardly EVER ask anything of U (OMG...he's kidding right? Iz this motherfucker serious? Cuz if this motherfucker iz serious I may have 2 cut him...), but this time I kinda want a favor. All I want iz 4 U guys 2 answer me this question. If U are a man, would U have sex with one of these dolls. If U are a woman, would U get mad if U caught Ur man having sex with one of these dolls?

Becuz if U really think about it, fucking one of these things wouldn't really be all that far removed from jacking off. It iz certainly closer 2 jacking off than it iz 2 cheating. Despite the fact that the instrument of pleasure in question appears real, it iz, in fact, merely a conglomeration of metal, plastic and silicon wrapped up N2 a really interesting product line. Talk about creative marketing, huh?

But, I would really like 2 know what U guys think. Not becuz I particularly care, but just cuz I want 2 gauge the depths of my own depravity. Just how fucked up am I? I don't know...why don't we just ask and see? I'm guessing that, assuming U motherfuckers answer HONESTLY, I'm not the only motherfucker who would fuck this thing. I really don't have any idea what U ladies would do if U walked in on it, though. That's what I'm really interested in. I'm also kinda curious about who would buy the video, but that's another question I don't expect anyone 2 answer truthfully. But who knows? Maybe U motherfuckers will up and surprise me!

Why don't we see, and while we do that I will keep on

Keeping U posted


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Dec 17 @ 9:20AM  
Not a guy, but WOW that sure is realistic looking!! Have fun - all the power to ya!! Have a great day!

Dec 17 @ 9:23AM  
I probably know a little too much about this subject.

There are other companies making these dolls as well. A bunch in Japan...and yes, some have already made robots that move and speak. There's a company in Germany that makes sex "androids". They move, gyrate,'s kinda spooky....but yeah, I'd fuck it. As long as it doesn't want to cuddle after.

Dec 17 @ 9:30AM  
I'm not a guy either but I didn't know they made these kinds of dolls.. As far as your question to the ladies if you caught your man with one...I wouldn't care as you said it is more like beating off then cheating so to me it wouldn't make much of a difference. If this floats his boat then so be it..I guess it has to be better then using your hands?

Dec 17 @ 9:55AM  
I think I'd be more upset by the fact that he spent that much money to buy one of the darned things. But, then, DS, it isn't your kid's stuffed monkey, is it?

Dec 17 @ 10:05AM  
But, then, DS, it isn't your kid's stuffed monkey, is it?

Why U always pulling my fucking covers, bitch? I think its cuz U keep hoping 2 find me nekkid underneath! LOL

But yeah, U are right about the cost. U can buy a shitload of real pussy with $6500, U know? And I'm talking top shelf hookers here! If crack whores are more Ur speed U can fuck a grip of them and still have enough money left 2 buy a nice used hybrid. Just thinking aloud, really...



Dec 17 @ 1:56PM  
OK, I'm not going 2 lie. I'm gonna fuck it, but just once! And only then becuz I just couldn't look the rest of the gang in the face if I didn't have sex with the goddamn thing! The only reason that I will insist on videotaping it iz 4 prosperity's sake.
Dunno if I could watch myself in a mirror while in the saddle with a REAL woman; watching
myself, ON FILM, with a RealDoll...well, I'd be pretty creeped out!! Maybe for training
purposes, tho...

Of course, there are hygenic issues...I mean, how do you clean the damned thing? A
bottle brush? Disposable douche?? Wear a condom?!? JEEZ!!

Now I've done it! I've grossed myself out!!! Nice blog, DS! A kudo for turning my stomach!!

Dec 18 @ 1:07AM  
6000 dollar doll my much r the sheepy dolls

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No subject 2 speak of...